Author Topic: Federal Advisory Committee Draft Climate Assessment Report Released for Review  (Read 609 times)

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Good science from the continued study of global warming impacts.  The report is given in individual chapters  such as agriculture, transportation, water resources, etc.

Interesting little paragraph:
The report, written by team of 240 scientists, is required every four years by law. The first report was written in 2000. No report was issued while George W. Bush was president. The next one came out in 2009. This report, paid for by the federal government, is still a draft and not officially a government report yet. Officials are seeking public comments for the next three months.
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Gosh, required by law and passed on by Bush.  Wonder why the right was not complaining about this?  I guess it was only scientists.  If they had a few preachers on the committee then it would have been "fair and balanced".
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