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Apologetics Course for VCU and Richmond Community
« on: February 03, 2010, 11:51:18 AM »


Does anyone from the Richmond, VA area participate in this forum? 

I am being encouraged to attend the aforementioned apologetics course by a Christian friend and was wondering if I might get some backup from other freethinker(s) who might be interested in attending this propaganda event.

Clearly this event is designed not so much to convince people like me to become believers, as it is designed to keep the faithful firmly within the flock, and armed with propaganda to respond to those who would use logic and reason to question their faith. 

It will not be an interactive presentation, but will permit questions at the end of each session.  I suspect that those who ask difficult questions will be invited to stay after class and talk one on one with the presenter, rather than engage in real discussion that might be embarrassing in front of the entire group.  However if several people are asking the difficult questions, they may be forced to actually respond to these questions and reveal the absurdity of their propaganda. 

I haven't decided yet whether to attend, but would be more inclined to do so with some backup in place (safety in numbers and all that!).  Note that my approach would not be to ridicule people for their beliefs, but rather to attempt to use logic and reason.  I am frequently put off by the use of ridicule on this forum that serves to chase Christians away before they have a chance to really learn how to use their brains.  Ignorance can be overcome - and yes, I know stupidity is forever, but I think it's wrong to assume that all Christians are stupid.  Many of us overcame our ignorance.

Anyway, feel free to contact me offline if you live in the area and might be interested in attending.  Here are the scheduled presentations.  Most of us already know what the content will be, and it should be possible to show up with good questions ready to fire at the end of each session....

     March 24 - How to Know Truth and Navigate through Competing Worldviews
     March 31 - The Question of Origins: Darwinism vs. Design
     April 7 - The Resurrection of Jesus as Historical Reality
     April 14 - The Bible as the Reliable Word of God
     April 21 - Homosexuality as an Ethical Test Case

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