Author Topic: On CNN: "Why I Raise My Children Without God"  (Read 8239 times)

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Re: On CNN: "Why I Raise My Children Without God"
« Reply #58 on: January 28, 2013, 12:45:30 AM »

Not to offend, but how is it that you KNOW we are feeding them disappointment? You label yourself an agnostic atheist but your comments do not seem to bear that out.

Hi, BS. I am an agnostic atheist. I do not think that God exists. I think the "KNOW" was an assumption on your part, and I can see how you might misunderstand me because you seem to have strong feelings when it comes to the topic at hand.

Same here. You speak as though the matter of God’s non-existence has been settled once and for all.

The idea that someone can KNOW there is no God is, at this point in time, impossible and thus illogical.

Again, I think you are misunderstanding my stance. I have the strong opinion based on my use of logic and experience that God does not exist. I do not claim to be a gnostic atheist, but I do think that it is highly improbable that God exists. That is why, if you look back at my first post, you will notice that I said I will raise my son to be a free thinker. He sees that most of our relatives are Christian, and I allow them to mention that they believe in God as long as they do not try to tell him to do so, and we all get along well. I do not tell him to believe or disbelieve, because I feel that if I do not spoonfeed him religion (meaning if I do not tell him that he has to believe in God) and if I also do not forbid my relatives from saying they believe, that he will eventually think for himself and make a decision that is appropriate for himself. Of course I will tell him that I do not believe, and when he is old enough I can describe in greater detail all of my reasons for that (as well as why people might believe). My first post should be an indicator that I would like for people to think for themselves and create their own purposes. Whatever my son chooses, of course I will love him. However, if he were a Christian, it would be my opinion that he is being delusional. However, I am not declaring my words to be the ultimate truth, BS. I simply do not think that God exists.
"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."-Carl Sagan