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hehe nice video, read this its pretty sweet.... [#489]
« on: September 30, 2008, 06:33:31 PM »
Hi, I just saw a few of your videos and I had to write. I too am a very rational thinker, I gave up on god at 12. But here is something I think you should think about, something I thought of a lot.

1. Lets assume "god" is actually a scientist from another planet, since we on earth can create new beings of sorts its not entirely far fetched. Lets call god, bob so we dont get confused about mr imaginary.

So bob arrives on our planet and begins experiments, actually in part of your video you dismiss adam being made of dust. Well if you could magically take every particle we are made of and pull it together in separated cells/protons/quarks etc. It would resemble and actually be, dust. Ever part of us is literally laying around on the ground, so its not entirely insane when looked at logically. (providing an advanced race does exist somewhere.

2. now lets imagine that after years of experiments and alterations bob leaves again for his home, possibly never to return. well then bob wouldnt be an all powerful being, he wouldnt set up some sort of recording device to send back information on what everyone was doing so he could later punish them, etc. He wouldnt be able to answer prayers, etc.

3. Now lets imagine that you are a scientist and you create a new form of ant, you travel to the farthest reaches of earth and drop off the ant colony. Would you then stand over the colony and make sure nobody slighted anyone else? Would you punish and damn your little baby creations, would you even ask anything of them at all? no, just an experiment left to do what it does.

Now while I fully reject any religion on the basis that their information is flawed to say the least, I do on the other hand believe that there is a small chance something from somewhere did come to our planet and create, but not in a magical way but instead in a scientist on mars type of way. Releasing harsh condition bacteria on mars or some form of animal/insect that could survive would be no different.

Lastly, while I do of course side with you and agree religion does more bad than good, I also agree that religious nuts scare the carp out of me, palin comes to mind. On a different note, I have tried to be as mathematical and fair about the situation. So in conclusion, I would never believe in religion, nor attend a service, in fact I would stand as you have explain the stupidity of it all. But when it comes to probabilities and possibilities, I have to leave a tiny bit of space, about .000000000001% chance that something as simple as a more advanced being from another planet could have landed and created us, or at least adapted us. I tempt you to just for laughs re read the first book of the bible in the light I just cast. As if an alien scientist landed and created us, when I did, I found that much of what is said could fit perfectly with my theory and your questions. :)
Off the top of my head only a few come to mind. Adam from dust/aka particles, eve from bone marrow of a rib, or maybe a rib of dna, etc. If I remember correctly I pictured a man in a massive ship, floating above earth and making changes to its spin which causes a separation in night and day, then the gathering of land to land on, then something about taking a great animal in the ocean and making all living things.(I remember reading a thing about how whales contain the parts of almost all living animals genetically) etc. etc.

Please dont see my email as a misguided attempt to convert you, its nothing of the sort, instead I just wanted to share my view about also being atheist and agreeing, while still seeing a very small possibility that there may be a tiny bit of truth from an original story that is much more simple and less controlling. You have a good one and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. There has to be at least 20 people who have seen your video and decided to stop believing in the hyped BS. Sincerely, [name]

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Re: hehe nice video, read this its pretty sweet.... [#489]
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2008, 06:45:36 PM »
Lets does have a ring to it.
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Re: hehe nice video, read this its pretty sweet.... [#489]
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2008, 01:38:28 AM »
And who created Bob?