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ER FAQ / Rules
« on: August 24, 2010, 05:31:00 AM »
Purpose of the Emergency Room

Members that are deemed to be causing a disruption to the the forum, for whatever reason, may be restricted to posting in the ER to rectify the problem and will not be able to post on the main forum until released by administrative staff. Only administrative staff can restrict a member to the ER, but anyone can respond to the ER guest and their posting style. This will help out the staff, who are few, and hopefully the member who will only be able to view this board.

The ER is designed to help members avoid being banned from the forum and to give them an opportunity to learn how to better synchronize with our community. It is not designed as a place to deride the ER guest. Likewise, it is not designed for ER guests to deride the other members and/or staff, or to complain about the way we moderate the forum.

When a member is sent to the ER, it has been discussed behind the scenes beforehand. For better or for worse, the staff are making the best judgments we can and when we make a decision to send a member to the ER it isn't taken lightly and it isn't a snap-decision. Therefore, please contribute to the issue at hand with the ER guest - try to help them understand why they are here and try to help them change the posting habit(s) that landed them in the ER. If you cannot do that, or don't agree with the reason they were sent there, then do not participate in the ER thread.
If you do not agree with our decision, please PM a Global Moderator with your complaint. We read all complaints sent to us, however, the ER thread is not the place to do this.

Keep your posts to the subject at hand (the posting habits of the member who was sent here) and how to help them improve and regain their full posting privileges. Posts with any other type of content will be deleted without notice. Any off-topic material, flippant comments or posts arguing about interpretations of the rules (lawyering) from an ER guest will only add to their chances of being permanently banned from the forum. This area is not for religious/scientific discussion, it is for technical suggestions related to posting style and for counselling purposes only. Complaints about other members should be sent to the Mods via PM or the Report to Moderator function.

If you need to read specifc links to the forum while in the ER, just logout and view them as a guest, or if on a board that isn't viewable by guests, just ask the staff/members to copy the post to the ER thread or to your PM inbox.

ER Rules

  • Members who are restricted to the ER may post in their own ER thread only.
  • Religious/scientific/other off-topic discussion is not permitted.
  • YouTube clips/images/joke posts are not permitted.
  • All posts must comply with the purpose of the ER (listed above).
  • All stricture found in the Forum rules apply to all ER threads in addition to this FAQ.

Case resolution options

The following options may be used to terminate your ER case:

  • If your case is resolved, you will have your access to the WWGHA forum restored.
  • If your case is not resolved, your ER thread will be archived (locked) and, depending upon your attitude at that time, you may be banned or your account may be left as it is, with access only to the ER area. If you decide to return, you may PM a Global Moderator and the discussion can resume from the point it left off.
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