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New Quoting Tutorial (with screenshots)
« on: December 08, 2010, 10:14:50 AM »
Being able to quote properly is very important at a forum such as WWGHA.
Quoting to a high standard facilitates tidy, easy to follow discussion threads; quoting well also earns you respect from the staff and members.

In contrast, poor quoting habits make for untidy, difficult to read threads and will earn you disrespect from the staff and members (and eventually it’ll lead to disciplinary action). You don't want the latter, so it's very important that you take the time to learn how to quote properly.

So, you want to have a discussion at WWGHA and want to be able to reply to specific people or specific points within their posts but can't figure out how to use the quoting system effectively?

No problem. This is a quoting tutorial (with screenshots) to help you master the skill. If you apply yourself you should be able to understand the basics relatively quickly and improve your skills from there. We're going to show you some examples of good and bad quoting to give you a frame of reference.
Using this thread as a test area, you can practice your new skills and impress the staff and members.

Quoting breaks down into 6 key components:

A) Starting the quoting process by pressing the "Quote" button on a post.
B) Selecting the text that you want to reply to within that post (some posts are very large and you may only want to reply to one point within it).
C) Making sure that the correct "quote tags" are present and in the right places (we'll look at what they are later on).
D) Adding your response(s) to the post.
E) Previewing the post to make sure it will look right on the forum.
F) Hitting "post" to add the post to the thread.

We're going to look at what this process actually looks like on your screen (as we would do it on the forum) so that you can follow the process easily on your own monitor.


Stage 1:

This is what the post looks like when you first see it on the screen. Click on the “Quote” button to get the ball rolling.

This will also bring up the next screen (below) for us to work with.

Stage 2:

This is what the screen looks like after you've hit the "Quote" button.

If it's a large post and you cannot see all of the text within it (as in the above example), simply use the "resize bar" to increase the size of the view window so that you can see more of the text that you’re going to reply to. Just hold the mouse pointer on the bar and drag down to the desired size.

After resizing it will look like this:

Stage 3:

Type your response underneath the text in the reply box, after which you can preview the post by pressing the "Preview" button (below the reply box).

Once you've typed your response and clicked on the "Preview" button your screen will refresh and look like this:

Make sure that everything looks right (tidy) on the preview before hitting the "Post" button.

Stage 4 (Quoting individual paragraphs/points of a post):

Most of the time you'll only want to select specific parts of a post to respond to, or you'll want to respond differently to individual parts of the post.

Now we're going to look at what the "quote tags" are and how they work.

In order for a quoted post to contain the "time/date/name stamp" of the post/person you've quoted, the code that sits at the top of the quoted post must be at the beginning of the text you're quoting, and the "end quote" tag must be at the end of the text you're quoting.

This is what the "time/date/name stamp" looks like (you’ll see it at the top of the text in every post you quote)

And this is what the “end quote” tag looks like:

You'll always have the "time/date/name stamp" at the beginning of a post when you quote it, but if you're replying to individual points/paragraphs in a post, you'll need to separate them and quote them individually. Always start with the first by following the below principal, and then move on from there.

Once you've cut & pasted the "end quote" to the end of the first paragraph, you'll  need to highlight the other two paragraphs individually and click on the "Insert quote" button to wrap those paragraphs in quotes.

The end result will look like this once you've posted to the forum:

Those are the basics of good quoting to get you started.


Below are some examples of bad quoting that you'll definitely want to avoid at all costs:

Example 1 (avoid reposting large posts simply to add one line of text. Instead, type the name of the member you're addressing and say "Re your post #xxx".):

Example 2 (avoid quote-nesting, cut out the unnecessary text before posting):

Example 3 (don't leave quotes in a mess on the forum. Either fix it or remove it until you can fix it):

Avoid following any of the above examples.

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