Author Topic: "Seven Futuristic Cities That Could Define the World of Tomorrow"  (Read 63 times)

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The futuristic cities of science fiction hold a strong appeal in our collective imagination. The thought that we might one day revolutionize everything about how we live – including where we live – is an exciting one. What’s even more exciting is the idea that some of the most outlandish cities from science fiction might be within our technical reach tomorrow.

Now, if we could just get past the idea that nationality, or skin color, or culture, etc, is any more than simply the variety and fun of life.  We were in New York City this week, and it rained every day.  It seemed many people on the crowded restaurants on the rainy streets didn't realize the vast underground shops and restaurants at Rockefeller Center, while thinking below the shops is the subway system, and below the subway system is the sewer and aqueduct system, and someday above the streets will be bridges and building connections at higher levels, like so many movies we've seen over the years.  Blade Runner comes to mind.

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Re: "Seven Futuristic Cities That Could Define the World of Tomorrow"
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......or the new dark age.
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