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Chatter FAQ
« on: September 08, 2010, 07:14:37 PM »
This section is for miscellaneous discussions that are not relevant in any other section of the forum. The Forum Rules apply to this section as in any other.

Examples of on-topic threads for this section are:

  • Topical news items (non-religious)
  • Links to other resources of interest to the community
  • Information about meetings or events unrelated to the site
  • Discussions of the various media in society (book reviews belong in the Reviews section)
  • Photo/Poll/Joke threads
  • Discussions about forum members

Off-topic threads for this section:

  • NSFW material in threads not clearly tagged [NSFW]
  • Discussions that belong in a more relevant section

Note: Photo threads, joke threads and other types of 'endless' threads will be truncated at 10 pages (300 posts). Once a thread of this nature reaches that length, a new topic will be split from the original, and the original thread will be locked.
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