Author Topic: A variation on the watchmaker argument  (Read 1544 times)

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Re: A variation on the watchmaker argument
« Reply #145 on: January 16, 2015, 03:57:11 PM »

^^^ Cancer is a pretty sweet design too. Don't worry though, eventually we design the 'watch' to cure of what seems like it was designed to kill us and 'watch us' die.

Excellent point about "intelligent design". This "theory" has to somehow account for all the wonderful "designs" that seem to exist just to make our lives worse. Every snowflake is individually lovely, and make up blizzards that kill.

The proponents of the "life, the universe and everything is all so perfectly perfect that it had to be lovingly designed for humans [by god]" school rarely address this. Aids, infuenza and ebola are intelligently designed to make us suffer and/or kill us very efficiently and to intelligently resist our efforts to get rid of them. Intestinal parasites make us just sick enough to wish we were dead, but not quite sick enough to kill us. They are likewise quite intelligently designed.

The way the plague gets transmitted from flea to rat to human? Or the life cycle of the malaria germ from mosquito to human? No way all that could happen without some supreme being getting down with the flow charts and diagrams. And a bacteria that only eats your face? Only a divine plan could be that elegant and specific.

Not to mention all the diseases and conditions that only afflict plants and animals. The designer must have worked on them on his off days..... &)

Cue the "god never said life would always be easy; suffering is part of his plan for us; he is testing our faith; nobody can understand the mysterious ways of god" response from believers.
1) Yes, he did. He lied.
2) His plan sucks, then.
3) He gives babies ebola as a "test" when he already knows the answers. Effing bastard. And why does he need to "test the faith" of insects, plants and animals?
4) But that won't stop believers from telling us all about god. :P
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Extraordinary claims of the bible don't even have ordinary evidence.

Kids aren't paying attention most of the time in science classes so it seems silly to get worked up over ID being taught in schools.