Author Topic: Who else is tired of Obama?  (Read 5548 times)

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Re: Who else is tired of Obama?
« Reply #87 on: January 19, 2012, 02:42:47 PM »
As Mark Twain said long ago (so none of this is new), we have the best government that  money can buy.

It looks like the republicans will choose their candidate by attrition. Or whoever is out of jail at the time.

Gnewts second wife didn't help him any.

Money in offshore tax shelters can't help Romney.

Perry just dropped out. None too soon.

Huntsman dropped out too soon. Not that I like him, but compared to the others he's pretty wonderful.

I'm guessing that Sara Palin is going to get drafted to run at the convention. She'll misunderstand and claim she has flat feet.

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Re: Who else is tired of Obama?
« Reply #88 on: January 19, 2012, 06:11:00 PM »

Politics (and politicians) is but a product, a service even, that is for sale to the highest or most influential of bidders. For a citizen to take sides with one establishment political idealogy over the other does little to nothing for the citizen. The right will always appear to be in the pocket of corporations like big oil while the left will be pulled by the strings of your Goldmann Sachs and other power players with global interests.
From the perspective of a non US citizen, I suppose the left would appear to be more appealing because the left tends to take more of a globalist approach while the right focuses (or paints itself as focusing) on America first.
Working class stiffs as you put it are virtually barred from being in politics. So whether a politician is a leftist or a wingnut, chances are they are a part of the wealthy or uber wealthy demographic. I find it almost appalling that not much is said about the fact that those who run for the higher offices in the US of A are basically all aristocrats, millionaires, supported strongly by millionaires, or are from generational wealth.

I basically agree with you T OT

I just think left politics are more user friendly than the right (in pure state) and if there was to be any change in status quo (outside of a $ based violent revolution) then it must come from the left as the right are the brand-name logo-wearing wealth-representatives, not only do they not want a change, they idealistically/philosophically cannot want a change (unless for the worse).

The US right appears a frightening thing for the foreign spectator.
The US left is so centRist that the left has almost disappeared.

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Re: Who else is tired of Obama?
« Reply #89 on: January 19, 2012, 06:52:54 PM »
Political wrangling is a curse in more ways than one. So far we have seen several GOP aspirants throw in the towel.  Palin, Bachman,  Cain, Huntsman. now Perry.  Just think of all the money that has been uselessly squandered by that collection of resignees. 

A lot of people and PACS laid some serious bread on those failed campaigns.  If we could have used foresight rather than hindsight to put that money to productive use, much good could have come of it. The lost zillions of dollars could have been used for pursuit of the common good, like stem cell research, orphanages, rehab facilities, education, and much more. But no, it was pissed away with no benefit to anyone except the print and electronic media.

Scuse me, I'm on a rant against senseless waste.