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Welcome to the Why Won't God Heal Amputees Forum.

This section is for new members to introduce themselves to the forum community, and for members of the community to welcome them. The Forum Rules apply to this section as in any other.

Members are reminded that:

  • This is not a section for debates about religion/science/other 'hard' issues.
  • If you wish to 'debate' a new member on a point they have made, please invite them to discuss it an appropriate board on the forum. New members are not obliged to accept such an invitation, and should not feel obliged to engage in a debate before they have 'found their feet' and are familiar with WWGHA rules and etiquette.
  • Please do not use other's Introduction threads to make your own introduction. If you have not reached 3 post-count required to start new threads, please wait until you do before introducing yourself in this section. Introductions in other's threads may be deleted without notice.
  • New members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Rules & Etiquette guides (key links below) and are strongly advised to keep their initial introductions as free as possible of comments that solicit debate.

    -WWGHA Rules
    -Introduction To This Forum For Christians
    -Quoting FAQ
    -Discussion Room FAQ (for special, moderated discussions between invited-only members)
    -Test Area (where you can practice using the various forum functions)
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