Author Topic: Roosevelt and Booker T at the White House  (Read 1145 times)

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Roosevelt and Booker T at the White House
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Of course with the release at election time, this book is getting the desired notice.  A man with black skin invited to the white house in 1901. :o  Heaven's to Betsy - just imagine.    &) 
       "Guest of Honor"

From the review:

Washington and Du Bois represent the two sides of a great debate in their time. What was the best strategy for confronting racist oppression? Washington, who rubbed shoulders with a philanthropist and a president, promoted a moderate strategy of strengthening Negro education (vocational rather than intellectual) while working behind the scenes for reform, and often kept silent in public about segregation and violence. The younger, Harvard-educated Du Bois advocated direct protest against racism and resented what he considered to be Washington’s self-promotion and courting of white favor while allowing blacks to be relegated to second-class status; Du Bois and his allies feared that supporting schools such as Tuskegee Institute would mean less funding for black academic study.

Marcia Davis is an editor on the national politics and government desk of the Washington Post. She wrote this review for Washington Post Book World.
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