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Healing amputees
« on: September 24, 2014, 04:51:17 PM »
Ted Talk Hugh Herr and the technology helping amputees –

Hugh Herr – “I didn't view my body as broken. I reasoned that a human being could never be broken. Technology is broken. Technology is inadequate. The simple but powerful idea was a call to arms to advance technology for the elimination of my own disability and ultimately to the disability of others.”

“In the world of design we have no idea how to attach synthetic structures to our bodies in a healthy comfortable way. The example of shoes giving us blisters - isn't it extraordinary? One of the most mature oldest devices in the human timeline the shoe we still don't understand how to design the damn thing. So every device that attaches to our body, you know, women with bras, braces, prosthesis like I wear, can be very, very uncomfortable. And right now if you ask a hundred persons with leg amputation, what's the number one problem you want solved about your artificial limb about all 100 would say it hurts. You know, please fix that.”

RAZ: The woman on this recording is, for the first time, trying out a pair of bionic legs designed by Hugh Herr and his team at MIT.
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Oh my God I can't believe it.
RAZ: She can now walk up and down stairs.
UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: It's just like I've got a real leg.
RAZ: There's no handrail, she's not using a cane, no help from anyone because inside her legs are 12 tiny sensors that feed right into microcomputers.
HERR: Very small computers - he surface area roughly of a fingernail.
RAZ: And those computers run algorithms that decide how to tweak tiny motors in each leg. Which control...
HERR: How the limb should move, how it should stiffen, how it should power itself.
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Re: Healing amputees
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2015, 04:15:11 AM »
It would be terrible if we do not understand this. Because I think it's very important in everyday life.