Author Topic: I know how the eye evolved!  (Read 22 times)

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I know how the eye evolved!
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This is just an update.  You can comment if you want to of course.  As a theist I argued against TOE.  I've been looking for the answer. 

Much thanks to JAG for pointing me in the right direction.  This is totally doable.

The eye starts just seeing light.  It then starts evolving little by little until we have the eye we have now.  The eye still needs some work or I would not have had a job.  We made on a slow day 75 pairs of prescription glasses.  Powers ranging from .25-22.00^.  I've put 15^ glasses in baby frames.  I think they must be still evolving because the design still has FLAWS.

^-diopter  it should be a complete triangle but that's the best key I got
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Re: I know how the eye evolved!
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I see.
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