Author Topic: Cody Towner vs Ananukia and Assyriankey about War and Politics  (Read 1503 times)

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This started over a question of a possible draft by John McCain, and that poor guy got a huge debate in his thread that veered wildly off course, so to save his thread, I'm just going to move everything here.

Cody Towner: First, I would cheer after McCain got elected, then groan at the upcoming draft, and then realize "Hey, McCain wants this war over with just as much as everybody else, he just wants to make sure we don't waste all of the lives of our fallen soldiers." Then I'd strap myself with a rifle and get ready for my flight. But that's just me.

Ananukia: Yes, codytowner, because I personally LOVE helping illegal wars AND getting the body count higher.

Cody Towner: It wouldn't stop the body count from being higher. No, let's analyze what you said. If we pulled out, then yes, the body count of American soldiers would drop. Albeit, it's an honorable remark. But then what? Then any extremism becomes... can you guess it? YES, it becomes UNCHECKED! Then what does that mean? That means instead of having the soldiers who already lost their lives actually count for something and let them have an honorable death, we waste their life with nothing for their children, family, etc. to be proud of them for. And extremism multiplies with no hindrance. Like nature. If an animal has no natural predator, it multiplies uncontrollably and suffocates it's surrounding area of resources. Extremism's natural predator is our soldiers. If the soldiers leave, extremism multiplies uncontrollably and suffocates the resources (i.e. killing everybody off they don't like). And who cares of illegal anymore anyways?

So the body count of American troops would drop, but the body count of the Middle Eastern peoples would rise dramatically so, and once again we'd step in. So wouldn't it be nicer to not waste the lives of our soldiers already lost and continue the struggle they were fighting and died for? You can't just "cut your losses" when dealing with human life.

Then started with a lot of quoted arguments, so I'm just gonna post these last bits, the first part of this can be seen here:


Of course! Who needs checks and balances, let's just hand over the government to any schmuck general, hope he doesn't want to turn the country into a police state, and start killing people left and right.
Who said some schmuck general? I'm saying that there are people capable of running a country successfully on their own. And that's saying that the whole country managed to elect some blood-thristy person who wants to randomly kill people. Sorry, but highly improbable.

how about Iran? or israel? Or any other number of countries that sell arms.
I think that they know better then to deal with Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda considering we already have all of our troops over there. We would definitely find out if they did something like that. And that would make it easier to find Laden, no?

Well a nuke does not really have any other use?
That's for emergency use. We don't want EVERYBODY dead, that is the point of fighting, so as many people as possible will live. If we nuke them, then who did we save?

he suppressed extremism in his own country.
Yeah, with extremist means! Didn't accomplish anything!

So we are going to continue this war until we kill every single person whom we deem a threat?

Also I would not kill myself or others for 72 virgins. In fact in fairly sure most muslims don't even believe that.

We continue the war until the threat is gone, for that is the point of war! And you may say that, but in your head, I guarantee you seriously debated that. As would anybody faced with that decision. And I never said Muslim's were the extremists. I said the extremists were the extremists. Don't twist my words.

Why lie to their children?  The truth is out there - the days of America writing history are long gone.

As long as America remains a superpower, we will write history. There is no lieing to their children. Explain what lie we're giving them.

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Re: Cody Towner vs Ananukia and Assyriankey about War and Politics
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I'm going to jump in on this topic tomorrow when I get home from work.
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