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What I am fighting for - you...
« on: January 01, 2013, 12:52:07 AM »
I have found no other place on the internet that has such intellectuals as you...  It just happens to be that you all are more enlightened to fact and information than everyone else out there.

Previously, I bowed-out with the acknowledgement that it takes just as much to convince you all things you don't understand or may not have came across as it is for you to lesson theists on the ideas you have on atheism - your own opinions derived from the facts.  The fact is, your opinions on other matters means you must be at least privy to the facts and information that I have came across to arrive at the same opinions....

But I don't have time to bore you with details - I'm racing the clock.  And that clock is global warming..

We can agree (or should agree) that global warming is not only a natural process but a man-made problem.  It is easy now for me to say this - in recorded history, at a certain level of CO2, we arrived at an ice-age.  We have passed that level - and no ice-age.  We passed that level back in 2010.  Still no ice-age.  That means that we need to prepare for the unknown, and since our scientific models, at least as far as I've seen, are based not only on prediction but mostly on the past - we should say we don't know wtf is going to happen...

But I have given you a time-frame.  It is 25-50 years.  The fact is, global warming is accelerating.  If we lose the microbials in the ocean like we seem to be, we can soon say good-bye to most oceanic life.  If that happens, say good-bye to other species.  If the oceanic life that controls our climate goes into chaos, guess what will happen to habitats on land?  That's right - it will lead to land-life chaos, and unspecified die-offs, including humans...

But how do we fix this?  Believe me, we can reverse global warming - and if we do so, we could buy the earth the time it needs - not one year, but thousands of years - to correct itself with an ice-age.  The fact is, it is my posit that it takes a long period of time to arrive at an ice age.  Our assignment should be that we allow the earth this time...

But that requires a shift in priority, and money and other issues has us strapped to things that aren't as threatening.  It has us distracted.  It has us stopped from providing solutions.

So because of that, because our governance is run by money, we have to make money irrelevant.  We have to take it out of the equasion.  But that requires we change our governance.  Don't worry - alas!  A civil unrest and societal and economic collapse just at the right time to allow our society to change - which will, in the end, allow us to undertake things like creating nanotubes out of CO2 and reverse our levels of it in the atmosphere...

This gives you a unique opportunity, which I have left details of at  Things are possible.

If you look to what is possible, and what you want out of the future, in totality; instead of what is reality for today, or what you want just for today - you will see that it is possible to not only solve our societal problems, governance problems, and then lastly global warming - that we can give ourselves, and our race, a fighting chance.

The fact is, I'm fighting against things that threaten our society, and fighting for a new form of society, to - in exchange - fight for our environment.  If you see it all I congratulate you - you must have came across the collective information that I have.

If you want to make jokes, poke fun at science, or poke fun at the amount of societal problems we face today, then by all means - bash me.  But just know that I gave you a way out - an answer to all your problems if you just want to realize and see it - where others just gave you something you can laugh at.  I'm not laughing at people's general stupidity, and Einstein should have came up with an equasion for general and spatial stupidity rather than just general relativity...

We are dealing with a level of stupid never before seen.  If it happens in your lifetime - laugh at the people who are saying 'God is judging us', or 'God is burning us', or 'We are damned'.  How convenient to blame your own stupidity on your false deity.  The fact was, we should have nurtured and protected our environment instead of destroying it and wondering 'what is in it for us'. 

This is where I deviate from you.  All this time, most people are introverted, only thinking about their own feelings, their own ideals, and their own opinions.  All this time, I have been thinking extroverted - what is in it for the rest of you, my surroundings, my people, and their lives.  Yet I have not many moments to see any of you come to my aid, in defense of what I defend.  That makes you ignorant and worthless IMHO...
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Re: What I am fighting for - you...
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2013, 11:39:36 PM »
Welcome back to the forum, jeremy.

While global warming / climate change is an interesting topic, the Introductions board is for just that: introductions by new / returning members. Start a thread on the Science subforum if you like; that would be the appropriate place for it.
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