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Good Intentions
« on: May 23, 2012, 07:47:56 AM »
I was looking for some good erotica - I know, contradiction in terms - and came across a highly rated book called "Good Intentions" by Elliot Kay.  It is about a college kid who had been reincarnated many times and gotten the shaft in life and love in every one of those lives.  In his current life he stumbled across an occult ritual where a sorcerer was attempting to enslave a succubus and an angel.  The kid naively saves them and in the process accidentally becomes the master of both.  The rest of the story involves the consequences of that accident.

As erotica goes, it is really tame.  Barely R rated.  Not even Cinemax quality.  Chicks may dig that.  I dunno.  As a fantasy novel, it is mediocre and immature.  The idea of a 19 year old guy with a sex demon as his slave who gives him all kinds of super-duper sexual powers, bangs him silly and encourages him to fornicate as widely as possible, while appealing, is also pretty juvenile.  But it is kind of cool, because his dalliances power the succubus. It gets a little repetitive though.

It also gets heavily into angels, faith and demons.  In fact, Baal plays large as an antagonist.  By the end of the novel more demons, sorcerers and even vampires and werewolves are involved.  One of the details I liked was how all the other supernatural beings call vampires "corpses" and generally roll their eyes at the pretense they put on.  At one point, as a demon is negotiating with some vampires, she asks if they would like her to validate the current pop-lit view of vampires and drag them out into the sun to see if they sparkle. 

It was relatively well written and the characters were likeable, especially the foul-mouthed guardian angel.  The book was poor as erotica and only mediocre as a fantasy adventure, but overall it was enjoyable.  A quick throw away read.  I give it a 5 out of 10 and well worth the $3 I spent.

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