Author Topic: For the first time, a majority of Americans say they’d vote for an atheist  (Read 530 times)

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According to Gallup it would appear that 54% would vote for an atheist. Maybe things are looking up. Still trailing behind the Gay/Lesbian vote though.
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Well one thing I've noticed is that once the USSR fell, Atheist no longer equals "Commie" in the popular mind. Polls like this make me happy, it may be slow but we're seeing progress.
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Seems odd.  How was the question asked?  Was it, "Who would you vote atheist or Obama?".
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This is why HotAir is off my Internet reading list.

The chart shows the percentage of people DIVIDED BY CATEGORY who will be voting for A president in the next election.In other words, if you're black, 96 percent of the eligible black voters will be voting for someone, not for an atheist.

The candidates could be Santorum and Bachmann. The chart shows that 54% of atheists will be voting for one of them. That is certainly NOT good news.

The author of this article didn't even bother to add up the percentages. Talk about a misread!

As far as searching Gallup for these results, I've found none. That figures, since no poll that's ever been presented to me had that question in the first place.
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