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Questions / Suggestions Guide
« on: January 02, 2011, 01:30:37 PM »
Regarding this board -

  • Members should not duplicate threads for suggestions already under discussion or that have already been considered and rejected. Please check to see if a suggestion has already been presented before creating a new topic.
  • Consider that your question or suggestion may not receive an instant response from the staff. Part of the purpose of the section is to allow discussions between forum members to facilitate the development of a particular idea. This allows us to get a better feel for how an idea would be received if adopted. The forum is for everyone, not just the person presenting the idea, and what seems like a good idea to one person may not seem like a good idea to anyone else.
  • Members should consider the primary focus of the Forum, which is to provide a discussion area for the site owner's book "Why Won't God Heal Amputees?" and tailor their suggestions accordingly.
  • While it's understandable that people are protective of their ideas, and there may be wide differences of opinion regarding a particular idea, staff reserve the right to call a halt to any topic.
  • Finally, be prepared to take ownership of your own idea or suggestion. If it's a good idea, staff will help you with matters such as technical issues, but if the idea requires research, a write-up, going to other forums and recruiting, etc., be prepared to be the primary person responsible for your idea, and if necessary, working with other members to help you achieve it.
Seriously, you guys are the meanest people I have ever met.  I hope you are happy and feel really good about yourself.