Author Topic: lol at creationists getting destroyed in argument against AronRa at reason rally  (Read 618 times)

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The first part is kind of hard to hear but if you fast forward to about 7:22 its really clear.  Lol at about 12:20 when the creationist has the "I just shit my pants" look on his face when he realized he was wrong about what theories really are.  ;D  the other one everntually gets pissed and walks away.

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I was hoping this was going to be like feeding creationists to lions at the Brookfield zoo... or hitting groups of creationists with a "LAY-ZER"... I was really looking forward to people getting destroyed.  :'(

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Did he really ask if cars came from skateboards? Face to palm. The lockstep younger curly-haired guy was such a Christo-bot, he needed a good swift kick in the pantaloons.

I like the WTF expressions on the faces of the creatards when they realize that humans are all apes. After they realize they are not going to be able to slam dunk their silly arguments in this crowd, they leave.   But they did stick with it and give it a good try, I give them that!

Brave, brave Sir Robins! When faced with logic and reason, they bravely tucked their bible away and bravely ran away...&)
When all of Cinderella's finery changed back at midnight, why didn't the shoes disappear? What's up with that?

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Like fish in a barrel......

Looks like those Camero-Comfortites have never been on teh internets before...

Nice cameo by Thunderfoot as well.