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Wow [#668]
« on: November 12, 2008, 08:33:00 PM »

Your site is amazing. I was raised in the church and I have always since a child felt something was wrong with the biblical teachings. However I was afraid to say anything to my mom or the elders in my church about how I felt because I was scared. Based of what I was taught and the fact that the elders in my church didnt play that. Now I have denounced all of that. After reading The Talmud of Immanuel(original book of Matthew) and the Handbook of the New Paradigm I fully rejected the biblical teachings in my head.  However the information that you have disseminated on your site brings even more light to why I felt the way I did. I have never looked at it from this perspective as you guys have. Its amazing. And it makes sense! Ive only read a few chapters contained on your site but it is profound. I would love to see this spoken to a group of Christians or whoever as a sermon. That would be hillarious and definetly would upset a lot of people.

The reason Christians wont accept your reasoning is based on fear and the fact that the information you speak of is true would be a body blow to thise who have dedicated thier lives to this. Its a mirror of whats happens in science all the time. An example would be the new theory of the speed of light and if it was always constant from the big bang. If it is proven that the speed of light wasnt 186,000mps at the initial big bang that would have a profound effect on the entire scientific community. Now these guys have to go back and rework all the equations that use the speed of light. Thats why Christains wont accpet it. Its not that it dosent make sense to them. It dose but it scares them to think that something as big as Christianity is a complete lie. Wow. I commend you guys for you efforts in educating people to think for themselves. By the way the YouTube guy VenomFang who posted a video response to your 10 questions must have not read anything on  your website. He basically read those questions and then offered no concrete expanation on why they were wrong. WOW. I really think you guys should take this information and publish a book!!! amazing!!!!