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Matter, Imagination, and Pretentious Neologisms
« on: April 29, 2010, 09:31:33 AM »
General Autognosticity - The principle that the entire Cosmos is essentially self knowing, but existentially self-ignorant. Thus resolving the apparent paradox of a universe which seamlessly accommodates utter randomness and highly ordered, conscious self awareness.

As much as we know that material phenomena are rooted in probabilistic teleonomy, (like evolution, where pseudo-intentional patterns are the product of cumulative blind statistical events) we also know that subjective phenomena appears improbably teleological (such as semiotic texts which are the product of intention encoded/transmitted through an arbitrary material medium - ink, paper, digital signals, neurochemistry).

Modern human consciousness arises from the neurosemiotic junction and is intersubordinate and symbiotic such that teleological semiotic intention - will and thought ('fire and air' for you alchemy fans (**crickets**)), both drives and is driven by teleonomic neurological conditions of ego and body (emotional and physical self or 'water and earth').

It could be said that matter exists to us only as a consequence of the body. We know from our scientific measurements and observations through technologies constructed by the body and for the body, that 'matter' as we experience it is of course composed mainly of charged bits of infinitesimal anything which tends to keep it's distance from, or cohabit with, other bits of the same through an electromagnetic juggling act. Matter is a sieve, freely passing some particles and energies while returning others back toward the direction they came from.

Whatever actual substance there is in actual substance is itself a mere bundle of ephemeral force - 'tendencies to exist'. Quantum Qwoo. Without the determined and constant electromagnetic repulsion between our own atoms and those of our environment, we would pass through the earth like a cloud of neutrinos. Curiously, however, in all of the sea of quantum randomness, once created, forms don't ever seem to forget how to be what they are. Gold doesn't forget how to be gold. Fire doesn't randomly make something wet instead. The universe seems to remember what it does, and life forms seem to capitalize on that essential property. Reproduction, healing, heredity - all dynamic forms of animated memory. Panchronological teleosis if you will (sorry).

Matter therefore is less an 'inert stuff that just is' and more of an external categorization of order, which is an aspect or relative of memory - arrangements and relationships which persist and recur by themselves over time, in parallel, or in various combinations which tend to invoke spirals, fractal/recursive progressions, spherically layered particles, broken symmetries, chains and sheet topologies, etc, etc. Things that spin and explode, solidify and ricochet. Things we would not necessarily imagine.

Imagination is a different category at the opposite end of the ontological continuum. It is almost all teleological semiotic essence ('magic') and very little mechanical existence. It has some limited access to the entire existential end of the cosmos through the body, but also ready access to the essential nature of the cosmos through it's own idiosyncratic interiority. Imagination is wildly free and unconstrained in comparison to the physical end of the cosmos, and this interior process is free even to set those thoughts and images loose in the outside world through the actions and communications of the mind, body, and ego (the Decider).

Whether these patterns are located interior to our own consciousness or exterior need not make a fundamental difference and any perceived difference would probably be the result of our own bias since we assume that imagination was not introduced into the cosmos by an alien universe. Imagination isn't as real as rocks, but it's a helluva lot more real nothingness. Just as matter and energy are made of the same existential stuffness, perception and thought are made of the same essential non-stuffness. What's more, I have a hunch that the closer you get to stuffness, the more it looks like non-stuff and the further you get from consciousness, or the more you slow it down, the more it looks like matter.

Bah, running too late and too amped to keep going. Hope some of this makes as much sense to someone else as it does to me... The irony of course is that this type of information is what is behind ideas like YHVH or Yahweh, which was an acronym like NEWS. It just means the four everythings - male female male female 1010 yin yang black white etc.
"That which we call reality arises in the last analysis from the posing of yes–no questions and the registering of equipment-evoked responses; in short, that all things physical are information-theoretic in origin and that this is a participatory universe."
- John Archibald Wheeler

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Re: Matter, Imagination, and Pretentious Neologisms
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