Author Topic: Interesting radio lab on the process of "emergence"  (Read 46 times)

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Interesting radio lab on the process of "emergence"
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- where such things as ants and honey bees singularly are not intelligent, but together come up with intelligence.  The article mentions Sir Francis Galton in 1906, realizing that the average of 800 guesses on the weight of a bull came out to the weight of the bull.

   The show looks at the human brain, and where an actual thought is, or how neurons collectively form a thought.

It also looks at google's modeling for search engines by crowd sourcing the most hits on sites and how marketing has positively and negatively affected the process.

In 1776, writer Adam Smith came up with a theory: when lots of buyers and lots of sellers get together, the resulting "market price" that emerges through all that buying and selling is in fact the work of an "invisible hand." He meant god. We think he really meant "emergence." ...
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Re: Interesting radio lab on the process of "emergence"
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Our own cells are not individually intelligent, but of course when they come together...
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