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Further Education [#568]
« on: October 19, 2008, 05:32:54 PM »
Madams, Sirs:

The effect of developmental influence is an area of religious indoctrination that is not
addressed in your efforts.  It cannot be discounted that repetitive and fervent hammering
of belief systems into children effects great perseverance of thought processes.

I support your commitment and obvious rationale.  Perhaps additional arguments can credit
intellectual reason to your (our) goals of helping people see the light.  An example; a
delightful youtube spot on how kids are brainwashed into believing nonsense, and
threatened into obedience with terrifying consequence. This may bode well for continuing
the truth.

God-fearing folk have been beaten and kicked into their doctrines.  Most of us have
experienced this.  It is rare the child who escapes the wrath of the evil books.

You have done well.  Please continue - or ensure others do - to spread the word of good,
smart, would you shut up about Jesus or Allah or Yahweh, you f**king idiot, reason.

Just trying to help.

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