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Re: Racism
« Reply #29 on: July 11, 2012, 05:25:57 PM »
..........racism is a cultural phenomenon, not an inborn characteristic.

Racism is just one aspect that manifests our tendency to discriminate. In other words, racism is one of many reasons man has come up with to discriminate against those not like his specified group. In and of itself in may not be an inborn charactoristic, but there are some inborn charactoristics that make racism likely to arise. The most obvious is the charactorictic of us having different races. Another is the fact that we are social animals to have a tendency to form groups based on commonalities, convenience, and other factors.

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Re: Racism
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alien means stranger

threat of the unknown
the illusion of ownership
safety in numbnuts
monkeysphere defines
monkeys fear

irrationality is a broken and blunt tool
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Re: Racism
« Reply #31 on: July 15, 2012, 07:35:34 AM »
So my question is - How to eradicate Racism from society?
We do what we can but it will never be enough.

First you will realise that each human, like each other living creature, is programmed to defend and multiply its genes: this is the meaning of life.

Next, you must see that to do this, we protect ourselves, our family, our extended family, our neighbours our county, our country, our earth, in that order.

We defend our genes and try to procreate. Our family does the same but doesn't have quite that amount of care we have about ourselves. We are nice to our neighbours because they might help preserve our genes and we, in turn, will help preserve theirs; our county look to the welfare of everyone in it and this helps too. Our country defends us against those who would change or abolish our genes.

Now you must see that we do not like change. Every change that is presented, whether it be by science, government, natural events, meets with opposition.

So, let us go to the Island of Graybeards. Here we live in harmony as we are all the same and have the same values and customs. We have evolved these to cope with life on the island and to promote this harmonious society. We help each other defend out own genes. One of our great customs is picking our nose before speaking - it is a sign of great respect.

One day, a boat arrives from a different land. It has people who fortunately can speak our language on it. At first we are helpful because they might be friends, they might bring something that will help us. But we see that they laugh at us! They think that picking your nose is revolting and demand a change! We refuse. Why should we listen to them? They often wash their hands before eating! We only wash after eating because to wash before might indicate the cook is unclean. We demand they change but they won't!

Some people agree with the foreigners, some maintain our traditions - we become divided against ourselves! There is no meeting of minds - how can there be? Our society is damaged.. there is only one solution - kill the foreigners, so we do and all is well again until the next boat comes.

We take them prisoner and use them as slaves, they are no good for anything else, they just cause trouble and need to be controlled.

Strangely, as the years progress, some of these foreigners turn out to be quite nice as we get to know them. Some even become our friends and are released from slavery, these are nice foreigners! Not like the rest of them. They are nice because we know them and when we know them, we understand them. Some of them even pick their noses and wash hands after meals - they have become like us and will help protect our genes and, I think I might even protect theirs.

There was an interesting event the other day, some of the foreigners saw a ship arriving - it had another kind of foreigner on it, so our foreigners killed them because they didn't want things to change. This is good.

This is how it all starts off and continues, humankind will die out before racism is abolished. Our best hope is communication and understanding - by nature, we are not too good at that, but we can try. It's better than nothing.
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