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Re: hi there :) [#2684]
« Reply #29 on: September 07, 2012, 10:36:42 AM »
So i am not worrying about your belief as long as you're doing good, but the problem is your belief in the afterlife. Because there are lots of signs that it really exist, and telling people it does not exist (in your site) will make them desperate and they will probably do a lot of errors in their life and bad judgements just thinking that they will cease to exist when they die.

Umm, "lots of signs" is very vague and unsupported statement. Please name one sign other than hearsay in an old book, or someone recovering from a trauma where they where they were very likely hallucinating due to the drugs and trauma.

An Omnipowerful God needed to sacrifice himself to himself (but only for a long weekend) in order to avert his own wrath against his own creations who he made in a manner knowing that they weren't going to live up to his standards.

And you should feel guilty for this. Give me money.

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Re: hi there :) [#2684]
« Reply #30 on: October 13, 2012, 12:23:13 AM »
Energy which has living emotions (Love).

How can energy have emotions?  Do you have any empirical evidence for this?

Quote there is already a lot of bad spirits around us. And probably this is why we are approaching the rapture.

I don't believe in spirits, good or bad.  I also think that the rapture is a mythical event that isn't going to happen.

But i am writing you to tell you to take a look at the evidence of the existence of the spiritual world and the afterlife. There a lot of testimonies from Near Death Experiencers, look at the many videos on youtube regarding the crying of the virgin mary statues and other signs (blood, oil from tabernacle), look for the videos of the apparition in Garabandal. you will see the young girls to whom the virgin have appeared, moving fast during the apparition, backward, forward with their faces looking upside toward a specific spot. How can you dismiss all this ?

How can I dismiss all this?  Easily.  I do not consider NDEs to be evidence of life after death, because the people experiencing NDEs were not actually dead.  As for the various Virgin Mary hallucinations and crying statues, condensation in cold rooms and mob-mentality "I saw it too!" delusions seem far more likely.

...and after you die (actually when you'll move to the next life) you will see the light full of love (God/Jesus/holy spirit you name it) and if u accept him you're saved (not meaning saved from fire or something but saved from the darkness, from the void).

I've actually experienced "the void" twice.  Not overly concerned that I'll experience it a third time after My brain has stopped functioning.

...but your preaching about the non existence of the afterlife is not helping anyone. Even Buddhism which was before the coming of Jesus believed in the afterlife and the eternal soul of humans and a lot of books were written on this matter.

This is not true of all sects of Buddhism; but even if it was, that would not be evidence for souls or an afterlife.  Those claims are meaningless unless backed up with a consistent body of evidence.

Furthermore, I don't think there's anything to be gained by trying to convince oneself of something for which we see no good evidence, and nothing to be lost by calling it as we see it.  Surely a genuine god would not cause grief to anyone who finds himself unconvinced.

But i'll give you a way to see the proof of God existence, i don't know if you are willing to do it though. Try to pray AND fast, don't eat when your body tells you he's hungry. let it suffer a bit.

I think this is a positively hideous idea.  "The Truth" should not be dependent on the contents of one's stomach.  And how does one pray to a god when lacking in belief?

I strongly urge you to take better care of your physical body.
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