┬┐What happen if you put water, stones, and air in an environment free or microorganisms?

It will evolution in life.
0 (0%)
It boils and becomes in life.
0 (0%)
It explode and create life.
0 (0%)
0 x 0 = 0 (Noting happen).
2 (25%)
Noting because it need more ingredients to become in life.
6 (75%)

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Author Topic: If you put a water and stones in the correct atmosphere it evolution in life...  (Read 5093 times)

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Deists are still implying "goddidit"

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The "it" in the deist "Goddidit" is a different "it" from the one Freak was referring to.  They're different claims.
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I'd respond but Azdgari is doing me proud!
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