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Re: Something I saw [#2349]
« Reply #29 on: May 05, 2010, 05:19:55 PM »

...I was standing to the right of & just a half step behind a
woman a little older than me & about 4-5 inches taller than me. People all around me
were praying out loud & raising their hands. I could not help but notice that the
woman next to me had very crooked teeth & it almost looked as if they were crowded
in her mouth, like she just did not have room for them.  Also, her lower jow
protruded forward, creating not the most attractive face I had ever seen. The
minister came down the line of people, praying for each one as he came to them. I
had my eyes closed & was praying, when I heard this cracking-popping kind of sound
at my left ear
.  It surprised me & I opened my eyes & looked around, trying to
figure out what it was. I looked toward the woman next to me & could not believe my
eyes.  She was praying out loud & I saw her teeth move into line & become as stright
as the straightest teeth I had ever seen. Then I saw her lower jaw move back into
place. ...

I don't mean to be disrespectful of your story. 

Do you think it's possible that the woman had been holding artificial teeth over her real teeth, and was perhaps part of a plan, maybe even with the minister, to fool you and others?

You went with a friend, but I gathered from your story that you didn't know her, or the minister.

Maybe she wasn't even part of a plan with the minister, maybe she just wanted some special attention that she might get if "god" healed her.  Is that possible?

You're sixty something now and this happened over 40 years ago.  Looking back at the event with wiser, experienced eyes, can you see that it's possible that this wasn't a miracle at all?
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Re: Something I saw [#2349]
« Reply #30 on: May 13, 2010, 11:25:04 AM »

The youtube channel doesn't say this. The OP might've sent his message through the GILVideo channel on youtube, not knowing it would end up on a forum.
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