Author Topic: Passioned dissent and rebuttal in Supremes look at U.S. executions using midazol  (Read 45 times)

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First Alito reads the majority opinion, then Sotomayor the dissent, mentioning that being drawn and quartered, or burned at the stake, should now be OK, then Breyer reads a dissent saying the death penalty itself may be unconstitutional, then Scalia oddly speaks up, with " some things to say about the dissents."    Interesting stuff, stay tuned.
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Interesting how many Christians are atwitter over gay marriage, but are perfectly okay with the death penalty.  I think all Christians should have "WWJD?" tattooed on their wrists in big bold letters.
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Scalia cannot drop dead soon enough.
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Scalia cannot drop dead soon enough.

Him and Alito and Thomas. Roberts and Kennedy are tolerable.

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