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Terminator: The Sarah Connor chronicles S2Ep10
« on: June 06, 2012, 04:06:41 AM »
Now, before you all jump down my throath, yes, I do realise that this is ancient TV, but we're only just getting it here in this backwater called Belgium.

So, Season 2 episode 10 ... Babylon/John Henry has just killed Dr. Sherman and in investigating this death, Ellison concludes that Babylon/John Henry has no opinion about this death. It has no feelings about killing Sherman. And he chides the programmer for not providing the AI with rules. And he suggests starting with 'the first ten' commandments.
Now, again, you've all[1] already seen this. And maybe the stupidity of Ellison's suggestion is revealed in subsequent episodes. But that doesn't excuse the writers from the sheer stupidity of a statement by a character who's always been presented as a sharp cookie.
Suppose they actually did that ... plonk the 10 commandments into the AI. At some point, the AI will come across a bible and clue in to the unstated addendum to "don't kill" ... namely "... your own kind." And then the metallic shit will REALLY hit the fan.

I do hope they clear this up in the next couple of episodes ... but considering the lazy writing in S2Ep8[2] I don't have high hopes.
Someone PLEASE tell me (without getting too spoilerish) that they clean this stinker up?

 1. those of you so inclined anyway ;)
 2. Cromartie, the relentless, near indestructible robot is killed ... with a few shotgun blasts to the head? Really?
2 Interwebs 7:42
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