Author Topic: It's hard for atheists to understand God (split)  (Read 28388 times)

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Re: It's hard for atheists to understand God (split)
« Reply #145 on: November 06, 2010, 10:06:13 AM »
Some observations on Lilbman.

I've worked in some sales organizations in the back room.  Once the subject came up of the Meyers-Briggs Personality Inventory.  The president mentioned some of the things he was looking for and I thought I misheard him and questioned him on his mistake.  He said he wanted people low on realism.  I said he must've meant to say high

"A realist says, 'I am doing well, therefore I feel good.'  A salesman has to say, 'I feel good, therefore I will do well.'" he explained.  The president was an atheist and kept damaging his own business by preaching against superstition to make the salesmen realize they were bringing success out of their own emotional resources.  That just depressed them and made sales drop.  He refused to recognize the contradiction that he had hired people low on realism and was trying to make them realistic.

He had once tried an experiment in the 1970s in the Pyramid Power era.  Somehow he had gotten a pyramid panel.  I knew it would have made him sick to his stomach to buy it, so it must've been a gift or discarded.  He showed it once to the salesmen.   Then he brought a bucket of water and ladled it out to the salesmen.  He told them he had experimented by putting the pyramid panel in it overnite and drinking the pyramid water.  He said that he had found himself so energized that his sales had gone up.  The salesmen tried it and it worked!   That went on for several weeks.  Then he dropped the bomb.   He told them he had never soaked the pyramid panel in the water.  It was just water from the tap just before the sales office opened in the morning.  He thought the salesmen would realize their own potential and go on flying.  Instead the sales dropped to nothing.

But he was a true believer and kept trying something like that over and over again and always failing.  He never realized he was as annoying as Christian evangelical salesmen like Zig Ziglar.

Lilbman mentioned how the "customers" reacted to him.  I deduce he is a salesman.  He likes to stay in a stupor all day.  I get boozed at times but can't want to do it throughout the day.  He has always used magical thinking -- spells and something he called anointing oil.  I was going to ask him for details on that because as I have indicated in this forum, I watch stuff like Supernatural.  I enjoy temporary suspension of disbelief.  I think Lilbman enjoys a permanent suspension of reality.

Out of long life experience I've learned that you can't always interpret someone else as being a minor variant of yourself.  There really are people different from you.  I get a thrill when something logically, provably clicks into place.  I could never express it in terms that Lilbman could understand.  Lilbman just thinks we're really all like him.  He was trying to train us in the application of his favorite magic spell.  He thought we needed some coaching on persistence. 

The religious group lowest on reality are the Christian Scientists.  In God's Perfect Child: Living and Dying in the Christian Science Church (2000) Caroline Fraser, an ex-Christian Scientist explained that there are prosperous Christian Scientists, like her father was.  They are sales managers.

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Re: It's hard for atheists to understand God (split)
« Reply #146 on: November 06, 2010, 01:20:13 PM »
In case he comes back for one last visit...

It's nothing personal against you, it's just that we have heard all of what you've said before. You aren't getting kicked off this board; you are more than welcome to discuss things with us. It's just that we don't want to be preached too, which is what you did.

If you could have walked in my shoes the past 30 years of my life, maybe you could understand me a little better and why I say the things that I have.

I would also like to say that I have not walked in your shoes either. I don't know your personal experiences in your life.

Some of us have been christians. I was for damn sure. We have been in your shoes once before.

Christianity has a broad definition these days.

We've all faced struggles, some while christians, some while atheists, because hard times fall on both.

I agree.

I read in one of the posts that's now been deleted about your addiction to alcohol and how you tried to OD on sleeping pills. I've been in that position as an atheist - having been addicted to almost everything from pot to heroin - and I recovered without the need for a personal savior. I am happy you are clean now but give yourself the credit.

It's wasn't just alcoholism. It was more than just that.

You got clean because you wanted too. You saw what it was doing to yourself and your relationships. Subconsciously you decided to take action against it.

No that isn't true.

It's a shame you downplay that and thank god for getting you through.

Not at all.
It was your strength and desire to clean up your act,  and you alone are responsible. I wish you would realize this.

I won't deny my Savior.

I can prove this to you, simply from sharing my experiences as an atheist and how I changed myself by myself.

I am sincerely happy for you.

I don't care if you believe in god. I think everyone will agree that you are welcome to believe in whatever you want to; however if you believe in something that we are very critical of, and publicly share that belief with us, we will be critical of it. Remember that for the next forum you visit.

Thank you for your kind words.

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Re: It's hard for atheists to understand God (split)
« Reply #147 on: November 06, 2010, 01:52:05 PM »
No, I voluntarily removed them.

Well, thanks for completely disregarding the agreement you signed when you created your account here, for wasting our time and for leaving an entire thread in dis-array; I'm sure jesus is very proud of you for breaking your oath like that.

I never took an oath. You're not fooling anyone.

Perhaps faith in jesus does not have the positive effect that you believe it does, after all.
I will be sure to leave a crack in the lid of this sewer so that the captives can see a light.

Make sure you have restrictions on.

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Re: It's hard for atheists to understand God (split)
« Reply #148 on: November 06, 2010, 01:58:20 PM »
When you sign an agreement, you take an oath to abide by it. A feat that you seem unable to manage. This forum is not your personal property to abuse as you see fit.

However, since you're now showing your true colours, I think it's time for you to find another forum to post on.


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