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Fact surfing - Random Enlightenment
« on: Yesterday at 06:48:48 PM »
I suspect that others here suffer from a similar compulsion...

I like to look random sh*t up.  Google, Wikipedia, book stores, libraries...I have this weird thirst to know stuff, and, frankly, by and large, the topic, subject, or theme of said stuff does not play a significant factor in how thirst-quenching a tidbit of knowledge is.  I just want to know whatever about the reality that I and my fellow sentient creatures occupy.

So welcome the the Fact Surfing thread: post a random fact of any kind that piques your interest for whatever reason[1] and a citation for that fact.  Yes, Wikipedia will be considered an acceptable source but if possible do better/more direct/more primary.  Deep facts, shallow facts, silly facts, awe-inspiring game.  Yes, just as channel surfing is the lazier way to watch TV[2], so shall this be the lazier way of learning random crap.  If there is anything the 21st century has taught us, it is that if you want to both reduce the amount of work you do and foster the potential for interesting emergent behavior, you crowd-source your sh*t.

Now...I don't necessarily want to stomp disagreements on the validity of a fact into the ground (I mean, what the crap kinda fact-related anything stifles dissent), but I don't want this to turn into some kind of orgy-of-arguing thread.  Voice your disagreement, give a quick quip as to your reasoning for the disagreement, and PM/spawn a new thread related to that disagreement if it suits you and the opposition's fancies.

We'll see how long this lasts.

Hedy Lamarr was co-author to a patent for early spread-spectrum and frequency hopping techniques in wireless communication systems.

 1. "I think it's kinda neat!" is a perfectly acceptable reason.
 2. As TV is already, essentially, a lazy activity.
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