Author Topic: How faith healing works (and why God doesn't heal amputees)  (Read 32263 times)

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Re: How faith healing works (and why God doesn't heal amputees)
« Reply #290 on: July 08, 2013, 11:19:56 PM »
So, what is your understanding?

My understanding is that genes are discrete bundles of information rather than substances that can be blended and mixed together as a medium.

As usual, we have to explain while you call us ignorant.  We just don't believe the way you do so we're ignorant, right?

Who is the "us"?  Who is the "you"?  I stand with those who have actually taken time to study the sciences.  That includes educated Christians.  Contrary to your earlier comment, Christians do not become stupid just because they've gained more of an education than what's posted on creationist blogs.

As for who has to explain what, you get to make stuff up and explain it, which is easy because you've made it up.  Whereas I, or others who have worked for an education, actually have to recall material about the real world in order to explain it to you.  The latter takes genuine effort, and those who ignorantly make stuff up and peddle it to the masses have a logistical advantage over those who attempt to spread knowledge.  The former requires less energy, and accepting ignorance - or just believing a bible - requires less thought.

That energy difference is expressed here in the fatigue others have with trying to correct your own random bullshit.

So, from an evolutionary standpoint, how come we have different skin and eye colors?

This is surely not the whole story, but most basically, because those with certain skin or eye colours had more children than others with different skin and eye colours.  There was never a small enough breeding population that only one or two sets of relevant genes existed, so selection had something to work with.  A population inherits the diversity of its ancestors plus whatever random changes occur due to mutation or copying errors, and minus whatever unique genes were in any individuals that didn't manage to breed.

Didn't Darwin explain survival of the fittest well enough?

He didn't explain survival of the fittest at all.  That's not even a phrase he used.  You have been misinformed at best, or you have been lied to, or at worst, you know better and are lying now.

So all are fit.  I guess benevolence evolved along with the weaker white race.

This stems from nothing I have said.  What caused you to type it?
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Re: How faith healing works (and why God doesn't heal amputees)
« Reply #291 on: July 08, 2013, 11:33:54 PM »
250 bu/acre corn beneficial??  It wouldn't last another season without human (hybrid, cross breeding, "genetic engineering") input.  How beneficial is that?  It came from maze.  Without our work, it would be gone in a year.  Wow! evolution is cool.

That's evolution in action.  There's a relatively new environment:  Human-made corn farms.  Maize is ill-suited to that environment.  Only plants that produce a large amount of corn are able to thrive there.  And thrive they do.  That is a beneficial mutation.  "Beneficial" is a situational quality.  What is beneficial in one environment can be harmful in another.  Maize and high-yield corn have different environmental niches, and neither thrives well in the other's niche.

Ah, you stumbled across the fact of Noah's start to current day genetic influences.   Your guys called it the Noahic Deluge in an attempt to explain an evolutionary/catastrophic event that happened about 4000 years ago... but you must be young, beyond the scientific proof that  there was an asteroid catastrophe that wiped out the dinosaurs, etc. etc.  Just when I though we had it all figured out.  But the theories keep changing.

What the fuck are you talking about, and what does it have to do with what I said?  This is part of why explaining things to you can be so frustrating and dispiriting:  You show some indications that you're just trolling, having fun with people and deliberately wasting their time.  The paragraph above is one such indication.

Traits?, different environments?, I agree 100%, but where is the new species we have observed coming from an existing one.  You claim to understand genetics, how can that happen?

I digress.

Yes, you do, because we weren't discussing speciation.  You are changing the topic[1] without saying why.  So, why?
 1. (albeit to a somewhat related one)

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Re: How faith healing works (and why God doesn't heal amputees)
« Reply #292 on: July 15, 2013, 07:40:00 AM »
Wow. Sorry for digging this up a week after the last post was made but I can't help it, I just read the whole 11 pages today and some[1] of the theists who participated were an extra special type of crazy. My head is spinning. Median, kudos for attempting to engage with jtp56, who did the written equivalent of running around in circles shouting random nonsense words; I myself could not have shown the same restraint as you.
 1. No actually, ALL
You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.