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User’s Guide to Posting on WWGHA
« on: January 05, 2011, 09:29:40 AM »
User’s Guide to Posting on WWGHA

The Purpose of this Forum

•   This Forum’s purpose is to discuss the online material, Why Won’t God Heal Amputees? and God is Imaginary.  By extension, it is to discuss issues surrounding religion and the effect of religious beliefs on our society and culture.  It is not a venue for preaching or evangelism.  People who join for the purpose of evangelizing will quickly find they have overstayed their welcome.
•   This Forum also provides a number of areas for light-hearted, off-topic discussions.  We encourage Members to participate in those areas as well.

Introduce Yourself

•   We encourage all new Members to take advantage of the Introduce Yourself section of the Forum.  In addition, we hope new Members who have shed their religious belief will tell their story in the Testimonials section of the Forum.

Authoritative Sources

•   It is important to understand many do not consider the Bible or Qur’an to be divinely inspired, but rather a collection of ancient texts given significant cultural importance.
•   Ideally, if you refer to a sacred text, it is better to provide a link to the passage in question rather than include it verbatim in your post. 
•   Some helpful resources include Bible Gateway and University of Southern California’s Transliteration of the Qur’an.

Logical Fallacies

•   The Nizkor Project  is a valuable resource for familiarizing yourself with common logical fallacies, learning to spot them, and avoiding using them in a debate.

Citing Sources

•   Copying material from another source without giving credit to the original author(s) is considered plagiarism.  Admin, Staff and Forum Members will hold accountable those who attempt to plagiarize.

Thread Participation

•   Please be courteous.
•   Please positively contribute to the discussion.
•   Please respond to questions which are addressed to you.  If you are overwhelmed and are unable to respond to all participating Members, feel free to ask for the necessary time needed to keep up with the thread.
•   Please make your comments in a clear manner.  It is important to note not all Members use English as their primary language, some Members are disinclined to read overly large blocks of text, and many will avoid posts which are ALL CAPS.
•   Please learn to properly use the Forum functions.  See Quoting FAQ.
•   Please do not copy/paste large sections of text from other sources.  Instead, provide a short excerpt with a link to the source material.
•   Please do not excessively quote other Member’s posts.  It is easier to following the discussion if Member-quoted material is kept to a minimum.  Please see the Quoting Tutorial to learn how to separate the quoted portion to which you are responding.
•   Please do not revive inactive threads.  An inactive thread is a thread which has not had a reply posted in three(3) months.

Considerations for Christians

•   Despite the fact the majority of Members are non-theists; many have read the Bible and know its contents fairly well.
•   Despite the fact the majority of Members are non-theists; many are ex-Christian and are familiar with the beliefs, practices and feelings related to it.

Welcome and happy posting!

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Seriously, you guys are the meanest people I have ever met.  I hope you are happy and feel really good about yourself.