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'New Sounds'- an Evening of Original Music (by EV!)
« on: January 23, 2013, 07:18:45 PM »
Hey all,

I've been relatively inactive on here lately because I've been organising like mad. Organising what I hear you say? Organising this concert: 'New Sounds'.

I'd like to invite those members who are in the UK to an event I am producing, organising and composing the music for in Brighton, UK.

"New Sounds" is a benefit concert being produced, organised and composed by Elliot Corner, aged 18, who hails from Brighton, and attends Christ's Hospital School, Horsham. An award-winning Viola player who attends the Royal College of Music, Elliot is also a composer, whose aim in life is to write in gaps found in the repertory for the Viola, and to promote the Viola as a solo instrument in its own right.

“New Sounds” is a concert that is formed of music written by Elliot, and two fellow young composers. It is in two halves, with the first being chamber music- movements for Solo Viola, String Quartets and Piano preludes, alongside other works; while the second being dedicated to larger scale works- including the world premiere of more than three orchestral and three choral works.

It is very difficult to enter into the public eye as a young classical composer in the 21st century. Writing pieces for any ensemble larger than a few people takes considerable time expense to rehearse and perform, and it can be very dissuading to actually trying to even think about putting on a concert. Because of the difficulties in hosting a large concert specifically for yet unknown composers, and wanting to hear some of his larger works performed, “New Sounds” took shape, gaining sponsorship from local Charity “The Pebble Trust” and three other benefactors to help with the costs of staging such an event.

Elliot has asked two of his friends, also composers, to contribute new works to be premiered during “New Sounds”. Amy Bryce, 18, is a Flautist, Singer, Pianist and Composer who lives in Brighton. She studies at the Junior Department with Elliot, and aims to go into music as well. Daniel Sawler is 19, and lives in Rochester, New York, USA. Daniel got into music late, aged 10, but has constantly strived to learn more and wants to learn and discover more about music until there is nothing left to know.

Conducting the New Sounds Concert Orchestra for this event is guest artist Jude Obermüller, a well known figure in Brighton. Jude is in his fourth year at the Royal College of Music, studying Composition. His concert works have been given performances by such groups as the London Sinfonietta Orchestra, Lipsync: All Ladies Choir, the Orlando Consort, the Perfect Houseplants, the RCM Symphony Orchestra and the Ossian Ensemble. He has notably written a musical- “Forbidden Fruit”, which premiered at Brighton’s Corn Exchange. He is also specially composing a yet unannounced piece that will be premiered at the concert.

All proceeds from this concert go directly towards helping support the work of young local artists. Please come along and enjoy an evening of New Sounds, and new ideas from some of the best up and coming composers in Brighton.

Please come along and support if you are able, and if you are not able to come and still want to support, then I'm having it professionally recorded and I'll post the link to iTunes when it's all up. Should be an interesting evening anyway, if nothing else.

Hope you are all well.

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