Author Topic: Notice for the The Bottomless Pit  (Read 2599 times)

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Notice for the The Bottomless Pit
« on: September 08, 2010, 07:24:43 PM »
This section is for threads that have stepped outside the bounds of the sections in which they were originally posted, or for threads that have significantly drifted off-topic and devolved into grudge matches, but in which forum members still seem to wish to participate.

  • Threads may be moved here only, by staff either at their discretion, in response to post-reports from members.
  • Threads that staff deem a problem for any other reason may also be moved here.
  • Discussions that have clearly run their course, keep going around in circles or descend into outright flame wars/grudge matches may be locked without notice.


Enter these threads at your own risk. Do not read or participate in these threads if you dislike harsh language and/or insults. Do not quote posts from this area in the regular forum, or use in signatures. Everything said in this area is to remain here. If you don't feel you can contain your emotions about the topic being discussed or your comments about it to this area, do not participate.

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