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a mental exercise
« on: January 09, 2010, 09:38:07 PM »

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This big, long reply was written to be an email to the maker of the youtube video I stumbled across, then I saw this forum. So here you go:

Hey man,
You seem to have a lot of knowledge of christianity, but I think you've made the mistake of being too literal. You may have made assumptions based on your first impression of these things. I am the college educated, christian business owner that you were speaking to in one of your youtube videos. All of the reasons for your belief, or lack of belief, are valid questions to have. And you seem to be a person that is very interested in the truth. So I urge you to take some time when you have it, and examine this angle:

Now, I'm just a guy so look for the point of what I'm saying instead of picking on my possible doctrinal mistakes. A wise person looks through others' perspective. I imagined that God was imaginary for the sake of your exercise. Now, so that you may see the other side of this, imagine that you are God.

There is nothing separate from you. First you made the universe, the earth, the simpler life forms, somewhere in the mix you made all of the spiritual beings, and finally man. Your purpose for man is that he would be like you, that you may see yourself in him. The same feeling as people have for their child the first time they hold him/her. 
As God, your nature is holiness. You cannot be in the presence of sin. (This is a very powerful point. Remember it was written that God turned away from Jesus himself when he bore the sin of man.) You made man in a perfect place, a place that is more spiritual than the fallen world. The trees and the fruit were there as symbols of choice. (Would it mean as much to you that your wife is faithful if there were no other men in the world? And then if she is unfaithful to you, will you still live with her?) You gave the earth to your creation as a father passes on a family business to his son. You instructed him to subdue it and take dominion over it. But Man gave up the earth to darkness, and his spirit died. That is the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.

You made man with complete free will. Because of man, evil took hold of the world and Satan claimed the earth. As such, men have become evil in nature. They grow more hopelessly far from you and your perfect nature with every generation. Some have relationship with you, but as a whole, man is utterly depraved. You see every intent of their hearts is only evil continually. And so, in grief you say, "I will not strive with man forever." You destroy all men except the few who still know you. Remember, you are God. And you made man to have relationship with you. And the deal you gave him was an excellent one. Should you change your divine nature to suit man's rebellion?
You see that man's heart is far from you as they build a tower that they have purposed to reach the heavens. They are the Son you have loved. Aware of their hearts, you attend to their rivalry of you by dividing them in language. You did not create them to succeed apart from you. They want all the good you have made for them, but not you??? Of course you will not allow that.

Just as you have made friendships with the men who desire you since the beginning. You see special devotion in Abraham. You have hope for the relationship you intended in his offspring. And so you make an agreement with your friend Abraham to multiply and bless his children. They are eventually enslaved. And so in keeping with your word you raise up Moses. You really show off when freeing them. And for all of these obvious, flashy miracles, do these people love you? Are they at least appreciative? No. They are complete brats about the whole thing for fourty years. The sad part is that this people are the closest nation in the world to being obedient to you. And so it is determined that it must be through a strictly disciplined upbringing that this people will maintain obedience. (If you've ever watched Nanny 911 you know that A firm and deliberate approach is the way to deal with bratty children.) It is because of primative man's rediculous bent toward rebellion against you that you must be a little rediculous in your level of strictness. As your children grew up you gave them more freedom; freedom to have a king and freedom to eat otherwise unclean meat. Your omnicience is in knowledge and power but not in experience. You experience things as they happen and feel for them, and change your mind and try different approaches just as any human parent would.

Your nature is love, and so it is purposed in your heart as your children are conquered by Rome, that you will become a man. You will empty the word of his godhood and live a human life, feel their pain and display your love not through the big flamboyant miracles that only served to further harden the hearts of men. Your signs will be gentle and only for those in need and in want. Why would you show your power to men who will not love you. (You are a rich guy who is careful who he dates because he wants the girl to love him for who he is, not only what he can do for her.) And so through trial and error, you have learned not to be a nosy parent. You let your children succeed or fail by there own choices as a wise parent does. But you bless them, when it is right too. But throughout all history you have found a balance of how much to appear, how much to intervene. Your interest is in the heart. You do not desire material success for all of your children, but instead closeness between you and them. That they would desire to learn from you and be like you, as you originally created them to be. It's clear that not all of man will love you. And being God, you have given all that can be given without denying your very nature. You will endure with man until the time is best to make an end of the madness. Then you will gather the wheat in the harvest, and burn the chaff. That is how the family you intended will come to be.

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Re: a mental exercise
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2010, 09:42:31 PM »
You've posted this once before. It did get moved but it's still visible to you on the forum and you are able to comment on it.

Here's the new thread.
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Re: a mental exercise
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I already split this off from another post. See above link in Emily's post.