Author Topic: ATHEISTS who have committed mass murders and genocide in the 20th century  (Read 45763 times)

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The Tea Party is for smaller government, I haven't heard much about religious issues.  Sounds like a good idea to me.  Unless of course, one enjoys a massive government putting it's hands into all aspects of people's lives.  Some people don't mind that I suppose....

Let's talk about smaller government. 

Smaller government means fewer teachers.  Firefighters.  Police officers. Garbage collectors.  Librarians.  Libraries.  Museums.  Public parks.  Zoos. 

Smaller government means less investment in infrastructure.  So there will be fewer roads built.  Or bridges.  Or mass transit.  Or high speed trains.  And fewer repairs to potholes.  And sewer lines.  And reservoirs that provide water to the public.  And electrical grids.  And investment in infrastructure to provide high speed internet.  There will not be investments in things like dams or walls to protect coastal cities.  There will not be an emergency response infrastructure in the event of a tornado or hurricane or tsunami or earthquake or attack from a foreign nation on our soil.  The military will be in charge, and food and shelter and access to clean water in emergency zones are not their highest priorities. 

There will be less oversight in terms of public safety.  Less government intervention in exhaust emissions.  Factory emissions.  Workplace safety.  Worker safety.  Corporations will be free to make their profits, and free to not be concerned about the effects that their factories have in terms of pollution in local communities, and free from concerns about whether the products they are producing (toys, pharmaceuticals, cars, canned foods, pesticides, bath soaps, etc.) are safe for consumer use.  There will be fewer food inspections, and less infrastructure to track down public health problems such as e coli outbreaks.   

There will be less investment in science.  In space exploration.  In the collection of data to determine demographic changes and changing needs within communities. 

These may sound like little things, but they add up.  Many of us are starting the feel the effects of austerity now.  I've lived in the third world, and I've lived in places with little to no infrastructure, in which luxuries like running water and electricity and phone lines are a luxury of the rich.  Places in which there might be stockpiles of medicine somewhere for some health outbreak, but no one is overseeing the transportation of that medicine to the communities that need it. 

Don't worry.  The rich will have what they need.  And if you are rich enough, you won't notice everyone else.  The wealthy have been very successful at getting working class people (via the Tea Party) to fight for the preservation of their wealth.  They've done a good job with you. 

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And if you were to privatise all those things? It'd become expensive and you'd be screwed if there was something you didn't pay for because you couldn't afford it. No firemen to save you from a fire because you've not paid them. No police officers to catch a burgalar because you didn't pay them. Can't drive your car on the road because you've not paid the guys who maintain it. Heck, would you really want to privatise the police? Or even the army? Oh even judges and members of the law court? Imagine if somebody like Rupert Murdoch bought them all out? (he could silence anybody he wanted and would be even more powerful than he is and he is an extremely powerful man) If you're going to go for a smaller government and privatise things, then you're giving more power to business owners and you're reducing government regulation and making them weaker. I know people are paranoid about living under a totalitarian regime, but that's why we strongly defend democracy, it's why we strongly defend our civil liberties and it's also why we should hold our government accountable for their actions. It's only when we let the government walk all over us that they become too powerful.

Also why would it be more expensive? Because there's no government regulation, because the government don't need to be looking to make a profit, they don't need to expand or to compete, what they tax is what they're gonna get. You only need to look at the US health care system, your average American spends a lot more on health care than say your average Englishman or Canadian. Here in the UK, you have a choice between public health care on the NHS or you can go for privatised healthcare (some employers offer it as a job perk) and yes, the private healthcare version is generally better, but it can be expensive and not a viable option for people on the low end of the pay scale.

And here in the UK private doctors are paid more than NHS doctors, though I'd argue being an NHS doctor is still a well paid job (starting £36k, going up to £70k according to the NHS website), though our government has made some blunders in terms of NHS spending, but we're still cheaper than the US by comparison.
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The Tea Party is for smaller government, I haven't heard much about religious issues.

The Tea party doesn't understand fucking math anymore than a pinheaded moron like yourself understands logic.

They have had divisions within themselves as to how often they should pray during meetings. But ultimately they are the party that embraces the religion of supply side economics.
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