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Admin on 16 Nov 2006 09:00 pm

About this blog

WhyWontGodHealAmputees.com is a web site that explores the existence of God. This blog accompanies the site and explores God and religion in our world today. For more information:

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  1. on 20 Nov 2006 at 1:06 pm 1.jason said …

    why do you just say silly things and leave no room for rebuttle?

  2. on 01 Dec 2006 at 10:27 am 2.Steve said …

    Hello WhyWontGodHealAmputees,

    I like your website very much and agree with practically everything you have written, but nowhere can I find who you are. I realise that what you say is true regardless of who said it, but the same might be (falsely) argued of the Gospels, which are also irritatingly anonymous, despite having invented authors.

    Is there a reason for you to hide your identity?

  3. on 04 Dec 2006 at 2:49 am 3.Ann Wright said …

    I echo Steve’s comments precisely.

    As for Jason I so wish he had given us some examples of the silliness to which he refers.

    As for rebuttles, I for one would love to read some. Jason, perhaps you can go first. There’s room here….really.

  4. on 05 Dec 2006 at 4:50 pm 4.Ruud said …

    Highly interesting site. I haven’t read everything yet, but what I’ve read so far I agree with.

    I’ve had my share of discussions with religious people, and my personal experience has been that they tend to be stubborn in their believes. So, my question is: what are you actually trying to achieve with this site? I don’t think a whole lot of Christiana will (after visiting this site) say: “hey, he’s right, there is no God!”

  5. on 05 Dec 2006 at 9:52 pm 5.Peter said …

    Great site. There is nothing silly about exposing the foolishness of superstition. Too many people have died through the ages for religion to be given a free pass any longer. 9/11 is a testimony to the destructive power of faith. Why should non-believers like me tolerate “faith” when it has caused so much mayhem? And why can believers ask us to let them “live and let live” when they then turn around and advocate slaughter, slavery, rape, child abuse, and all those other things their Bible describes?

    Keep up the good work, but be prepared to feel the wrath of the superstitious!

  6. on 06 Dec 2006 at 6:30 pm 6.John Ralston said …

    It is a great site, which I am recommending to those I grew up with who somehow took the path away from secularism toward religion as I was going in the other direction. Seriously, there is something deeply disturbing about the new generation in the US and elsewhere actually being more religious than their parents. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, and I think it only happened because many atheists and secularists got complacent. Your effort may help claw some of that old rationalist space back. We can hope so, anyway.

  7. on 07 Dec 2006 at 5:39 am 7.Happy Evolute said …


    btw Marshall Brain of HowStuffWorks fame is the author of the website.


  8. on 13 Dec 2006 at 6:35 pm 8.Loi P said …

    Quote: btw Marshall Brain of HowStuffWorks fame is the author of the website.
    He is! OMG, I think I’m going to faint. :O
    It is somewhat weird that a man who doesn’t believe in God would believe that robots are going to take half of our jobs in 50 years.
    No offense, I’m an atheist too and I

  9. on 15 Dec 2006 at 3:20 pm 9.G L Morton said …

    I haven’t gone through all your proofs yet, but I’m a Christian and have spent years on a free online book that covers many and numerous attacks against God as well as being theology.
    There are many short articles dealing with science.
    If you want a harder target to deal with try my stuff.

    Book is at

  10. on 17 Dec 2006 at 8:42 pm 10.Jonathan Moulin said …

    Fantastic site. I grew up as a baptist. It was a real nightmare. The hell thing is the most powerful tool in the christian brainwashing program. It is especially effective on children since a child doesn’t have the conceptual skills to debunk this gods final solution crap. Children are kept terrified by the hell thing .By the time a child becomes an adult it is very difficult to break away from the church. The entire emotional infrastructue of children growing up christian is warped.
    The baptist use the hell thing very well. At the end of the sunday church service which usually focusues on hell and salvation the pastor gives what is called the i”nvitation “.
    People go down to the front of the church, denounce themselves as sinners and cry. These emotional therapy sessions like this keep members bonded to the church .
    I have had to spend years working out of this christian mentalhead lock I was put in as a child. Things still surface in my adult behaviour which I realize is the influence of the christian brainwashing. I am glad I moved to France and don’t have to deal with christians any more. Keep up the good work with this site.

  11. on 24 Dec 2006 at 9:24 am 11.Akela_gay said …

    Nice! Happy New Year!


  12. on 28 Dec 2006 at 8:00 pm 12.Michael Brito said …

    and what about the God of Islam? Is he imaginary too? Or, is this just another attack on Christianity?

    You fools! I want to hate you but I can’t..I love you all and hope that fall, bump your head and wake up with some common sense.

    Stop by my site: http://www.michaelbrito.com. I poke fun at you left wing – anti christian types all the time.

  13. on 04 Jan 2007 at 11:11 pm 13.soldierdude777 said …

    after reading one of the articles, i see some misunderstandings in your arguments. first of all, God did say that he would grant what you ask for, but he also said that if you ask according to his will that he will give it to you (romans 8:28). god may say one thing in the bible, but other parts of the bible must also be taken into consideration.

  14. on 12 Jan 2007 at 7:00 pm 14.Robert said …

    Why can’t you people see that God does not equal religion. Everyone is staying inside of a little box that was created and designed by religion. You are trying to define god with dogma!?!?! The nerve of any Christian or any religion to think you could actually define god. God is infinite love. End of story. You don’t need to pray to it, you are it. The division is an illusion i.e. good/evil, amputee/healthy, light/dark etc.. They are all part of infinite love. Love that does not judge. Do you really think that infinite oneness needs to talk to a priest? Confess it’s sins? Heal amputees? It is all that! This website does just as much damage as those caught on the other side of debate. You are all caught in the box. Once you KNOW the real truth, you are free of religion and the box it puts you in. It has nothing to do with god. God is NOT religion. That is how you were raised to see him. Start thinking for yourself people. Science has proved everything is energy.

  15. on 15 Jan 2007 at 8:26 am 15.Beelzebub said …

    Wonderful website and great videos! In fact I would very much like to obtain high quality copies of all the “God is Imaginary” and “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees” videos, and would be happy to pay a reasonable fee for either a set of DVD’s or a download. The videos on YouTube are all Flash video and I have no way of burning them to VCD or DVD so I can send them to my fundamentalist Baptist cousin. :-)

    Please check out my own religion webpage at:


  16. on 18 Jan 2007 at 3:45 am 16.Hanneli said …

    Jesus loves you and He knows who you are! One day you will submit to His Lordship and you will use your wasted intelligence and talents for His Glory. I will not argue with you on what you believe in but God will move mightily to let you know who He is.

    It doesnt need intelligence nor education to answer your questions. Its all about knowing and acknowledging your Creator.

    Whatever you will say about Christians, it won’t change nor shake our faith in Jesus.

    Soon, you will have no one except Jesus Himself and He will still accept you no matter how much you slander Him for He is Love. Its difficult to understand this love I am talking about unless you yourself will experience it.

    Honestly, at first I was mad at you but God change that anger to love and understanding. I will pray for you and you will see God will answer.

    God bless you in Jesus’ Name.

  17. on 21 Jan 2007 at 9:57 am 17.abc said …

    Thanks Robert

    You said exactly what should have been said.
    You seem to know something.

  18. on 21 Jan 2007 at 11:58 am 18.abc said …

    I felt sorry after reading the section labelled :most disgusting verses etc…My neighbour and myself took turns reading it to each other and felt so bad,felt like reading about violent ideas is also evil…We have some fragments of evil inside us too….When we feel we have been insulted/cheated we tend to retaliate with violence be it physical,verbal or emotional/mental.We should not talk or think about evil(i think we should skip reading anything that makes us feel uncomfortable and hurt when studying religious texts..Lets take only the good)
    No one will argue that we must love and forgive fellow beings for we can (isnt that God’s grace*) empathize and understand the miseries of others as our own(if we try to) and so love others as ourselves.
    *No offence intended.I am talking about the power which allows us to understand and feel.

    Lets think only about good…

  19. on 01 Feb 2007 at 6:36 am 19.theone said …

    Proof that god exits: go log into youtube.com

    type in: Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion, New World Order.

    study government corruption and find the way and the light…..

    P.S. I like the way you people think, I’m gonna use your ideas as examples of disproving religons… but eye must say that there is a God.


  20. on 19 Jul 2008 at 2:47 pm 20.Sophia said …

    The whole question “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees?” is very disturbing. Are you stating amputees are “lesser than” other people? Are you stating they aren’t “normal”? Are only people with all their limbs attached “normal” or “complete?” What an ignorant, cocky, stupid assumption! Handicapped and disabled people are just as – or MORE – WHOLE emotionally, mentally, spiritually, relationally and intellectually (the ways that COUNT) than many “non-disabled” people. The premise of this web site is pompous, shallow and thoroughly disgusting. Amputees are LOVEABLE and VALUABLE exactly the way they are. Anyone who thinks otherwise is missing some serious parts of their body – particularly in their brain! And they probably have no heart, either. Talk about people missing important parts!! I’ve found them on this website…

  21. on 19 Jul 2008 at 5:38 pm 21.Admin said …


    Amputees are the same as everyone else except for one thing: they are cut off from “God’s miracles”. So the problem is with “God”, not with anyone else.

    Christians claim that God is constantly curing cancers and other diseases, reversing the effect of poisons, rescuing people trapped in emergency situations, etc. Yet, when amputees pray for the miracle of limb regrowth, nothing ever happens.

    This article will help you understand. You may have missed it when you looked at the site:

    Why is the question “Why won’t God heal amputees?” so important?

    This article is also relevant:

    Try praying

  22. on 20 Jul 2008 at 6:32 am 22.MIKNAKLES said …

    OK, so i swear to you by my last dying breath that i will hunt you down and kill you! if you do not belive in god, then dont. but do not try to deminish to others that he does not exist.
    yes there are scientific studies that “prove” he dosnt exsist, but for those who do belive that he does you are tearing what all in this world have little left of, and that is hope.
    leave it alone, i warn you. cause so help me i will hunt you down and kill every last one of you, not by the power of god, or what ever you want to call it. but on my own free will for the people in this world who do still belive, and have hope. cause it is one thing that this world has in common, hope.

  23. on 20 Jul 2008 at 5:34 pm 23.Admin said …

    So you are saying that the “one thing that this world has in common” is “hope”. And your message to the world is that you will “hunt down and kill” everyone who does not happen to believe the same thing you do?

    And the leader of the religion you profess to believe in is Jesus, who consistently taught you to love your neighbor, but also to love your enemy. His entire message was one of love, compassion and foregiveness.

    Spend a moment sometime and think about what you believe in.

  24. on 21 Jul 2008 at 2:12 am 24.Sophia said …


    You wrote – falsely: “Amputees are the same as everyone else except for one thing: they are cut off from ‘God’s miracles’. So the problem is with ‘God’, not with anyone else.” Really? God Himself told you that? I thought you didn’t believe in God. If you did believe in the Almighty All-powerful, All-wise and All-loving God, you would know that NO ONE is “cut off” from His miracles. If you don’t believe in God, how can you emphatically state that someone who doesn’t exist has a “problem”? That makes no sense.

    However, here’s something to consider: God knows what He’s doing, and hardship is required to produce HEROS. Think of Olympic champions. They become champions only because they go through years and years of extreme sacrifice and pain that most humans would never, ever go through. Are they the ones to be pitied? No! They are the ones we admire!

    Amputees and disabled people are God’s most powerful and amazing champions – if they will let Him coach them through their hardship.

    For example, my sister became disabled at 25 years old, after she was struck down by a serious, incurable disease. It left her with many severe, severe problems and she actually died on the operating table, but was brought back. The doctors told us she would most likely die within a year, but even if she survived, it wouldn’t be for too long: no human has lived with this disease longer than 7 years.

    Of course, all of us who love her and know Godprayed fervently for her. We honestly believed God’s plan was not for her to die young. Guess what? She didn’t die; she IMPROVED. And she’s already lived FIFTEEN years with the disease. She is a living miracle – the doctors have absolutely no explanation for why. Now she isn’t completely “cured” physically, but God has other plans than just having her jump up and dance off her merry way. He could do that, of course, but He has bigger plans for her.

    Through these past 15 years, like an Olympic champion going through years of intense training, she has grown spiritually, mentally, emotionally – far surpassing all of us who know her. Her life has been used to utterly transform so many people by her strong relationship with God, that we can’t even count how many people have been impacted and forever changed.

    Just one example: a burned out atheist drug-addict came to believe in Jesus through her, was instantly delivered from years of drug addictions, his burned-out mind was completely restored and he finished school (he was a dropout in 6th grade). Then he went on to become a powerful missionary in countries all over the world – and still is (it’s been several years now). Had my sister not been sick – yet powerfully alive spiritually – and invested in his young man’s life, he would be dead by now. But not only has his life been saved and restored, but thousands of people all over the world have been touched by his life: which is personal miracle by God.

    My sister said her sickness would have been worth it just for HIM, as well as the expanding influence his one life has around the world. Think about how amazing that is. It’s worth it to her. But God has bigger plans for her. He continuously brings people into her life, and she touches everyone who meets her in a deep way. No one can whine to her, “But you don’t know how bad things are for me. You don’t know what it’s like to feel hopeless. You don’t know…” They all keep their mouths shut when they hear of the intense things she has gone through. When she speaks of her deep relationship with God, and when the Holy Spirit speaks words of wisdom to them through her, they are deeply moved. They know they have had an encounter with a woman who has the Spirit of God living powerfully through her.

    You know, she wishes she had at least one day without pain, and we all still constantly pray that God will bring a COMPLETE cure for this rare disease. Regardless, my sister THANKS God for allowing her to become seriously ill because of the awesome and amazing things that have happened in her life. She said she wouldn’t trade it for the life she was living before. Do you understand how powerful that is??

    Sometimes God wants champions – not just babbling fools with all their limbs – and He wisely allows people to go through situations that will turn them into gold.

    Would you consider someone with a missing organ similiar to an amputee? My mom lost a kidney when she was 6 years old, living in a communist country when she contracted a sickness that destroyed her kidney & there was no medicine. She eventually came to America as an adult, and she has worked in hospitals for 18 years. One time at church, she was being prayed for the complete physical healing of her body – and 35 years later – God gave her a brand new kidney. Since she worked at a hospital, her doctor had taken several x-rays over the years, and when he saw the x-rays with 2 perfect kidneys on them, he was astounded and confused. She has 2 perfect kidneys to this day! God also healed her of an incurable disease with NO medicine – she was supposed to die in 6 months…32 years ago. Ha! Doctors have NO explanation – they see evidence of the disease in her and are always at a loss to understand how she is whole and well.

    Yes, God does powerful miracles all the time for His children. He can – and does – heal amputees and disabled people. But if He chooses not to, it’s because He wants them to be spiritual Olympic champions…heros…to be powerfully used by Him. God says, ironically, “My strength is made perfect in weakness.” That’s because when a weak person is displaying supernatural, unexplainable power, unshakable faith and deep trust in God – people can actually feel God’s presence in them and cannot deny that He is real. Whey turn their hearts to God, He is thrilled to embrace them and welcome them into a personal friendship with Him! That’s what He yearns for most of all: relationship with us.

    Those who the world labels “weak” are the most powerful ones God uses to reveal His strength. He loads them up with extra strength, grace, wisdom, understanding and love. They are truly blessed and deeply loved by God, and He uses them in unbelievably powerful ways. I’ve seen it firsthand – in my family and other disabled friends’ lives. God is too wise for us to “figure Him out.” How about get to know Him personally? You’ll find out how infinite He is…how incredibly perfect, wise, absolutely beyond comprehension or “figuring out.” And His love is beyond explanation…a relationship with Him is the most fulfilling, beautiful, unexplainable, incredible experience anyone could ever have!! Oh, how I love Him!!!!

  25. on 24 Jul 2008 at 5:03 pm 25.Cyclone999 said …

    Proof #1- God does give you what you need. So, you ask him for say…one Iphone 3G? God will probably won’t want that to happen, because that will be a temptation for you to be away from God.
    Proof #2- God does answer your prayers. Maybe you are just too stubborn to receive it because you don’t trust in God and you won’t expect an answer, and when you do get an answer you’ll think it is your imagination! Besides, maybe it isn’t God’s will to answer your prayer.
    Proof #3- Okay. You’re saying that there are so many gods, it really doesn’t matter. Look at it this way. There are so many gods, and yet you say ‘it doesn’t matter who it is, you’re all going to heaven’. Then why do you need so much Gods? I mean, if you are saying that every god is fake, well…then you are challenging every religious person in the world!
    Proof #4- God loves everyone, so why shouldn’t you heal him? If God wasn’t real, then you wouldn’t be alive! God loves everyone, and when you ask for forgiveness, he’ll help you!
    I can go on, but I’m sure the other christians here can finish this
    GOD LOVES YOU!!!!!
    Christians, may the Holy Spirit shine on you as we all use his proof against him to prove that Jesus is the one, true God!

  26. on 25 Jul 2008 at 3:34 pm 26.andrea said …

    cyclone, If God loves me, why didn’t he help me when I was losing my faith? I prayed and prayed. Asked for help like Thomas and nothing.

    and if Jesus is “real”, why can no one give actual evidence of oh, a healing from one of his follower which he promised, speaking in tongues, suriving poison? I’ve seen Christians claim such things but when asked for path reports, personal visits, they always vanish.

    and yes, an atheist challenges the existence of all deities. So do you, minus one.

  27. on 26 Jul 2008 at 3:52 am 27.helene said …

    andrea maybe if you tried to understand the lord by reqding his writings starting with page one of the bible in the old testiment and how much noah and adram (abraham) confided him maybe you would realize that the lord will not be challeneged… for guidence or to understand my blog helenegebler@hotmail.com – i am not judging you andrea i am just trying to understand why the lord would not hear your praier. amen.

  28. on 26 Jul 2008 at 6:46 am 28.Johan said …

    I must say that I like this website. Most of the people try to discredit God and they probably done it for years, so be it. The good thing is they talking about God yes it is bad but if it bothers you so much then somewhere in you you know He exsists. Because why do you try to make Him not true and spend time and effort to only proof your statements are correct. You probably try to be a christian and it didnt work out. I dont blame you because it is religion. You never know God or even try hard enough. Our world is all about (fast & quick as possible).

  29. on 09 Aug 2008 at 10:35 am 29.Jaz said …

    I immediately disliked this site when I saw it and decided to only find out what “reasons/proofs” this site declares about God. You see, what is really happening here is that you all are struggling. Struggling to fully understand what God is saying. I attempted to understand the proof #1 and was shocked at it. This man (whoever he is) is only taking parts of the Bible literally. When reading the Bible you don’t just take parts of it and say, ‘why doesn’t this happen?’! You need to read all of the Bible and follow all of it to fully be able to understand it. See here:

    “In Matthew 17:20 Jesus says:

    For truly, I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.

    If “nothing will be impossible to you”, then if we ask to cure cancer tonight, cancer should disappear. Right? Yet nothing happens. Note that if we take the Bible less-than-literally here, the statement “nothing will be impossible to you” becomes “lots of things will be impossible to you,” and that would mean that Jesus is lying. ”

    You must have the faith to pray! You, the untrue of heart, cannot simply ask for your selfish desires! You must believe in the Lord and yes, IT TAKES TIME. If you have faith, all things are possible.

    God has a path for everyone. If you choose to turn your back on him and ignore him, then that is YOUR CHOICE. He gave us free will. He is not a dictator who controls our every move. He has a path for us, but if we step off that path it is OUR CHOICE.

    Try believing in Him. Trust Him. And just for a moment, think about how great life would be if you had someone always watching out for you. Listen to some testimonies. Read the Bible. Then decide.

  30. on 10 Aug 2008 at 8:20 pm 30.Jonathon Allen said …

    I use to believe that jesus was not real. I even was brought up in the church and still went to church but did not believe. That all changed the day that I was in church and the people began to pray for this lady. Then out of nowher her leg began to grow. I know for some this sounds crazy but it happened. She was not a member. It was her first time at the church. Let me ask a question. If Jesus is not real and the people were praying in Jesus name, then who made the ladies leg grow. The Bible says his ways are not our ways, so why are we trying to make him like us when he is the creator. Thats like a computer trying to be human when it is an creation.

  31. on 10 Aug 2008 at 9:45 pm 31.Admin said …

    Jonathon Allen,

    Would you consider posting your question in the forum? The response might be interesting:



  32. on 11 Aug 2008 at 7:44 pm 32.KingsKid said …

    As was pointed out elsewhere in one of the comments on this blog, atheism is a philosophical paradox. An atheist, by definition, is one who professes with absolute certainty that God (or “a god”, if you prefer) does not exist (as the author of this blog seems to be saying). In order to possess that absolute certainty, one must be all-knowing (omniscient). In order to be omniscient, one must be (a) God. If one is (a) God, then one would be most certainly cognizant of one’s own existence. Therefore, logic clearly dictates that atheists do not exist.

    Is it not more logical to say then, that (a) God may or may not exist? Or to say that if (a) God does exist, then I just don’t understand Him (Her), rather than to simply deny the existence of (a) God?

    I look forward to your reply/commentary.

  33. on 12 Aug 2008 at 12:23 am 33.Dhali Llama said …

    My kharma ran over my dogma.

  34. on 12 Aug 2008 at 12:27 am 34.Admin said …


    We would love to have you come discuss your point in the forum:


  35. on 15 Aug 2008 at 6:17 pm 35.Ashe said …


    You said…

    “An atheist, by definition, is one who professes with absolute certainty that God (or “a god”, if you prefer) does not exist…”

    This is false. An atheist, by definition, is one “without God.” That’s all. It’s a lack of God. Do you understand the subtle difference between a lack and an outright denial? Certainly there are atheists who deny that God exists – these are often known as strong atheists or gnostic atheists (atheists who are personally certain that no God exists).

    Then there are those who lack a belief in God, which is not to say that they claim that there IS no God, but that they hold no belief in one. They may not say, “There is absolutely no God!” These are agnostic atheists – which is to say, they are still atheists, just atheists who do not proclaim to know for sure.

    The only thing atheists have in common is a lack of belief in God. Beyond that, they may differ in degrees of disbelief.

  36. on 23 Aug 2008 at 8:48 pm 36.KingsKid said …

    Thank you for the response, Ashe, but you are making a distinction without a difference. Disbelief is still a belief. You said,

    “The only thing atheists have in common is a lack of belief in God. Beyond that, they may differ in degrees of disbelief.”

    Stating a belief or disbelief in God is, on its face, a profession of absolute certainty. Varying degrees of belief or disbelief are impossible. One either believes something or does not. It would be like a woman saying “I’m a little bit pregnant”.

  37. on 24 Aug 2008 at 11:52 pm 37.Dustin R. said …

    I’m a Christian, and I read every single proof in “God is Imaginary.” I’m not a stubborn person by any means, and I can’t say I follow the stereotype that athiests (I before E?) seem to put forth that in order for you to be a Christian, you automatically must be ignorant, narrow-minded, and illogical. Augustine, Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Bunyan, Deitrich Bonhoeffer, Francis Schaeffer. What do they all have in common? They’re among some of the greatest minds in history. Oh, and they’re Christian. C.S. Lewis even writes in his autobiography the fact that the conversion to Christianity prompted and fueled the imaginative and creative powers. Just because you believe in God doesn’t mean you’re a complete fool.

  38. on 25 Aug 2008 at 12:00 am 38.Admin said …


    After reading all 50 of them, what are your thoughts?

  39. on 25 Aug 2008 at 12:43 am 39.Anonymous said …

    Can someone tell me if my message got through? Thanks

  40. on 25 Aug 2008 at 3:23 am 40.mdc said …

    I tried to write ya’ll but it didn’t go through so I’m trying again. I’m answering I think everything you said on you tube of Jesus is Imaginary.
    First off, Jesus is not Imaginary. There is more proof of Jesus’ existence than for me and you. Unbelieveing historians even talked about Jesus in their writings. Like Flavius Josephus, a Jewish historian wrote, “Now there was about this time Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call Him a man, for He was a doer of wonderful works, a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. He drew over to Him both many of the Jews, and many of the Gentiles.” There’s lots of stuff like that.
    You said, “and now sits up in Heaven looking down and judging us.” You seem to have a wrong perception of God. You’ve probably heard this but the Bible says that God is love. Yes, He has His wrath too but if He did not judge sin He would not be a righteous judge.
    You said it’s ok to appear to people. That is true. He has appeared to people all over the world. But that doesn’t mean He’ll appear to anyone who wants Him to.
    When you quoted Matthew 18:19-20 about people agreeing on earth about anything, he is talking about believers. And when I’d hear that I always understood it to mean Him as the Holy Spirit, not necessarily in the flesh; although it could happen I guess. In 1 John 5:14 it says to believers, “And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that, if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us…” According to his will.
    Another “fact” you said was Jesus is already here amongst us. I don’t know exactly what you’re talking about but the Holy Spirit lives in the Christian and is omnipresent. Jesus said, “I and my Father are one.” John 10:30. And I have been taught that Jesus and the Holy Spirit can be used interchangeably when referring to the Christian being indwelt by the Holy Spirit. No one fully understands the Trinity. We have finite minds. I’ve heard analogies like what is water? Ice? steam? or liquid? There is no sufficient explanation.
    Yeah, it may be trivial for Him to appear if that’s all you’re wanting. Maybe that’s a reason why He won’t(trivial).
    I remember reading something about Jesus’ enemies and the signs and wonders that He performed. That when the early church were writing down what they had witnessed, the enemies could have come forth and said, “No He didn’t do that cause we were there.” But they didn’t cause they saw it too. I also remember about Paul when he was before Festus, he said, “For the king knoweth of these things, before whom also I speak freely: for I am persuaded that none of these things are hidden from him; for this thing was not done in a corner.”
    Ya know, you can come up with any reason to believe and not to believe, although I think there is no contest. I studied the Bible, Jesus, evolution, creation, philosophy, and all the major religions of the world for 15 years and other beliefs do not even begin to approach the Bible and Jesus. Some people don’t believe just cause they don’t want to. It has nothing to do with evidence. I remember a story about a scientist that said if Noah Ark was dragged down the road in front of his building he still wouldn’t believe it. And this guy’s a scientist; seeing, smelling, tasting, touch, and hearing; ain’t that what science is based on? Ridiculous, but he still wouldn’t believe. 2 Peter 3:5 says, “For this they are willingly ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old and the earth standing out of the water and in the water.” They are willingly ignorant. That is happening now. I don’t know why they do that but they do.
    I think that if you seek the truth, with the attitude of no matter what it is and even being willing to change your lifestyle, you will find that the Bible is true and Jesus is the only way to God.
    And what’s this about, “If Jesus were real he would appear to each of us.” How do you know that? God wants us to have faith in Him. In Hebrews 11:6 it says, “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently; seek him.” I remember this one song by Sting. Sting says, “Father if Jesus exists then why does He never live here?” John 16:7 says, “Nevertheless I tell you the truth: It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you: but if I depart, I will send him unto you.” I don’t think Sting reads his Bible. I remember another song, I forget the bands name but they said something like, “how far is Heaven from here?” Luke 17:21 says, “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”
    I remember reading about Lew Wallace, literary genius, He set out to disprove Christianity once and for all. While he was in the middle of his second chapter he found himself on his knees crying out, “Jesus, my Lord and my God!” Well i guess I’ll send this. If you want to learn more about Jesus I would recommend Evidence Demands a Verdict volumes I and II, A Man Without Equal, and Jesus and the Intellectual. You can find them on campuscrusade.com(or org..not sure). That site has some of the best materials in the world; my opinion. I’ll leave you with my favorite quote, “I wish I could leave you my most cherished possession; my faith in Jesus Christ, for with Him you have everything, without him you have nothing at all.”

  41. on 25 Aug 2008 at 2:26 pm 41.Romans 1:21, 22 (KJV) said …

    “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.

    Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools…”

  42. on 30 Aug 2008 at 1:29 am 42.Ashe said …

    No, KingsKid, you’re still not getting it. I don’t think you understand the subtle differences between a lack of a belief and a denial.

    “Stating a belief or disbelief in God is, on its face, a profession of absolute certainty. Varying degrees of belief or disbelief are impossible.”

    That’s utterly false. Let’s say someone has never heard of God – if they’ve never heard of God, they have no belief in God. That is not the same as denying a God. That’s one example.

    There is a difference between a denial and a lack of belief. You must understand this distinction before any further points can be made.

  43. on 05 Sep 2008 at 6:46 am 43.Foolish believer said …

    How many people might have been prevented from being amputees? Recall “prevention is greater than cure”. I don’t think our generation has enough faith to see amputees being healed, but with God all things are possible – maybe some day we will see it! Thanks for the site and giving me the opportunity to build my faith!

  44. on 05 Sep 2008 at 2:54 pm 44.Armchair General said …

    So, while Christians are out in the world, making converts to the religion you hate so much, you’re sitting here in front of your computer, pissing and moaning to your peers and accomplishing nothing. Congrats on preaching to the choir…

  45. on 18 Sep 2008 at 8:12 am 45.Linda said …

    Let me just comment on the usual and tiring question, “If God is so loving, why does He send people to hell for enternity?”. which is also asked somewhere on this website.

    Yes, God sends people to hell but not without providing a way out first.I believe God has done all he could to save us when he send his only begotten Son to die for our sins. He died a slow, painful and cruel death because of us. God is not asking much from us, all he asks for us is to accept what his Son did for us on the cross and to admit we are sinners, live a pure life and we will avoid going to hell which was only meant for the devil and his demons in the first place.

    We reject what he has done for us on the cross and then complain about why he sends people to hell if he is so loving. How fair is that, people?

    Yes, he is a loving God but he cannot stand sin even if he tried. That’s why the Bible says he turned his back on Jesus when he was on the cross because all the sins of the world were cast upon him (Jesus) and Jesus cried in a loud voice, “Father, father…why have you forsaken me?”. This showed how much he (God) cannot stand sin to the point that he turned his back on his own son for those few hours on the cross. How much more for us humans? If everyone went to heaven regardless of whether they accepted Jesus or not, then what Jesus did on the cross was in vain.

    The price Jesus paid on that cross was much too high for people to be allowed to go to heaven for free.

  46. on 29 Sep 2008 at 3:56 pm 46.Anonymous said …

    I was brought up a Christian, and still have a lot of questions, but I really resent the way you’re going about this site. It is ludicrous to assume that because God doesn’t answer the prayers of an amputee, that He doesn’t exist.

    This site only proves that the one who created it (the “creator”, as it were), is a bitter amputee, and has lost all faith in anything.

    God does answer prayers–sometimes that answer is “no”.

    God bless you.

  47. on 06 Oct 2008 at 11:18 pm 47.Christ's Soldier said …

    Alright, whoever made this website definitely is entirely ignorant to the Christian faith. We are tested to believe in something, and to dash someone’s faith is an awful act to commit. If you don’t believe in Christ becuase you can’t see him…why do you believe in air? I can’t see air, and if you can with the naked eye, then kudos. All of your claims are absolutley ridiculous that involve scripture. Intelligent human beings have insight, and in scripture, a message is trying to be conveyed. But you must think about to truly recieve the fullness of the message. Read a bit more of the Gospels before you parade around in your own ignorance.

  48. on 06 Oct 2008 at 11:21 pm 48.Christ's Soldier said …

    O and by the way, the creation of this site is only helping me build upon my own faith, and I am now motivated to spread the word of Christ in more ways than I am now. God Bless you, because you have helped me see the light of Christ.

  49. on 09 Oct 2008 at 2:46 pm 49.Lo-ree said …

    I’m a born-again, believing, church-going, committed child of God. I have travelled the spiritual road for some years now. I know for a fact that he has done marvelous, wonderful things in my life, answered my prayers that I know for a fact were not just coincidences but an intervention of a greater and powerful force. There are times when I feel he is as close to me as the person next to me…then there are days when I feel he is not there at all. When I feel he is silent in my most difficult times. Those are the days I feel like giving-up and simply saying he doesn’t exist at all. When I feel like throwing my Bible against the wall.

    But then, I always remember what he did for me. Those days when he had seen me through impossible situations. The Bible does not promise a smooth ride, but it promises that he is with us even when we don’t feel his presence. And that’s what has kept me going.

    I believe in God even when he is silent.We may not understand how he works, but that does not mean he isn’t there.

  50. on 20 Oct 2008 at 11:41 am 50.Phillip said …

    There is one issue that all of you have missed. For those of you who dont believe I have one word for you. Death….. What if you ARE wrong. What if there is a God? What if when you die you stand before him and he says the words depart from me I never knew you. You will spend an eternity in a place the bible refers to as Hell.

    You see being a Christian is a great thing. There is no down side to it. But there is a down side to NOT being one. We ALL have to face death. Yes even you have to die. You can’t live forever. The bible is clear on that. You can say Christians are stupid and dont really know what will happen after death and thats ok…. because you dont know what happens after death either. Why do you get rid of the anger thats in your heart against God. Maybe then you can see the truth.

    I will pray for you.
    God Bless you

  51. on 20 Oct 2008 at 7:25 pm 51.Severin said …

    50.Phillip said:
    “You see being a Christian is a great thing”.

    He also said: For those of you who dont believe I have one word for you. Death…..

    Do Muslims have the same right to say so (“You see being a Muslim is a great thing? For those of you who dont believe I have one word for you. Death…..”)

    Do atheists have the same right to say so (“You see, being an atheist is a great thing. For those of you who believe I have only one word for you. death…”

    Perhaps you will find they all have the same right, but than I have several questions for you:

    If you declare the same rights for Christians and for Muslims to kill for their faiths, what would be differnece between you and Muslims?
    Why than you declare yourself as Christian?

    I would like to know your explanaion also in case that you DO NOT give them the same rights, that would be VERY interesting!

    Have you ever heard any atheist to declare killing for believers?

    They prefere talking, not killing!

    Being an atheist, age 67 (facing my soon death not with joy, but calmly, being positive not to face any god after I die),I would NEVER kill/hurt you, or enybody else, for any reason, especially not for the reason that you believe what you please.

    History is crowded with killers in name of faith. We don’t need one more – you.

    Plese talk, do not threaten, and do not kill!

    (I excuse for my poor English, but I hope you will understand what I ment)

  52. on 21 Oct 2008 at 5:09 am 52.Simon Peter said …


    In case you have not realized, there is a difference between a threat and a warning. Would you consider it a threat if you were about to throw yourself in the ocean and someone says, “Be careful, there MIGHT BE sharks in there?”

    I don’t think so. Because whether it’s true or not, that person is trying to help you, not threaten you so it will be up to you to go ahead and throw yourself in the ocean and not expect to see sharks but you DID receive the warning.

    To come back to your question on whether Muslims and other religions have the same rights as Christians, Christianity was never the only religion on Earth. Even in Biblical times, Romans, Egyptians and other nations had their own “gods”, but that does not mean it was right of them to do so.

    The fact that the Bible even speaks of “other gods” shows that people do believe in other things besides the God of the Israelites but it does not mean they are in the right path. The way the Bible describes serving other gods still applies today….it describes it as disobedience and that’s what it is.People have simply covered it up and described it as “religious rights”. Make no mistake that other religions did exist in Biblical times but also keep in mind that all those other gods were known not to answer prayers as the God of Jacob, Isaak,and Daniel did.

    Why?? Because they did not exist.I have never heard of someone testifying on how serving Mohamed had changed their lives but I have heard thousands of testimonies about how the same God of Daniel and Abraham changed their lives and that’s were the difference is, some of those people were even converted from being Muslims to Christians and they said they have never felt such peace.

    Other people are entitled to believe what they believe, but at the end of the day the question is, which god really is more concerned with people’s lives and claims to love them? At least I know Jesus died for my sins so that I may have eternal life…what did Mohamed and all those other gods claim to do for me? they didn’t even claim to love me.

    You also mentioned that atheists do not attack Christians but allow them to believe what they want to believe. May I ask if that is the case then why does this website exist??

  53. on 21 Oct 2008 at 5:52 am 53.Simon Peter said …

    And by the way, have you ever heard of the saying, “tell people what they NEED to hear not what they WANT to hear?”

    Death is a subject that we do not want to hear but that which we HAVE to hear because the reality is that we have to face it someday.

    Yes, the possibility of hell sounds cruel and frightening but a solution has been provided for you to avoid it and it is the same solution that is being trampled with different feet on this website.

    You have chosen hell yourselves, nobody is threatening you with it and the fact that you have closed your eyes and blocked your ears and refused to believe it exists will not make it go away.The Bible (NOT ME) says you should accept the sacrifice Jesus did for you on the cross or otherwise face the consequences (fair enough, don’t you think?)there is no two-way about it.

    When it comes to God, there is no neutrality “Oh, I will choose not to believe any of that crap” the fact that you have chosen to ignore it does not mean it’s rules will not apply to to you. There is only one truth. Accept what God lovingly did for you on the cross or face hell like anybody else who chooses to ignore him. Simple…that’s the rule …period.

    I repeat-accept what Jesus did for you or face hell!!!!

    Ouch, that hurts but you NEEDED to hear it, my brother.Jesus died a painful and merciless death (because of you) just for you people to come here and say he is a jerk.

    Funny that you should say people have died because of our faith because most people who are killed because of their faith are Christians, look back at history and you will know.

  54. on 22 Oct 2008 at 12:17 pm 54.Phileah said …

    “Jesus said, if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off”

    Johnson says: “This statement is totally ridiculous on several different levels. First, something like a hand cannot “cause you to sin” — your brain causes “sin.” Every intelligent person knows that. Therefore, gouging your eye out or cutting your hand off is useless. If you have a problem with “sin” and you are going to amputate something to solve it, you would need to amputate your brain, since that is where all “sin” originates.”

    Johnson, Johnson, just listen to yourself. Let me ask you a question.

    If you were going to run a marathon and a friend says “Go ahead, Johnson, break a leg,”

    So you would think that person literally means you have to break your leg, huh?? So I guess you would also reason as to why your friend would want you to break your leg while you know you have to finish that race, “how can you run a race with one leg?” you ask. It’s the same thing isn’t it?

    An intelligent person also knows that Jesus did not mean you should cut off your hand literally. And the reason why he said “if your HAND causes you to sin cut it off” is because without your hands, you cannot do anything so it would be difficult for you to sin so he is still making sense even if he did not mention the brain.

    The Bible knows that every action starts in the mind. That’s why it says that we should be transformed by the renewal of our minds. Stop saying Jesus is a jerk, rather admit you do not understand his method of teaching.

    In simple, plain English, Johnson, Jesus actually means that if e.g your friends influence you to do bad things, cut off those friends from your life. Stay away from them because it is better to live your life without friends than to hang around friends who are no good for you. For goodness’ sake what is so difficult to understand about that?

  55. on 22 Oct 2008 at 12:27 pm 55.Phileah said …

    I also want to comment on one of those proofs that says Jesus used to say “silly” things to people like they should be like little children if they want to enter the Kingdom of God. When Jesus said this, he did not mean it literally being childish.

    If you have kids or have been around kids, you will know that they have total and complete trust in their parents no matter what. This is the kind of “child-like” trust that Jesus expects us to have in him. We forget that God is like a parent to us and would rather deal with our problems ourselves and we fail many times because we do not trust him enough. A child knows that his Mummy and Daddy will always be there for her.

    If a child is sick, he/she knows that the first person to go to is to his/her parents, if a child needs money, he/she knows that Daddy always provides. If Mummy or Daddy says you have to see a doctor, even though the child might not understand why he has to go to a doctor, he she follows Daddy to the doctor because he/she trusts him and knows that his/her father knows better and will go to the doctor anyways. That’s what makes children unique from adults. God wants us to trust him like little children, we may not understand why he tells us to do certain things but like a child, we just have to follow because Daddy knows better. Many at times, we choose to deal with our problems ourselves and fail because we ignore God and ask him too many questions instead of just trusting him.

    A child knows that his problems are not his but his parents’ to deal with. You will never see a child sitting and complaining about paying bills and where to get money because he knows that’s his/her parents’ problems. If he/she’s starving, he knows it’s his/her mother’s problem and he goes and nags her. If Daddy is swinging her in the air, she just relaxes and laughs because she knows her Daddy will never let her fall to the ground.

    That’s how God wants us to be with Him. But we make the mistake of choosing to deal with our problems ourselves and God just folds his hands and lets you have it your way.

    I want to tell the author of this website that he should not pretend to be dump and think Jesus’ words were silly just because he does not understand them and how he meant.There are also a lot of other stuff on this website that I would like to correct but I don’t have the time. Please try to understand the Bible before jumping to conclusions. At the end of the day, you’re the one looking silly. It’s like being in a classroom where the teacher says “You have to be as wise as a snake” and you (one of the students) literally goes outside and lies on the ground and starts slithering like a snake because you think that’s what your teacher meant. Silly.

  56. on 24 Oct 2008 at 11:40 am 56.Red O'Brien said …

    If God is a parent to us, he’s an absentee parent.

  57. on 24 Oct 2008 at 11:46 am 57.Red O'Brien said …

    Phileah, whenever Christians can’t explain a portion of the Bible, they say one of two things:

    “It’s not literal.”

    “We can’t understand God’s mysterious ways.”

    I might (stress “might”) agree that the language isn’t literal when Jesus talks about moving mountains, but when he says to cut off your hand, that is absolutely not figurative. If he meant to “cut off” your friends, why wouldn’t he say that? If God is perfect, why would he speak in a manner that could be misinterpreted? Obviously, it CAN be misinterpreted, because much violence has been carried out in the name of Christianity over the years. Still happens today. Jimmy Swaggart wants to kill gays. There’s video of him saying that.

    Same thing with hundreds of other verses throughout the Bible. You should be out killing adulterers, homosexuals, and rebellious children, shouldn’t you? That’s what the Bible tells you to do.

  58. on 27 Oct 2008 at 5:08 am 58.Phileah said …

    Red O ‘Brian said,
    “If God is a parent to us, he’s an absentee parent.”

    Not really.You see, you’re missing one part of scripture that says, “If you seek me with ALL YOUR HEART, you will find me”

    I wonder if you actually mean an absentee parent that we cannot see or the fact that he does not answer your prayers.

    God will not force himself into our lives. He wants us to consult him, to seek him through prayer and spending time meditating on his word. That’s the rule. Ignore it and you won’t see any results.Simple. Human beings are lazy to even spend half an hour praying to a God they cannot see.We want God to act like a magic genie, snap your fingers and he’ll appear.

    No, sorry, God does not work that way.Seek God through prayer, not just another lazy prayer that you whisper before going to bed, I mean spending quality time with him and then you will see results. The problem with us is that we don’t even care to do this and then we complain that he isn’t answering prayers or that he fails to show himself to us. How can he when you don’t even bother getting down on your knees for half and hour and truly trying to seek him? before you expect God to do his part, do your part.

    Like a father needs to spend quality time with his child, God also longs for that quality time with us.We all know if a child does not spend quality time with his father, they will not bond and they will not have a good relationship. With God, it’s the same thing.We have to admit that we do not give God enough time in our lives and the reason why he does not pitch up is a result of it.

    I have noticed that powerful men and women who are used by God have one thing in common. Ask them how much time they spend praying and reading the Bible and they’ll always tell you an hour or more.That’s where the difference is.

    Now you don’t even give God more than five minutes of your dedicated time (why would you when you deny his existence anyway) and then you want to come here and tell me he’s an absentee parent.It’s only reasonable. Of course he’ll be an absentee parent because YOU DO NOT SEEK HIM!!It’s like a teen kid who is never at home but the day he needs money, he runs to his father for money and then gets surprised why he’s father is being difficult.God does not believe in spoiling his children, all he asks of you to do is to spend a little more time with him besides the thanking him for the food prayer, whispering a prayer before going to bed routine…he wants more than that. And if you’re too lazy for it, tough luck.

  59. on 30 Oct 2008 at 6:51 am 59.Billious said …

    Hey, great to find this. Sad that the previous forum is dead. Any reason for that? Evolved into something else? ;)
    any posters from the previous forum still posting?

  60. on 31 Oct 2008 at 2:36 am 60.Live4God said …

    God is real. If you dont believe me then look around you. You think that the theory of evolution created all animals on this earth? Y would you believe that? You think the plants and tress and things like those just appeared of the Big Bang Theory? And the key word in those is theory. Hello!!! Wake up and start believing. There is a God and no matter how much “proof” you have that theres no God, it will not even be close to the powerful truth that THERE IS A God!!!!!!! I pray that you repent of your sins that you may be welcomed into the Lord’s arms and to be surrounded by His grace and mercy. and also its not that you dont believe in God, you dont want to believe in God.

  61. on 31 Oct 2008 at 2:38 am 61.Live4God said …

    Sorry but the post I added was for the website godisimaginary.com

  62. on 01 Nov 2008 at 8:38 pm 62.Severin said …

    Sorry, I was not home for some time, so I finish this polemic now:

    Firstly, if somebody says that there might be sharks in the water, it is a nice and kind WARNING.

    If somebody says “YOU WILL GO TO HELL TO BURN FOR ETERNITY, if you do not believe in me, and/or disobey my will”, this is NOT a warning!

    This is a direct threatening, calculated to frighten uneducated, brainwashed, superstitious believers to death, if they dare to think anything different from what they was told by church and authorities.

    Nevertheless, the “God’s will”, with no exception, turned to be a will of mighty MEN, who had a lot of interest to keep their citizens calm in obedience.

    Catholic Church burned to death hundreds of thousands of unbelievers. Was it a WORNING?
    Or you (all of you, Phillip, etc., who discussed my letter) deny history?

    Giordano Bruno was burned; Galileo Galilei had to deny his own researches, that are now days proven to be true, not to be burned. Thousands of people, even children (you have examples in USA, the “Witches from Salem”), were burned alive, with their pure hearts, with their wishes, dreams, joys, hopes…., just because The Mighty Somebody (originated from earth, not from heaven) would not allow them to think their thoughts, to speak their words, NO, it would change the world in which The Mighty Ones lived too comfortable to allow it to be changed.

    What an almighty, all loving god, would allow such sufferings in his name?
    What to think about such a creature (monster)?

    World DID change! Not quickly enough for my taste – but it did, and it is more and more rapidly changing!
    Not because any god permitted it, but because the free thought and free will exploded.

    Quote: “An intelligent person also knows that Jesus did not mean you should cut off your hand literally”

    I could answer: An intelligent person does not believe in fairy tales.

    I could also answer: If the Bible is so important, if it is the essence of morality and a life-guide for the man kind,why, than, did not Jesus tell what he meant clearly, but left you end me to explain his words. If ANYONE has to interpret such important words, why would such explanation be valid? Says who?

    Human lows are not perfect, but no lows, that should direct the human behaviour, are written in riddles: if there is written in Low that you will be killed if you kill somebody, that is clear, and everybody understands it literally, as it should be understood. It is not alowed to you and me to interpet the human lows, why would the mighty god alow us to explain his lows?

    Here again we are trapped in a typical, endless, vicious circle, caused by disregarding history, science and – in the first place – logic, and I have no will to discuss such things any longer.

    The question why this Site exists is as silly as the question why churches exist, why books exist, why schools,professors, newspaer exist….. It exists to enable people to say what they think and believe.

    However, this site is NOT DANGEROUS! It does not threaten anybody! It does not call for killing in name of any believe/non-believe, neither it threatens the believers that they will burn in some “atheistic hell” if they believe what they please.

    Healthy, free, NON-VIOLENT dialog is – I hope – now days permitted. Or – is it?
    If you have churches and Bible, and books and preachers, and many sites on Internet, why would I not have right to declare my opinion on this Site, or any other place?

    Without threatening and without HATE!

    Please do not worry for my soul, I do not have one! What I have is life and brain, beloved people surrounding me, and believe in good (not god!), and no god is necessary to explain to me the difference between the two. The explanation is built-in in my genes.

    I can not resist temptation to tell you an anecdote from my grandfather’s life, which I heard from him, when I was 12:

    My grandfather was born 1879., was catholic, and once he was about 14, was in church with his father. The year was rainless, and people were terrified by chance of lost of their crops.
    The priest said, hi will pray the god for rain, but if the rain comes, he would expect the congregation to contribute the church (in money, wine, smoked meat, brandy …) more than they usually did.

    My grandfather immediately pulled the sleeve of his father and whispered to him: Dad, if he prays, and the rain does not come, will the church give us some grain so that we do not starve?

    This is what I call healthy mind! Natural mind! This is a sort of mind that changes the world!

  63. on 01 Nov 2008 at 10:51 pm 63.Severin said …

    “No, sorry, God does not work that way”, says Phileah.


    Do you, Phileah, have a licence from god to interpret his words?

    If not, how do you DARE to challenge his will giving his words another meanings?

    If I were believer, I would NEVER DARE to challenge god’s will, trying to interprete (missinterprte?) his words.

    You say that god did not really mean that you have to cut your hands (although he undoubtly DID write it, as you believe!), and YOU, of course, KNOW what he really had in mind, and YOU are explaining it to all of us ignorants.

    Do you think he was stupid (drunk, ignorant, confused,…)to say exactly what he had in mind, so he wrote something else, and let YOU to interpret what he really meant?

    What if somebody else also has a god’s licence to interpret his words, and his interpretation differs, more or less, or completely, from your interpretation?

    How can we unbelieving ignorants recognize whose interpretation is valid?

    Please do not tell me that there arn’t thosusends of more or less different, or VERY DIFFERENT, interpretations of Biblical texts (god’s words!!!), all of them said/written by very religious people, true believers.

    Whose is valid?

    I admit I do not ahve any god’s licence to interpret him, so what to do, but to take his words as he wrote them! Literally!

    I do not like what I read, but who am I to challenge his will, NOT taking his words as he spoke?

    And who are you to interpret his will?

    Sounds logically?

  64. on 02 Nov 2008 at 7:49 am 64.Severin said …

    “In case you have not realized, there is a difference between a threat and a warning. Would you consider it a threat if you were about to throw yourself in the ocean and someone says, “Be careful, there MIGHT BE sharks in there?” (Simon Peter)

    As I already said, I DO see the difference between a threat and warning.
    Do yoy?

    WHERE in the Bible have you found something so kind and human, like kind warning: “Be careful, there MIGHT BE hell…”, or “Be careful, you might not enjoy heven if you….”, or “Your hands MIGHT be cut if you …..”(even as a worning, the last one really sounds ugly)

    There are NO such conditional kindnesses in Bible (god’s words ?!), but only direct (and ugly) TRHRETENS, and (terrifying) INSTRUCTIONS: You WILL go to hell if you…. (or if you do not…), you WILL NOT be prized if …., KILL the one who disobeys me, KILL the whole nation, icluding their children, kill ONLY their children, CUT your hands,…., SLOTER your son, etc.

    The meanings of the two sentences:
    “CUT YOUR HANDS if…”, and “I am worning you, your hands MIGHT BE CUT if…” are so different, that one of them MUST be a lie!

    Who is then telling lies, you, or god?

    Where did you see hem saying “CUT your hands…”, he really meant: “do not cut them literally, but do something else…”?

    Did you think he was drunk saying what he said, and expected somebody (YOU?) to say it a better way?

    Aren’t you frightem to death daring to interpret his words the way he did not REALLY told them?

    Be careful! I do not think god likes somebody to missinterpret his will!

  65. on 03 Nov 2008 at 6:22 am 65.Phileah said …


    What god are you talking about if you do not even believe in him? How can you say a god who does not exist’s words should not be misinterpreted? does it make sense? No, it does not and you know it.

    I’m sure the people he was teaching this message knew exactly what he meant, otherwise, why didn’t they question him on how he can expect them to literally cut off their hands? and why did’nt his disciples cut off thier hands aftewards since they were also sinners like you and I?

    In fact, if He did mean it literally, his disciples should have been the first people to amputate their hands but why didn’t they? and if they didn’t why didn’t he scold them for it? if his disciples (who were the first Christians) didn’t cut their hands off then why should we? and if we were commanded by Jesus to kill everyone who does not believe then why did’nt the early christians do the same? after all, they were supposed to be the example for the rest of us. if killing every non-believer was a command, I’m sure the disciples would have been the first people to carry out that task but they were not known to have killed anybody, they were the ones killed instead.Has it ever occured to you that people can have their own rules besides the ones God gave them?

    In the Bible, nowhere does it say that Christians should pray to virgin Mary yet the Catholic people pray to her. That is their own rule, God never asked them to do it. God also never asked them to torture and brutally kill anyone who does not believe, and just because he did not intervene does not mean he supported it.

    Just as he did not intervene when the early Christians such as Stephen were stoned to death, he also did not intervene when these people were being killed. God himself knows why he chooses not to intervene and who are you to question him? It’s the same thing when Jesus was being tortured on the cross, God did not intervene even when his own son was being tortured and he had his reason for it.

    You don’t honestly expect peace and brotherly love in a world that denies God and his loving kindness. The reason why there is so much hatered and shedding of innocent blood is because we have rejected the cross.

    Satan is there to make sure that all this blame is put on God because apparently he does not intervene but the reality is because people have turned away and want to continue in their sin instead. The reason the world has no love is because you have rejected God’s word and the consequences are just obvious. Let’s face it, the Bible says sin came in the world through disobedience and so don’t blame God for your own disobedience. As long as there are people like you who reject and want to destroy Christianity completely, you will not find any peace in a godless society.

    The reason why people fight over religion is simply because people have chosen their own too many religion besides God while there’s only meant to be one.

    That’s why there’s confusion.The more different religions there are, the more confusion, the more killing takes place.People are free to choose what they want to believe but they should not cut out confusion in the process.While the Bible clearly states that he is the truth, the life and the way, people ignore this and create their own ways and then blame him if confusion occurs.Yes, some of them are Christians who kill, but who says God supports what they doing? Christians are humans like you and me who can also make ungodly decisions.

  66. on 03 Nov 2008 at 6:59 am 66.Phileah said …

    Let me also point out that there is a difference between a christian and a believer. A christian is a religious person, a believer is one who has a relationship with God. Not based on religion but based on his love for God. Religion is a routine done out of duty…I have to go to church because it’s always been a family tradition…I have to pray because my mother always tells me to pray before going to bed…I have to read my Bible because my Mum always read it to me before bed time…

    That is what religion is. A lot of people mistake believing in God as a religion. It is a relationship. Religion is something you do because you simply think it’s a duty or because it is expected of you to do.A lot of people go to church and behave good on Sundays when they go to church but choose to live a sinful life the rest of the other six days of the week. That’s religion.Christianity is supposed to be a lifestyle…not a religion as people have made it out to be.It is for this reason that people are getting killed…because of religion and tradition.
    That’s why God will not work, because we serve him through religion and not an intimate relationship with him. He wants us to do things because we love him, not because we feel it’s a duty.A lot of people call themselves Christians simply because they go to church Sunday morning, they have turned Christianity into a religion. It takes someone with a relationship with God to know the difference. The Bible says many are called but few are chosen.

    This means that like today, a lot of people call themselves Christians but very few of them really understand what Christianity is all about and it is obviously not a religion.That’s why you see a lot of Christian churches eating people’s tithe money, ripping people off because these churches have not yet understood what Christianity is all about because they operate on religious grounds or sometimes they do understanad but they have decided to turn the Church of God into a money making business.They are under the impression that Christianity is just another religion.

    Please do not take an example of what happen in one church and generally apply it to all born-again Christians. Like I said, a lot of us are called, but few of us are chosen.If you say some Christians want to kill homosexuals, that doesn’t mean we are all up in arms for it. That’s their own opinions and own beliefs. Jesus did not command anything like that.

    In fact, if this was the case, he would have rejected Mary Magdalene the prostitute but he lovingly accepted her and did not judge her and this is the example that he shows for us to accept and try to help people like homosexuals. Homosexuality is wrong, but I believe gay people need help and prayers and not rejection and passing on judgment. Jesus set Mary Magdalene free from prostitution and cleansed her without passing judgment. He wants to do the same for gay people. I don’t know where this killing of homosexuality comes from.Religion maybe??

  67. on 04 Nov 2008 at 4:58 pm 67.Severin said …


    Several quotes from Bible, selected within a few minutes, and directly copied from the Site http://www.studyjesus.com (“Bible Online”):

    1. About origins of Bible as god’s (“perfect”!)words:

    37 If any man think himself to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him acknowledge that the things that I write unto you are the commandments of the Lord.

    7 The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.

    16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

    2. About god’s orders for killing and destroying (ATTENTION! God likes gold and silver! And he ORDERS people to take sexual slaves!):

    17 And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death.

    15 And he that smiteth his father, or his mother, shall be surely put to death.

    7 And they warred against the Midianites, as the LORD commanded Moses; and they slew all the males.

    10 And they burnt all their cities wherein they dwelt, and all their goodly castles, with fire.

    17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.
    18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

    32 And while the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man that gathered sticks upon the Sabbath day.
    33 And they that found him gathering sticks brought him unto Moses and Aaron, and unto the entire congregation. 34 And they put him in ward, because it was not declared what should be done to him.
    35 And the LORD said unto Moses, The man shall be surely put to death: the entire congregation shall stone him with stones without the camp.
    36 And the entire congregation brought him without the camp, and stoned him with stones, and he died; as the LORD commanded Moses.

    17 And the city shall be accursed, even it, and all that are therein, to the LORD: only Rahab the harlot shall live, she and all that are with her in the house, because she hid the messengers that we sent.

    21 And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, and ox, and sheep, and ass, with the edge of the sword.

    24 And they burnt the city with fire, and all that was therein: only the silver, and the gold, and the vessels of brass and of iron, they put into the treasury of the house of the LORD.

    27 And he said unto them, Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Put every man his sword by his side, and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour.

    What in those quotes can be understood symbolically or as an allegory, or any other way different than what thay were said?

    What else, under sky, could one find in the words:
    And LORD said unto Moses, The man shall surely be put to death? To tickle the man? To kill him only “simbollicly”? What?

    What symbolism /allegory can anybody find in those words? What could be alternative meaning of this order?
    How else to explain “Put to death”, but “Put to death”?

    How can anyone say that the writer DID NOT THINK WHAT HE WROTE?


    1. According to Bible, one must have no doubt Bible was written by god

    2. According to Bible, one must not interpret god’s words, but have to take them as they were written, otherwise a believer does blasphemy

    In the Science of Logic, which I hope you recognize as a science, not as a fairy tale, there is the law of “Excluding the Third Possibility” (Principium exclusii tercii sive medii, or Tertius Non Datur), that says: No two contradictory statements may be right in the same time.

    Something IS, or something IS NOT, there is no third possibility (Tertius non datur, on this principle work computers, “yes”/”no” priciple).

    Either something IS white, or IS NOT white. If it is white, O.K., and if you say it is red, tan it IS NOT WHITE! Whatever alternative to “white” you may choose, than it is NOT WHITE any more!)

    The Bible IS, or IS NOT written by god.
    There is no other possibility!

    The Bible IS, or IS NOT right.
    There is no other possibility!

    If god’s words written in Bible are right, that fact leaves no room for any interpretations, otherwise the Bible is false.

    The conseqences of Bible being false, please consider yourself!

    Catholic Church did take “god’s words” literally for centuries!
    They brutally KILLED people who dared to think there was no god.
    They killed people even when they believed god exists, but had some different ideas about how the world functions: Galileo was burned NOT DENYING EXISTANCE OF GOD, just because he claimed, contrary to church, that Earth moves around the Sun.
    According to clearly written god’s will, if the Bible was right, they, who burned Galileo, were right!
    Galileo (and many HUNDRED thousands of others) did not obey god’s words and his will, and it was RIGHT to kill him/them, according to god’s will, and his direct orders.

    If you say else, you are doing blasphemy!

    Both sides (you on one side and Catholic Church on another) CAN NOT BE RIGHT, as you state contradictory statements (you: Bible should not be taken literally, Church: It must be taken literally!)

    And everybody believing in god, and believing the Bible is god’s word, knows well what the punishment for blasphemy is eternal suffering in hell.

    There is no doubt you are blaspheming, changing god’s words!
    Aren’t you frightened to death doing it?

    Dont you feel tremendous risk of changing god’s words, denying Bible?

    It is not to deny bible and not deny god!

    I DO feel free to criticize god and Bible because I am not afraid of consequences, as I do not believe there is a god, and do not believe Bible is god’s word. I do not feel ANY RISK, or any fear, arguing with, believers, priests, Bible, anybody, and denying there is a god.

    I DO NOT feel free to criticize my director, as consequences might be drastic, and might change my life immediately and radically.
    If I stood before public after a speech of my director, saying: Now, people, I will explain what the man really had in mind, what you think would happen? It would be immediate and dangerous RISK for me.

    Would you dare to do this? To publicly interpret your director words, and even deny he meant what he told, and change his words. Please be honest before yourself, not necessary to confess.
    It would be A TREMENDOUS RISK for you to do so, and I doubt you would do it
    The point is:
    Deep in your intelligent mind, you KNOW there is a big risk to try to tease mighty MEN interpreting their words.
    But nowdays, in your country, there is no direct and instant risk for you for blasphemy.
    If you were born 250 years ago, you would NEVER dare to say god did not order killing! The god’s “legal” interpreters (Catholic Church) would kill you for blasphemy almost instantly (“almost” means: after long and painful torturing).

    Now you are sure nobody will kill you!

    What about risk of eternal burning for blasphemy?

    Ambiguous balancing between “Bible is right, and I am going to burn for blasphemy” and “Bible is wrong, so there is no god”, should be painful for yoy.

    I think that this dilemma is NOT so painful for you, and that you DO NOT feel big risk denying god’s words, beacause deep in your healthy, intelligent, natural mind you KNOW there is no risk, because there is no hell.

    Diffeence between me and you is only in that I brought my deeply hidden thoughts to concious level, and faced them with logic and knowledge.

    About your question:
    “You don’t honestly expect peace and brotherly love in a world that denies God and his loving kindness.”

    I honestly do not expect ANY BROTHERLY LOVE AT ALL!
    I think it is sick and pathetic to love everyon, generally.

    „Brotherly love“, even in the nicest families, turns almost olways to competition, and what to expect among people which are not really brothers/sisters.

    In reality they compete all the time!

    What I DO expect is TOLLERANCE!
    Tollerance brings peace automatically!
    Live and let live!

    What I do expect is possibility to make rules valid for anyone, and instruments enabling to keep those rules working.

    More or less successfully, man kind is going to this point.

    Being an atheist, I can say for myself that I have absolutely no hate as a general feeling, for anyone, in my mind (“my heart”), and have a lot of tolerance, so I can not be dangerous for human race.

    Fine feeling enabling me to differ god from evil is somehow (by nature itself, there is scientific explanation how, but it would take too much room/time to try explain, and I am not an expert for enetic, but I did understand and accept it)) “installed” deeply in my mind (“my heart”).

    So is the case with my daughter: she has ABSOLUTELY NO RELIGIOUS EDUCATION; she never went to church in her life and never read Bible (but she graduated mathematics, and is very good in this science).
    And she is such a wonderful creature: one who finds god the source of all good, could think that god personally made her. A very religious lady, friend of my family, told exactly so once, knowing my daughter for yeras.

    I know many people like us (me and my daughter), and I see clearly we will survive without religion/Bible/god.

    Better to say: in spite of religion and Bible.

    I am ending this polemic; I have nothing else to say.

  68. on 04 Nov 2008 at 5:07 pm 68.Severin said …

    “It is not to deny bible and not deny god!”

    Error! Should be: “It is not possible to deny Bible and not deny god”

  69. on 04 Nov 2008 at 5:13 pm 69.Severin said …

    “Fine feeling enabling me to differ god from evil is …”

    Error! Should write “… good from evil …”

  70. on 05 Nov 2008 at 6:25 am 70.Phileah said …

    Severine, thanks for your very long speech, I enjoyed every month of it.

    What I can say is that Hurray, there is NO GOD!!! Let’s celebrate, let’s drink the night away.We can pretty much do what we like because there is NO ONE to call us to account for it!!! What greate news!! We don’t need to follow what that silly book called the Bibl, we are people with our own rights and wills.

    The Catholic church represents God and whatever they do, we conclude it’s an action from God even if we do not think twice that these people might be operating under their human nature…which is sin!

    We take old things from the “OLD TESTAMENT” which the Bible says does not apply to us anymore, we ignore that, and we still take actions from the OLD TESTAMENT and question why God did this or that in the OLD TESTAMENT. We have not yet understood why Christ came in the NEW TESTAMENT and so we just mix up the OLD and the NEW testament because they are one and the same thing to us.We do not understand what the Bible means by the Old Laws that have been broken and we still apply it to our lives, causing even more confusion.

    Who says we should not have sex before marriage when I can have sex anytime I please with anyone I like? Consequences of sex before marriage? who cares if I have STD’s or AIDS? Who says young people should obey their parents when they can go out, drink and get pregnant any time they feel like it. Oh, and if the young girls get pregnant because of sex before marriage and they do not need the baby, abortion is the solution, yeah, that’s right…it’s their right afterall.Those evil Christians are murderering thousands but when it comes to the support of abortion, it does not really matter because it’s their right to kill those babies. Hundred of teens resort to violence and unacceptable behavior simply because there is no God to fear, what great news!!

    Brotherly love?? who needs brotherly love. Everyone knows that brotherly love is impossible. We’ll just use the excuse of what some Christians do to prove how fake the Bible is so we don’t need to do what it says.The idea of a non-existing god is really exciting because it means we can live or lives the way we please and the way we want without anyone dictating us.

    Life would be so much easier without the idea that there is a God who sees everything we do even in the darkness and knowing that I can cheat on my wife or husband without feeling convicted because there is no rule that says I shouldn’t. after all, where else does it say a husband should have but only one wife accept in that silly book.

    I want to live my life hating whoever I want to hate, cheating whenever I feel like cheating, lying whenever I want to lie, stealing whenever and whatever I want to steal, swearing whoever and whoever I want to swear, drinking whenever I want to drink and smoke whenever I want to smoke (and if it’s bad for my health that’s my business) without anyone threatening me of hell.I can get away with whatever bad thing I do without being threatened by those silly believers that I will be called to account.There is no one who created us, we are just results of chemical reactions that brilliantly decided one fine day on their own to come together to form what we call this magnificent body.Which means, there is no purpose for our existence. We are in this world for fun.

    We are born a little while and then we cease existing the next and that’s it, that’s what life is all about. There is no superior being above us who can regulate our lifestyles or tell us our purpose as human beings because we are here for the fun of it.Apparently a Saviour was send to die for my sins (what sins anyway? I don’t see anything wrong with me and the way I live my life).

    If I tell a lie every now and then, if I mistreat another human being here and there, so what?? there’s nothing seriously deadly about that. Apparently if I do not accept the ransom he payed for me on the cross, I’m doomed to hell. If his blood was shed for me, so what? Do I care?? It’s not my fault he loves me so much and I don’t love him in return. Who needs his grace anyway.What’s this shedding of blood anyway? I don’t really understand it nor try to understand it but I will not accept it.

    I will choose to reject his sacrifice without expecting any consequences on my death bed.If he wanted me to truly live my life the way he wants, why didn’t he make it clear in his word, I will simply conclude my own assumptions that he is a silly, stupid and imaginary God because he does not work the way I want him to work.Let’s try to prove how fake Christianity really is to make ourselves feel better so we don’t need to follow what their God says. Let’s look for contradictions in the Bible that we do not understand to make it look stupid so that people wouldn’t need to follow it.At the end of the day, everyone is an atheist and is happy living their lives the way the want.

    There you go, Severine,I finally understand your point. I hope you’re satisfied now…

  71. on 05 Nov 2008 at 5:09 pm 71.Severin said …

    Sorry, you obviously missed my point, but I have no spare months for further explanation, wish you all the best

  72. on 06 Nov 2008 at 12:48 pm 72.Phileah said …

    You’re right, spare yourself months of time wasting because you are never going to convince me on how one can deny the only God who created him, at least not after I have tasted and seen how good God really is in my own personal life.

    God is a gracious and merciful God, and just because you do not understand him does not mean he is the way you paint him to look.It’s gonna have to take a lot more to turn me away from him.I wish you all the best too, and I truly pray that you get to know him and understand him the way I do, only then, will you truly experience him in his fullest.

  73. on 06 Nov 2008 at 5:31 pm 73.Severin said …

    I somehow can understand why somebody needs god, but couls anyone explain to me why would any god need us (men kind)?

  74. on 09 Nov 2008 at 4:42 am 74.GotMooo said …

    The perfect omnipotent being was lonely. And that really is understandable, considering he was always alive before finally deciding to create us in his image.

  75. on 10 Nov 2008 at 5:40 am 75.Oh Yeah4Jesus said …

    Amen to that, Got Moo, tell them. At least there’s somebody out there who actually got Moooo-vement for God. I was beginning to wonder where all the warriors were in this spiritual battle.

  76. on 10 Nov 2008 at 12:55 pm 76.Oh Yeah4Jesus said …

    I have a question for atheist on this website and elsewhere. Does this mean you guys don’t celebrate Easter and Christmas? what do you do when the rest of the world joins hands in celebrating the King’s birth? you see it just as any other day right? why would you be interested in celebrating the birthday of someone who doesn’t exist? So I take it you don’t then?

    If Jesus never existed then stop celebrating Christmas and Easter because the whole world is celebrating the birth of a non-existing God and more than a half of them don’t even believe he exists but they celebrate it anyway.

    Why celebrate something that never happened? Please leave it to us who actually believe a savior was born for our sins and not as an excuse to drink more alcohol and shower ourselves with gifts with no meaning in particular.If the belief in God has to stop, then Christmas and Easter holidays must stop as well, at least for those who celebrate it for the sake of celebrating it.

  77. on 10 Nov 2008 at 7:11 pm 77.anonymous said …

    For thousands of years men of great intellect and eloquent speach have tried to expedite the demise of Christianity. Countless claims of the inaccuracy of the Bible or the fictiousness of it’s nature have been lain waste by new scientific and archaelogical discoveries,primarily by agnostics and atheists.Many having been converted when facing these discoveries and realizing in their own minds that there can be no other explanation than an intelligent creator.Irreducibly complex systems,the cambrian explosion,expansion rate of the universe,etc.You use many rationalizations to try to convince yourself there is no God,however it seems like a thinly veiled attempt to excuse the choices you make.God gives us free will because like any good parent he wants us to choose to love him ,not love him because we have no choice.You see the problem with your logic is that you can only perceive the world through your limited human mind. God being omniscient,omnipotent,and omnipresent certainly has nothing to prove to you. As a Christian I will pray that you gain understanding and wisdom and the peace that comes from knowing you are a child of the most high God and your father loves you!

  78. on 17 Nov 2008 at 9:29 pm 78.gigi said …

    the truth is out here


  79. on 17 Nov 2008 at 9:35 pm 79.gigi said …


  80. on 21 Nov 2008 at 2:19 am 80.Breadman said …

    I hope you have a few minutes, this could take a while. I am not smart, and only completed one semester of college (forever ago). However, fortunately you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to recognize a bag of baloney when you see it. I have watched your videos, and must tell you that you do not argue very logically. Let me start by explaining how you “prove” something. You start with a hypothesis, in your case that God is imaginary. You then move to making theoretical statements, which you do…such as God is imaginary, so he doesn’t answer prayer; God is imaginary so he didn’t create the world, people, etc. The final step, and the one that you leave out completely is THE PROOF. You must show that the theories actually work. Here is a simple example. I believe that gasoline is combustible. I theorize such because some of the components of gas are combustible. If I stop there, I have not proven that gas is combustible. Once I put a match to it, then I have proven gas is combustible.
    So allow me to try another proof. Hypothesis: The God of the Bible is real
    Theoretical statements: 1. If the God of the Bible is real, then what he says MUST be true. 2. If what he says is true, then He knows the beginning to the end. (Rev. 1:8) 3. If He knows the beginning to the end, then He must be able to tell us things BEFORE they actually happen.

    PROOF: God Himself actually gives us this test for being a “god” in Isaiah 41:23 “Show the things that are to come hereafter, that we may know that you are gods.” Consider Daniel 9:25 (written over 500 years before the time of Christ). “Know therefore and understand, from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem Until Messiah the Prince there shall be seven weeks and sixty two weeks” (Hebrews deal in weeks of lots of things…here it is years, or 483 years to be exact). Counting forward from the order to rebuild Jerusalem, 483 years comes out, to the exact day, on the day that Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem, or what Christians call Palm Sunday. Consider the words of Jesus when His disciples were marveling at the majesty of the temple in Mathew 24:2 (written around 55 AD) “Assuredly I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down.” According to the historian Josephus, in 70 AD the Roman troops under orders of Titus Aspasian(sp? told you I wasn’t smart) came to destroy Jerusalam. A torch was randomly thrown through a window of the temple, causing it to burn to the ground. Titus was beside himself, because he wanted the gold from the interior of the building. Consequently, he gave the order to take the building apart stone by stone to have the melted gold scraped from each brick. Consider Isaiah 45:1&13. (written between 740 and 682 BC) “To Cyrus, whose right hand I have held…(you should read the stuff between vs. 1 and 13, cuz it is cool, too) And I will direct all his ways, he shall build My city and let my exiles go free.” According to the Babylonian Talmud, when Cyrus the Persian entered the city of Babylon after conquering it, he was met by Daniel who presented him with the scriptures you just read. Cyrus was so impressed that he freed the captive Jews and gave them financial incentives to go home. You can also read his proclamation in 2Chronicles 36:23.
    OK, enough of this, I could go on all day and bore you all to tears. If you want me to, I can come show you all kinds of prophecies concerning Jesus, or even one that predicts TO THE DAY when Israel regained its statehood in 1948, and when they reclaimed control of Jerusalem at the end of the Six Day War in 1967. I would like to address some of the videos I watched. Lets start with your one on prayer. Christianity.com did say that God answers prayer with “Yes, No, or wait”. That is not terribly profound. Given a request, we all give the same answers. If you ask me for $1000.00 I could say “Yes” (don’t hold your breath), “No” (way more likely) or, “Not this week, maybe next week. (Hold your breath for a week, then see answer #2). What Christianity.com did NOT say is that God answers that way BECAUSE He is God, or BECAUSE he answers that way He is God. The point of the article that I saw the quote in was to answer questions from people who felt that God had not answered their prayers (or more accurately, that He had not answered them the way they wanted them to be answered.) The leap made from how he answers prayers to qualifying Him as God because of it is TOTALLY DONE BY YOU TO MAKE YOUR INVALID POINT. (By the way, nice of you to “stroke” the listener along the way….”your a smart person, you must see by now….”. In effect you are saying that I am a dummy if I don’t agree with your point)
    This is running longer than I planned, so I will try to address a bunch of stuff less specifically, but hopefull adequately. You have several problems with the “laws” of God, calling them repulsive, cruel, inhumane, etc. There is no way to prove this next comment, but I believe that if we had followed God’s law from the get-go, our world would look a lot different than it does now. His premise, as He says repeatedly throughout, is to “purge the evil from among you.” The idea is that if evil is removed, only good, hard working, law abiding, God loving people will remain. Oddly, we still do the same thing in our country. Only when we purge the evil ones, we put them in cages and force the good ones to pay for their upkeep. That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Anyway, that point is moot, cuz we are not following His laws, and folks pretty much never did. Those laws were in effect right up through the days of Jesus, in fact. (See John 8:5) The Bible tells us the point of the law was to make us aware of our sin, and therefore aware that we are not worthy of heaven. The whole point of Jesus coming to earth is that He took upon Himself the punishment for our sins. We as Christians no longer obey the law out of fear of consequences, but out of gratitude to our savior. We are simply trying to please Him.
    Of course you have your own agenda to propagate. It is important for you to “prove” there is not God, because if there is no God then you are free to live your life as you wish without fear of consequences or judgement. Accordingly, you conveniently leave out of all your videos the permeating message of Jesus: Love others as you love yourself, forgive others as you have been forgiven. Since you like to think about stuff so much, think about this. If I live my life trying to love others, being giving, generous, kind, sympathetic, and helpful…and I am wrong and there really isn’t a God, then , so what? I die and pass into nothingness, and a lot of people benefited from my life. If you live your life doing as you see fit, feeding the desires of your flesh, always looking for “what is in it for me”, and generally looking out for #1, and you are wrong and there really is a God…you are screwed.
    Final thought. I drank the milk, crushed the carton and buried it in the landfill. Went back three days later…the carton was still there.

  81. on 28 Nov 2008 at 3:35 am 81.De Omnibus Dubitandum said …

    GotMooo said …
    “The perfect omnipotent being was lonely. And that really is understandable, considering he was always alive before finally deciding to create us in his image.”

    Oh Yeah4Jesus said …
    “Amen to that, Got Moo, tell them.”

    Are you serious?!? A perfect being would not be lonely. Perfect would imply without fault, and with complete balance. How can that conclude with lonely; lonely would be an anomaly and not perfect.

    But let’s ignore that huge fault in your “reasoning”. So… magic sky daddy was lonely so he made humans (but only two because he wasn’t that lonely, apparently) and then chooses not to fully and actively participate in peoples lives?

    And why make humans? Wouldn’t it more more sense to make something on a closer plane of existence, like angels? Oh wait, he did (Job 38:7). He made a butt-load of them, and they can communicate with him.

    So how the hell could he be perfect, but lonely, with a butt-load of angels?

  82. on 29 Nov 2008 at 4:04 am 82.FB said …


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  83. on 06 Dec 2008 at 7:25 pm 83.Severin said …

    Breadman: “1. If the God of the Bible is real, then what he says MUST be true.”

    SO: If ANYONE is/was rael, then what he/she says/said, MUST be true.

    Why this “logic” necessaryly applies to god only? Explain!

    Is it that something is/was true because somebody exists/existed, or because you said so, or because you bolded your “MUST”?

    So Stalin, Hitler, etc., were real = what they spoke was true.
    Osama and his company are real = their words are true, etc.

    This “logic” is something like:
    “If the flower is red, then I MUST be 6 ft tall”.

    This is neither theory nor logic, sorry, this is ….

    Unfortunately, that is typical “logic” of people “defending” god from atheists: Everything they say MUST be true!


    “Final thought. I drank the milk, crushed the carton and buried it in the landfill. Went back three days later…the carton was still there.”

    Really!? Wow!!!

    Why don’t you try it with 100 dollars?
    Perhaps you will find 1000 after 3 days!

    I forgot my car key locked in the car, and found it there after 3 days! Miracle! Glory Hallelooya! Only, I could not reach them without an expert’s help, as I had no spare key.

  84. on 06 Dec 2008 at 9:22 pm 84.Severin said …

    “I want to live my life hating whoever I want to hate, cheating whenever I feel like cheating, lying whenever I want to lie, stealing whenever and whatever I want to steal, swearing whoever and whoever I want to swear, drinking whenever I want to drink and smoke whenever I want to smoke (and if it’s bad for my health that’s my business) without anyone threatening me of hell.I can get away with whatever bad thing I do without being threatened by those silly believers that I will be called to account.”


    I want to live my life LOVING whoever I vant to love, TALKING THE TRUTH whnever I please, NOT stealing EVER, NOT drinking, NOT lying, etc.
    I have no hate, no need to lie, no need to cheat or steel, even no need to drink. Unfortunately, I do smoke, but, for example, I NEVER in my life even tryed any drug, be it “soft” or “heavy”. And I will not!

    More or less (much more “more” than “less”!) I lived my life this way!

    I never felt need to be threatened by hell or prized with heven to avoid lying, steeling, drinking, …I had a good life, NEVER lived on anybody’s account, never on enybody’s back, and I could say that the main “guidance thought” in my life was:
    Do not do to other what you would not like other to do to you!
    Be it another human being, dog, littering the street, whatever what could endanger another being (not only human!), or existance of life, in general (not only human, again).

    This simple “commandment” could replace all other commandments, including (poor!)god’s ten commandments. Find one to which this one could not be applied!

    This was the main rule in my life, and I never felt need for any god to tell me what to do or not to do.

    So I WAS A GOOD MAN without anybody’s guidance, except guidances of my parents (not religious), my friends, my techers, but before all – my helathy mind, which developed FREE of threatenings and promisses from “higher jurisdiction”.

    No need to be sarcastic in defending your opinion!

    Sex before marriage – oh, YES! And after marriage, and all the time!

    I, and tens of people I personally knew, have NEVER had any veneric disease, and regarding abortion, I know more ladies which had it DURING the marriage, than those who had it BEFORE marriage (please see statistics!).
    All those people, including me, were, EDUCATED how to handle our bodies, not to get any desease or get pregnant.

    There is a proverb in my language which could be translated in English something like: “Love for love (or sex for sex) and cheese for money”.
    So if two parts agree to have a pleasure of sex, being informed how to prevent deseases and/or pregnancy, what could be wrong in it?

  85. on 08 Dec 2008 at 12:09 pm 85.Phileah said …

    I really don’t want to post anymore comments on this website, Severine, for the very reasons that the people I’m dealing with here are hard core atheists and would need a little more than an argument to convert them, they need prayers, including yourself. So let me post my last comment:

    I was not being sarcastic then and I’m not being sarcastic now. I was only trying to speak the mind of what a typical unbelieving person who refuses to accept God thinks and reasons and how absurd it sounds when hearing it from someone else other than yourself.

    You see how ridiculous it sounds? These are the very thoughts that dominate someone who refuses to accept God, the only difference being that they are not spoken out bluntly as I’ve layed them at the table in my previous post.

    You supposedly corrected me by saying you want the freedom to love whoever you want to love and talking the truth whenever you please (without being forced or what do you mean?)…Hmm, that sounds as if you were saying you would also want to lie wehenver you feel like it and if you don’t feel like telling the truth, you don’t have to.Right?

    You are complimenting exactly what I’m trying to point out, except you are trying to sugarcoat your argument. As for the love, Nobody prevented you from loving whoever you want to love, infact, God commands that, but there are those who hate others and mistreat them and want the freedom to do so without being questioned.

    Let’s face it Severine, this world is full of evil because people have the freedom to do so, never mind those who go to prison because there are those who cheat, lie and gossip about others and get away with it and do not like it when they are being told that there’s a possibility they will be questioned about their actions one day.

    They do not like it including yourself!! No matter in what way you try to justify your point, the real issue here is that there is EVIL because people have told God they want to do it their own way without anyone questioning them.

    As for pregnancies, STD’s and abortions, just because you are part of the lucky percentage that was not affected does not mean it is not happening, other people have different stories to tell so speak for yourself.And as for saying you do not do this or that, don’t forget that every human being has their own weaknesses.

    Yes, you may not be a drug addict but your weakness differs from the other but the point is that it is there!! All sin is equal before God, whether you are a murderer or a candy theft…sin is sin and it is this kind of sin that people want the freedom to do, whether it’s to smoke a cigar or rob a bank. Just admit you are a sinner (Like myself) and repent and stop trying to defend yourself please because it’s not going to help you.

  86. on 08 Dec 2008 at 12:40 pm 86.Phileah said …

    Dear, Severine,

    Please don’t get me wrong. I know I’m being hard on you but I’m trying to point out facts here. We are all born sinners in this world, whether you have never killed a fly or not, whether you believe in brotherly love or not. That’s why you will never find anyone perfect no matter how good they are claimed to be, there will always be that one thing that they call their weakness point and that’s where the sin comes in.

    You may be a people’s person but you might have a weakness of dishonesty. In every human being, there is one bad thing or another and that’s why the Bible says we are all sinners, whether you are sitting in a prison cell or just a family man at home.

    All you need to do is admit you are a sinner and allow Jesus to cleanse you, yes, you will still have your weaknesses as long as you are human but the important thing is taking the step to admit you are a sinner. Denying it is not going to help you. It’s like denying a Cancer in your body and refuse treatment just because you do not see any symptoms.

    And denying the very God who wants to set you free is even worst. Unlike human beings who classify sins into bigger or smaller ones, God calls a spade as spade. There is no small, medium or large sin before Him. Sin is sin and all of us are sinners…

  87. on 26 Dec 2008 at 10:20 pm 87.Breadman said …

    If the God of the Bible is real, then what He says must be true because the Bible says He cannot lie. Simple logic…but I’m sure you never read it. Sorry, I assumed you were smart, and had a college education, etc, etc.

  88. on 28 Dec 2008 at 8:03 pm 88.loved one said …

    “Simple logic”

    that’s the most twisted logic I’ve encountered.
    It’s akin to the three year old’s logic “It’s true because I SAY it’s true!”

    nice try, but not very convincing…

  89. on 05 Jan 2009 at 10:32 am 89.anonymous said …

    Loved One, with all due respect,what u need is not 2 be convinced…what u need is the Holy Spirit to “convict” u of your sins and 2 encounter God for yourself.

    You can start by ending your denial of his existence and challenging him to reveal himself to you if he is really out there. Tell him you are tired of hearing him from other people and want to experience him yourself…trust me, he will give u a life changing experience and I’m talking from experience.

    The Bible says if you search him with all your heart, you will find him.
    God does not want us to sit at a table and argue about his existence, he wants us to search for him ourselves and to dare to challenge him to make himself known to us.

  90. on 05 Jan 2009 at 1:27 pm 90.Hermes said …

    anonymous, when you spell the word you like this — u — you look like a moron. How do you expect to convince anyone if you can’t even form a proper sentence?

    Additionally, we know what your religious book says. Many non-Christians know what it says better than Christians since we aren’t blind to the text by wishing that it will say what we want it to say. In the aggregate, it is a nasty book for slaves, with a few good spots that are mostly borrowed from other religions and cultures before it. I’ve found more per-page wisdom in the Tao Te Ching.

    If you don’t like my answer, and want to discuss this — since I am able to change my mind when talked with as opposed to preached at — you can find me in the forums;


  91. on 07 Jan 2009 at 4:15 am 91.loved one said …

    Sorry anonymous, I do not wish to become a “convict”. For some reason that just doesn’t sound appealing to me.
    And as a matter of fact, I have challenge him and he failed to present himself on countless occasions. I gave more than half my life in a vain attempt. while I don’t regret those valuable learning experiences, I have no desire whatsoever to return to the days of wishful thinking.

  92. on 11 Jan 2009 at 10:34 am 92.new idea? said …

    I enjoyed reading this blog and the various points of view, and would like to offer my own of God and science.

    I think you’re arguing against the idea of a Christian God which I agree with, I don’t believe in the Christian idea of God. But I think the existence of a higher being is possible, and not such a delusion. I think of God in the broadest sense, as the thing that binds the human race together. To me, God is evolution, in our DNA, God is our basic will to live and live better than the other animals on the planet. In this vein of thought, God is love, altruism and kindness. Basically how far along we’ve come from being cavemen. In fact, I think I could even worship that idea, hold sacred that idea that we as human beings are a work in progress. It’s a stretch, but as a scientist, it’s all about stretches to prove/disprove. There is a lot of research being done on the interconnectedness of everything, which sparked the whole God-and-science-as-one debate.

    My practical argument for religion:

    Human beings need both reality/rationality and idealism/faith. I think that’s how people function, when it comes down to it, whether it’s in our individual lives or as a society. Faith/religion, at its core, is idealism about being a good person. But groups of people living together will always form some sort of government, and it’s up to the intelligentsia to figure out how to work both reality and idealism into their campaign — social Darwinism? God/religion itself isn’t a bad idea, it’s the narrow interpretation of God that leads to the violence and intolerance. Leaders take that narrow interpretation and manipulate people to do extreme things. But idealism/faith, despite its vulnerability, is a need. You need to have faith that no matter what happens, it’s worth the fight and in the end, everything’s gonna be okay. Even if your way of approaching that faith is through some organized religion with its own agenda. Religion is a way of giving faith some oomph. By oomph I mean age and mystical quality – where the fables and miracles of the Bible come in. Ancient things are always more special because they give you the feeling that we’re part of a bigger picture. Regardless of what the truth may be about God and what God is really like, people cannot survive without some form of faith. I’ve been around some of the most downtrodden people in the world, and when you hit rock-bottom, belief in the bigger picture is a survival skill. IE: What’s best for the amputee? I guess you would argue that the amputee should accept it in an existential way, like random shit just happens and you just deal with it. But I think said amputee would live a happier life believing that this tragedy happened for a reason unknown to him at the moment but would ultimately be a good thing, out of faith. It’s hard to say.

    No doubt Christianity is worthy of study. It is an interesting idea that turned into a social phenomenon, because of a powerful mix of politics, events (such as the crucifixion of Christ) and various other cultural factors that collided at the right time. But I think it may be on its way out in favor of broader, more inclusive ideas of God. Probably explains the popularity of the Eckhart Tolle books. Science shouldn’t exclude the study of how people function individually and in groups, in real life. Scientists, a.k.a. geeks, have traditionally done their thinking outside of the popular social norm — but as science/geekiness becomes the new ruling idea, it must not forget to strike a balance between hard, objective rationality and nice, fuzzy, subjective ideas to keep us going.

  93. on 11 Jan 2009 at 11:48 am 93.new idea? said …


    To educate the Christians.

    It is very short-sighted to read the Christian Bible and its parables through a modern lens, or worse, to take it literally. To truly understand it, you have to read it as a political and historical textbook.

    The Old Testament records how a nation was formed and built. If you look at it from a clean slate, it’s about how the nation of Israel was founded. This tribe of people claimed that there was one God and to be the Chosen People of this one God. In reading the OT, you will find this country’s laws, cultural practices (regarding slavery, women, food, etc.) and its ideas of morality according to God. It was written and put together by men who set up temple and government, and unified their subjects.

    You’ll also find themes that are distinctly Judaic in the OT. IE:

    1. The practice of projecting sacrifice onto a bystander; Abraham was supposed to sacrifice his son, but at the last minute, they killed a lamb in his place.

    2. Prophecies about a divine descendant of David coming back to take the throne as the King of Israel, also called the Son of God.

    3. Various covenants with God.

    4. Many many metaphors and interpretations of certain images.

    5. A LOT of Jewish guilt. Sinning and whatnot.

    All this is especially relevant to understanding the New Testament. Again with a clean slate, imagine the time at which the events happened –

    1. The appearance of the prophet Jesus Christ, who claimed to be the Son of God and went around performing miracles. This actually isn’t the special part. There were a couple of prophets back in the day who claimed the same thing and also went around performing miracles and healing people. The surprising thing is how Christ died.

    2. The crucifixion of Christ (proven to be a historical event, as it was recorded in various texts other than the Bible) starts a growing sect of Jews who actually believe he is the prophesized Son of God.

    3. The adoption of Christianity by the then-pagan Roman Empire. Word gets around that the new Jesus cult is growing, and the Romans choose to sponsor it, seeing as the idea of One God/One Government seems to go hand-in-hand. Hence, the rise of the Roman Catholic Church.

    The New Testament is a well-studied addition to the Old Testament. Remember the themes I mentioned earlier? There are countless stories that allude to the inclusion of the Gentiles — and it all centers around Jesus Christ and his miracle work. The usage of Jesus as the sacrificial lamb to conjure up spooky, archaic Old Testament prophecy. Do you think he really fed 5000 people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish? It’s a METAPHOR. God is the bread and fish — not only for Jews, there is enough God to go around. Or how about the confusing story of the Canaanite woman? And note how it evolves from Matthew to Mark to Luke — each version is slightly different, depending on when it was chronologically distributed and what message it’s supposed to represent – regarding Gentile inclusion.

    The New Testament is a political book. Christianity, backed by Roman political agenda, was a means to unite and govern the empire. It was carefully edited over time, according to the needs of the regime. That’s why it’s contradictory at points — love thy neighboring Greek/Roman, smite the enemies of God when the Church needs a war. And how convenient that we were “born sinners” — so let’s forgive and forget about that time we crucified the Son of God. Obviously, it was because we were bad to begin with. But now we’re forgiven because we adopted the religion and used it to stay in power. New covenant, baby!

    Look, I don’t care if you choose to believe the Bible as your personal guidebook to living, and to what degree. Indeed, there is a lot of wisdom in old texts. But please don’t quote Bible verse randomly until you fully understand its relationship to the environment of the time. Some of it will apply to life today — some of it won’t. Learn some history and think for yourself, don’t let others indoctrinate your beliefs without thorough examination.

  94. on 11 Jan 2009 at 12:14 pm 94.Hermes said …

    new idea?, you made quite a few comments…too many for me to reply thoughtfully to in a short blog post.

    If you want to re-post the major chunks as separate threads in the forums, that would be appreciated. Let me know if you do and where I can pick up on your comments…

    Forums; http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/forums/index.php

  95. on 12 Jan 2009 at 10:46 am 95.anonymous said …

    Hermes,the way I choose to write my “yous” is entirely my choice (unless I’m writing an exam or writing a formal report or I’m in a formal environment)apart from that, I don’t have to be forced 2 write formally in order to please U!

    Afterall, this is a social blog based on opinions…you see, that’s why u had the freedom to call me a moron simply because it’s allowed here, isn’t it?

    Any how, I wish u well on your life’s journey without God (both u and Loved One) and I hope at the end of it u will still be able to stand up proudly with your chin in the air (as u are now doing) and say it boldly that u do not need God…because that’s often not the case with people who reject God at the end of their life’s journey.

  96. on 13 Jan 2009 at 4:38 am 96.Hermes said …

    anonymous, then you won’t mind if I laugh and point at ‘yr’ ignorance?

    As for your deity, be honest. When have you ever seen it?

    With such stunning lack of insight and dogmatic adherence to the incorporeal, do you ever get called a lollipop?

  97. on 14 Jan 2009 at 9:08 am 97.anonymous said …

    Lack of insight? No Hermes, just because I do not go in detail about God does not mean I’m empty headed, I simply choose to say very little because, like I said before, you do not need to be convinced…in fact you need to be prayed for. Of course I have so many ways to explain God to you and what he miraculously did in my life, but with a hard core atheist like you, it will go right in your ear and get out the other so why should I even bother. The point is, you KNOW the Truth and you just don’t want to accept it (it’s not a matter of being convinced anymore, it’s a matter of take it or leave it).

    We only tell the Gospel once, if the person still does not believe, it’s up to them and not a matter of giving myself a headache in trying to convince anyone (I’ve then done my part). The Bible does not says “Convince the world that I’m God”, the Bible says “Preach the gospel” and if I have to try hard to make you accept Christ even after you know all there is to know, than I’m not preaching the Gospel anymore, I’m trying to convince you…which does not work.

    Like I said,I wish you well on your journey without God…good luck.

  98. on 14 Jan 2009 at 9:57 am 98.Hermes said …

    anonymous, I find it charming that you are sane enough to drop your instance on your former use of ur. Now, to the content…

    [ read read read ]

    So, you haven’t seen your god God. Got it. But, you find that you do have insight by bringing it up as if it were real. OK.

    I’m a ‘hard core’ atheist am I? Well, here’s the deal. I’m an agnostic atheist. Some gods do not exist, while others I’m willing to be convinced of. To you I have 2 words; show me.

    I’ve read your religious book twice, as well as other religious books like Dyanetics and the Tao te Ching. Of the three, I’d rank them in this order; Dyanetics, Bible, Tao te Ching … from worst to best.

    I’ve talked to people with theology degrees, and some of them I’ve helped them away from literal fantasy of your religious books toward the sanity of accepting reality.

    As you are a hard core Christian and are not willing to step up to the plate — only preach the Gospel — you up front say that you can not be convinced or even question your own beliefs. Meanwhile, I accept reality, and work from knowledge not suppositions or wishes.

    So, as you said … I wish you well on your own journey without any gods. You have none either.

  99. on 14 Jan 2009 at 7:32 pm 99.Severin said …

    If the God of the Bible is real, then what He says must be true because the Bible says He cannot lie. Simple logic…but I’m sure you never read it. Sorry, I assumed you were smart, and had a college education, etc, etc.”

    Clear and simple logic! So if Donald Duck is real, then what he says must be true because The New York Times once said Donald Duck cannot lie.

    However, first of all, if Bible says that god cannot lie, than the Bible itself MUST not be wrong, and MUST be right in everything it says.If everything the Bible says is true, then the next fragments MUST be true, as I retyped them directly from my English copy of Bible (and I have one copy in my language too!):

    Deuteronomy Chapter 3:
    Next we turned and went up along the road toward Bashan, and Og king of Bashan with his whole army marched out to meet us in battle at Edrei. The LORD said to me, “Do not be afraid of him, for I have handed him over to you with his whole army and his land. Do to him what you did to Sihon king of the Amorites, who reigned in Heshbon.” So the LORD our God also gave into our hands Og king of Bashan and all his army. We struck them down, leaving no survivors. At that time we took all his cities. There was not one of the sixty cities that we did not take from them—the whole region of Argob, Og’s kingdom in Bashan. All these cities were fortified with high walls and with gates and bars, and there were also a great many unwalled villages. We completely destroyed them, as we had done with Sihon king of Heshbon, destroying every city—men, women and children. But all the livestock and the plunder from their cities we carried off for ourselves.

    or this also MUST be true:

    Hosea chapter 13:
    Samaria shall bear her guilt, because she has rebelled against her God; they shall fall by the sword, their little ones shall be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women ripped open.

    Is it, or isn’t it true? It is written in Bible, the god’s word, so it MUST be true, according to your “logic”. Consequence: your god is a baby – killer.

    If it isn’t, how the hell can YOU recognize what is and what in’t true? Is your god a baby-killer or not?

    Or, perhaps there is no god at all, so we have solved all our contradictions and dilemmas.

  100. on 14 Jan 2009 at 8:00 pm 100.Severin said …

    “Does this mean you guys don’t celebrate Easter and Christmas? what do you do when the rest of the world joins hands in celebrating the King’s birth?”

    When I was a very little boy, I was aware there was no real Santa, but I adored to meet him and “celebrate” him.

    Why not celebrate something even in case you are aware it is only tradition an legend? Why not take Christmas as a good “excuse” to meet family and friends, which we so rarely meet and have time for them during the year?

    In some 500 years from today, people will probably celebrate Christmas having no idea where it comes from. Perhaps they will celebrate something alse, similar to our situation – we do not celebrate Baal, Ra any more…., but we still have many habits (customs?) and celebrations having roots in old religions.

    To celebrate something, you do not need to BELIEVE in it!

  101. on 14 Jan 2009 at 9:15 pm 101.anonymous said …

    I am just a kid. I dont believe in any gods but my family does. They hate me because of my beliefs. What can I do to heal this madness in my family. Ive tried talking to them but they are christian and naturally…do not listen.

  102. on 14 Jan 2009 at 10:19 pm 102.Hermes said …

    anonymous: “What can I do to heal this madness in my family.”

    That’s a really difficult question, and it depends largely on how old you are, what they think, and not what you say or think.

    [ This comment is getting long, though please don’t skim it for a quick tip. There are things you can do, though most of it will take a change in what you think not what they think. ]

    To start with, realize that the best answer might be to suck it up and pretend.

    That does not mean you have to go out of your way to profess what you don’t think is true. It might be as simple as going to church and saying the words when prompted.

    In my case, I got off light. I was about 8 … maybe 10 … when I thought I figured out that nobody really believes that there was a real person that controlled the universe and had magical powers.

    I figured that only really dumb, old, or really young people were the ones that honestly thought that a magic man existed — but anyone with half a brain cell and a modest education didn’t take it seriously. How could they? The idea was absurd!

    When people talked about God and Jesus, I figured they really were talking about being good and not the supernatural hocus pocus.

    Unfortunately, you know this might not be true.

    A few things to consider;

    1. Be an anthropologist.

    What do I mean? Look and observe the ‘Christians in their natural habitat’. Treat it just like you are observing some tribe in the middle of some distant wilderness. After all, you are witnessing a bizarre ritual that originated with a nomadic cult in the desert.

    Don’t judge them for the nonsense they spout, but be curious about it. After all, it is strange.

    2. Many of the people who say they believe that God is real — or go to events that seem to say they are believers — actually don’t believe a word of it.

    Unfortunately, many of them won’t say this in public, so how can you tell?

    One way is simple. If you go to church, look around while the other people pray with their heads bowed. Anyone else looking around like you instead of praying might not believe any of it either.

    3. Understand that the natives will be angry at times that you don’t respect their powerful spirit in exactly the way they want.

    Even if you don’t try and make them angry, sometimes they will be. Imagine if you were dropped in the middle of the jungle where the natives expect you to eat live bugs. Consider it a good thing that you don’t live there.

    4. Some of the natives will be scared about what other natives will do to them if they speak up. While some of this is not a valid fear, some of it is. People can be bigots. If you haven’t seen it yet, I think this video nails the subject;


    If you want to talk more, go to the forums. I have the same user name there;


    Note: The forums are open to people 13 years old and older.

  103. on 15 Jan 2009 at 12:34 pm 103.anonymous said …

    Hermes, you never cease to amaze me. But I notice you are far beyond reach for help.You speak of “gods”. It doesn’t make sense to serve numerous gods. Just like you cannot have more than two governments in a country or they will envy each other because you are only meant to submit to one or there will be confusion.

    In fact, there is only one God.The moment you serve more than one god, they are not gods anymore…but idols. So I will stick to serving One God and Him only.

    Speaking of helping back your top theologians to reality, you are not helping them, you are robbing them of the hope and freedom found in Jesus Christ and you will be held accountable should they be lost in the pit of hell one day.

    I understand you do not believe there is a God, but dragging other people down the pit with you is not how we do things.If you are going to travel on your voyage to death, travel alone, don’t go and call people walking in the Truth to join you.In fact, my heart aches for those poor souls.

    Be not proud that you have managed to turn away these people from the Truth, you work with evidence, God works with faith and that’s why it was easy for you to turn them away because you gave them all the “believable evidence” as to why they should abandon what Jesus did for them on the cross.I’m saddened.

    You want proof of God you say? If you do not believe what you have heard so far and are attributing the miracles to coincidences and magic tricks and are still waiting for ‘Scientific proof” then you are in for a long wait.I suggest you go and find out the proper meaning of the word “Faith”.I only pray that you understand it properly.

  104. on 15 Jan 2009 at 1:59 pm 104.Gern Blansten said …

    The last commenter is a lost cause. Head in sand, scared of reality.

  105. on 15 Jan 2009 at 9:11 pm 105.Hermes said …

    Gern Blansten: “The last commenter is a lost cause. Head in sand, scared of reality.”

    As they say; ‘Dogma makes you CrAZy!’ :-O

  106. on 15 Jan 2009 at 9:20 pm 106.Arandom Person (call me randy) said …

    I kind of agree with anonymous, does that make me a “lost cause”, too. Tell me. I want to know.

  107. on 15 Jan 2009 at 9:28 pm 107.Arandom Person (call me randy) said …

    I mean I believe in God and I know that there is a higher power controlling the universe, But I don’t understand the relevance of worshipping multiple gods, because which one do you pledge your allegeance to? It’s like having multiple wives… how can you possibly love all of them the same…and even if you could, how couldn’t one of them get jealous and smite you down? Figure out the analogy.

  108. on 15 Jan 2009 at 10:24 pm 108.Hermes said …

    Randy, the anonymous you reference is a rabid monotheist. As I’m a non-theist, I don’t see the relevance of worshiping any deity — but if you do, why the bias against multiple?

    Remember: Just because you don’t believe in the tens of thousands of gods that have been and are now worshiped doesn’t mean that they won’t torture you for your lack of faith. ;-P

  109. on 16 Jan 2009 at 6:09 am 109.anonymous said …

    Gern Blansten

    And you’re scared of the possibility of a hell and that’s why you comfort yourself and choose to pretend it doesn’t exist.But it would be nice if there was no God to give account to or a hell to face after death, wouldn’t it? But that’s just not the case, my friend.I’m sorry.So I’m a lost cause…you’re a lost soul, you should be more worried.

    And Hermes, it’s clear you didn’t do the homework I gave you on finding out what faith is all about, otherwise you wouldn’t be sticking blindly to your exhausted argument of denying God.

  110. on 16 Jan 2009 at 11:06 am 110.Hermes said …

    anonymous: “it’s clear you didn’t do the homework I gave you on finding out what faith is all about”

    Just as you did not investigate the other gods that nobody has proven don’t exist. Or, maybe not?

    Unlike you, though, I’ve actually read some of those other books and have talked to those people … so, you can say I’m superficially informed about gods in general; after all, there are tens of thousands of them. Are you informed at all outside of your narrow niche?

  111. on 16 Jan 2009 at 11:17 am 111.Hermes said …

    anonymous: [ Comment to Gern Blansten ]

    While I could be wrong — a skill you should consider honing — I think I can speak for GB in saying that your joy in hate and misery is as sad as it is laughable.

    If your demonstration here is an example of how to culture a non-existent soul, then you are indeed a miserable poster child for your religion.

    Why don’t you drop the thinly veiled venom and the hate and the sacarine ‘my friend’ comments and actually talk with other people instead of projecting your own traumas?

    Point being: Non-Christians aren’t convinced of the validity of Christianity, else they’d be Christians. Acting like we’re lapsed Christians kinda misses the point.

  112. on 16 Jan 2009 at 11:23 am 112.Hermes said …

    anonymous: “I am just a kid. I dont believe in any gods but my family does. They hate me because of my beliefs. What can I do to heal this madness in my family. Ive tried talking to them but they are christian and naturally…do not listen.”

    I apologize for the delay in my initial response, as the links I provided in it caused my message to be sent to moderation.

    I want you to know that I’ve discussed your comment in private with some other folks, and they have been quite helpful.

    One person added;

    “I would simply say that one doesn’t have to always respect or even like one’s genetic relations, they can be idiots, and it’s perfectly okay to feel this way.”

    To that, I have to say that it shows compassion that you want to heal them of the madness they are inflicted with. Yet, make no mistake, that can be very difficult to do.

    My offer to discuss things with you on the forums is still open, and while I don’t think I’m an ideal person to help there are others that have experience with dealing with family members that cling to religion.

    If you aren’t old enough (13 or older) to join the forums, let me know and I’ll be glad to pass comments back to you.

  113. on 16 Jan 2009 at 11:39 am 113.Gern Blansten said …

    “think I can speak for GB in saying that your joy in hate and misery is as sad as it is laughable.”

    The only thing I’d add is “and frustrating.” What a great world this could be without religion.

  114. on 18 Jan 2009 at 6:37 pm 114.Hermes said …

    Gern Blansten: “What a great world this could be without religion.”

    Indeed. To be people of books and inspection not of a book alone would be a step in the right direction.

  115. on 06 Feb 2009 at 5:31 am 115.Rycharde said …

    just added your blog to my feeds here

    If you’d like to expand on the description or add anything feel free to leave a comment.

  116. on 19 Feb 2009 at 9:00 am 116.Werner said …

    Hi just to add something, i had a look at the so called proof that was given as to why God does not exist, it has a lot to do mwith sience i see, cause sience needs a explanation, sience is also cloning poeple, and animals, so lets see they need proof, ok look to the sky look to the ground, what did all that just appear, no God made it He also made me, and one of the greatest gifts i recieved was free will. One thing i believe in God, so lets say i dei, and there is no heaven, would i have lost anything, no, butlets say there is a God, what would you have lost when you dei?

  117. on 19 Feb 2009 at 12:30 pm 117.Gern Blansten said …

    Werner is more or less illiterate. He also doesn’t recognize Pascal’s Wager. Do a search, Werner.

  118. on 19 Feb 2009 at 8:31 pm 118.Hermes said …

    Gern, I agree. That is all!

  119. on 01 Mar 2009 at 7:13 pm 119.Jermethius said …

    I would like to say just a couple of things about the proofs presented on the God is Imaginary website.

    First, I can’t help, but notice that nowhere on the site does the author reveal his/herself. If this is truly his/her proud opinion then he/she should reveal him/herself to the world and take ownership of their work. If on the off chance that I have overlooked it then, I apologize, but I have explored the site, blog, and forums as deeply as I could and couldn’t find a reference to the author. If the information is there some place it is buried quite deep.

    Secondly, in direct response to the 50 proofs, prayer relies on faith. The scriptures used to “prove” most of the writer’s arguments directly point to faith, sincerity, and true desire. The verse that seems to come up most often in the essay is Matthew 7:7. I would just like to counter with the idea that when Jesus is speaking he is addressing those who believe and have at least a little faith in what they are doing. Ironically if you read down chapter 7 a bit further you will come to verses 21-23 where Jesus goes on to say…

    “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.”

    In this alone Jesus points out that God does not cater to every little whim and fancy of His people. If he won’t do it for His people why would he do it for those who spit in His face? Consider a child who is constantly disrespectful to his parents and doesn’t do what he is told and constantly acts out. However, when he wants something he comes to them apologetic with words of blessings and praise. Does a good parent give in to the child’s fancy especially when they know he is going to return to old ways the moment he gets what he wants?

    If we are praying for something just because we want proof of God or are trying to prove God to others then we are wasting our time. If you truly believe then you have already found your proof and if you are trying to prove God to someone else, then stop, let him or her seek his or her own proof. For the person who does the work appreciates the outcomes more than the one that the work is done for him.

    The essay goes on to suggest that Jesus said that everything would come about in our time frame. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that God will answer our prayers instantly. The only promise he makes concerning the timing of answered prayers is that when we truly wish to have him in our life that we will be saved in that moment. Beyond that no promises are made. In fact, the only real reference to time made is in 2 Peter 3:8: But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

    God will answer the prayers of his children in His time. This again is not unlike a parent who responds to a child’s request with a maybe, we’ll see, or not right now. Because the parent possibly knows something that the child does not and knows that now is not the time for the child’s request to be granted, but later it will be better or perhaps it will never be, but the parent has his/her reasons either way and does not always explain them.

    I have presented the idea of the child/parent relationship with God; I feel that I should make one popular misconception very clear. Many people will tell you that everyone is the child of God this is not true. The Bible never makes that claim. We are all God’s creation, but until we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and God as the Father then we are not the child of God and thus can’t expect to benefit from the “family privileges” as any parent would attest, just because you give it to your children doesn’t mean you will give it to the neighbors’ kids too.

  120. on 01 Mar 2009 at 8:09 pm 120.Gern Blansten said …

    It’s like whack-a-mole around here.

    Godbots popping up all over.

  121. on 01 Mar 2009 at 11:23 pm 121.Hermes said …

    Jermethius, the multitude of authors of this web site are part of the leadership of the Illuminati of the Grand Pobah. If I were you, I would not go looking for them. ;-}

    As for the other comments you made, they would take a bit of time to address. If you want to join the forums, do so and let me know. I’ll repost your comments there;


  122. on 05 Mar 2009 at 8:36 pm 122.Matt said …

    God answers our prayers within the realm of human capabilities. For example, it is humanly possible for one’s one budy to kill cancerous tumors without any assistance, but God can assist us if it is his will and we pray to him. The body cannot, however regrow entire structures of the body that are missing. For another example, it is possible for me to ingest a large quantity of poison, yet conditions within my body prevent me from recieving a fatal dose. Maybe with prayer, God can help alter those conditions in my body so that the poison is not absorbed. Point being, God does not make us superhuman, and although miracles do occur, they are rare nonetheless and we cannot doubt God just because he doesnt prevent everyone from dying or becoming injured.

  123. on 05 Mar 2009 at 8:37 pm 123.Matt said …

    God answers our prayers within the realm of human capabilities. For example, it is humanly possible for one’s one body to kill cancerous tumors without any assistance, but God can assist us if it is his will and we pray to him. The body cannot, however regrow entire structures of the body that are missing. For another example, it is possible for me to ingest a large quantity of poison, yet conditions within my body prevent me from recieving a fatal dose. Maybe with prayer, God can help alter those conditions in my body so that the poison is not absorbed. Point being, God does not make us superhuman, and although miracles do occur, they are rare nonetheless and we cannot doubt God just because he doesnt prevent everyone from dying or becoming injured.

  124. on 05 Mar 2009 at 8:38 pm 124.Matt said …

    sorry about my double post I tried to correct a spelling error and realized that i couldn’t deleat the original post!

  125. on 05 Mar 2009 at 9:09 pm 125.Gern Blansten said …

    Matt, which god are you referring to? Zeus? Ba’al? Yahweh? Mordak? Ra? Quetzcoatl?

    If you don’t believe in Zeus, please tell me why not. Then I’ll use that same logic to “prove” that Yahweh doesn’t exist.

    Also, please tell me why you think the bible is “correct,” and the Koran is “incorrect.”

  126. on 05 Mar 2009 at 10:03 pm 126.Hermes said …

    Matt, since what you said contradicts the Christian Bible, what deity are you talking about when you use the proper name “God”?

    For reference, here’s what I mean by your deity not being the one in the Christian Bible;


    If you want we can discuss your deity, though this site is mostly directed toward Christians.

  127. on 21 Mar 2009 at 1:09 am 127.A.nastasia said …

    I assume you can see the email address included here, even though it “will not be published”? Just wondering if I’ve found the correct MD from a Forum a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… (well, not all *that* far, but I didn’t wanna ruin the scansion) If it’s you, let me know! Or look for me & other fornmer forumnicators on FcBk.
    [ANyhoo, sorry to mess up your workspace here, hope I’ve got the right person, hope you can delete this if you want.]

  128. on 22 Mar 2009 at 11:55 am 128.Darrell said …

    Just been reading through the long list of comments here, interesting stuff. Good to see believers and non-believers voicing their opinions.

    To all the believers out there the only logical choice for you is to stick to whats in the bible and not what your religion, church or preacher tells you to believe, your god has given you free will to choose your path and a book to serve him by so if you dont follow his words correctly how can you truly believe and most importantly understand? The bible (the word of god) should be the corner stone of all religion not the twisted word of man. This is just my opinion made from reading the bible.

    To the non-believers keep on doing whatever you want because you seem to have the universe all worked out and your not affraid to admit it, its your choice not to believe in god so good for you, making a choice is the only freedom we have so use that freedom to your own satisfaction.
    Again this is just my insignificant point of view with information I have from listening to and reading articles from non_believers.

    To people like me with an open mind keep seeking knowledge and listen to others, no one knows for certain whats true or false in this matter and to say otherwise is an act of arrogance and stupidity.

    To everyone I say voice your point of view but dont tell someone that what they believe is wrong, we all have free will to believe what we want and no person has the right to tell you otherwise. I know this subject makes people passionate about their beliefs but step back for a second and think to yourself “do I really want to force my beliefs onto another?” If your answer is NO then voice your opinion respectfully, there is nothing wrong with a little friendly debate. Every sane person would answer no.
    If your answer is YES then your a lost cause ( fucking moronic filth ), forcing your beliefs onto another is a form of abuse, only the true scum of the earth would do such a thing. People like this cannot be reasoned with.

    So to all on this website if you disagree with someones comment dont personally attack their integrity and beliefs, everyone has their own point of view regardless of it being right or wrong in your own eyes. Just use whatever facts you have to voice your opinion, not to try to change someones mind or beliefs but to say ” hey just take a look from this angle for second and see what you think about my view ” You never know you might like it!!

  129. on 22 Mar 2009 at 12:32 pm 129.Gern Blansten said …

    Darrell, your agenda is transparent. Have the guts to say what you really mean.

  130. on 22 Mar 2009 at 12:56 pm 130.Darrell said …

    My agenda is transparent???? I didnt realise I had an agenda Gern, WOW you must be a truly remarkable person you seem to know me better than i know myself. Im so sorry you dont have the mental capacity to understand my opinions Gern, your the only one who needs to grow some balls and say what you really mean. Check my responce to your comment on the other page Gern and answer me.
    Again Ill say sorry that Ive to resort to slander and trash talk but you deserve to receive the type of language you dish out.
    You have the right to speak your mind Gern but you dont seem to be able to say anything of substance so just keep on having a go at everyones opinions and rock yourself to sleep at night in your bed of blissfull ignorance.
    Oh yeah one more thing I guess you answered YES to the above question, wouldnt supprise me in the least, but feel free to prove me wrong oh great master of all knowledge

  131. on 23 Mar 2009 at 9:03 am 131.Darrell said …

    To all the believers out there, I would just like to point out 2 things that Ive noticed alot of you saying on here.
    1 Hell
    2 Sin
    1 Ive seen some talk of believers mentioning going to hell, please if your a believer read your bible as it is supposed to be the truth of your God, is it not? All your answers are in the bible, thats if your a believer. It says when we die we cease to exist, no soul or spirit lives on, so how can there be a hell, the bible states there is no hell and no life after death so no need to worry then is there. It also states that God will bring everyone that has died back to life when he brings his kingdom the the earth, so again for you believers you have nothing to fear of hell.

    2 Some have mentioned sins and that jesus will clear you of all sins if you ask him to. Again read your bible as it says that as we are all born sinners what we do in our lifetime will have no impact on being brought back to life, so sin your hearts out people :) Your bible tells you that you will be brought back to life nomatter what sins you commited during your life and you will be given the choice to follow Gods laws and live forever or disobey his laws and die.
    See all you non-believers and opened minded people there is a place for you too in the christian bible, you will get your chance to believe, thats if the bible is true of course.

    I feel sorry for alot of the people that believe in God because religion has warped and twisted the only thing that gives you proof of your God, the bible. So if you do believe in god read your bible to seek your truths dont listen to the tainted word of man.

    Non-believers read whatever you want to as you dont believe anyway but I do urge you to read the bible only to gain another perspective into the christian realm and to try to understand why they do believe in God.

  132. on 24 Mar 2009 at 6:33 pm 132.Severin said …

    Sorry to see Darrell dos not see the difference between forcing someone’s beliefs onto another, and debate, in which everybody is saying no more than his/her opinion.

    All the religions FORCE their opinion onto another people! Untill recently, in Christianity, it was extremely dangerous to oposit such forcing. Remeber Giordano Bruno? Remeber burned blasphemists in 18th century? Remember The Holy Inquisition and their tortures?
    In some other religions oposing such forcing is lethal even today!

    If religion promoters would only expose their opinion and limit themself to debates only,it would be a nice change! Even today, in many countries, they DO NOT TOLERATE another opinion and use their power (sometimes hidden)to exclude anyone having different thoughts from society. They FORCE their opinion onto another.
    I, and most other atheists, do not agree with many opinions but we TOLERATE them. We do not force, do not hate, we only talk.

    I saw no forcing in anyone’s discussion here, only opinions one may or may not accept, and – as they are said in public – everyone has right to give his, as an oposite opinion or as an acceptance of somebody’s one, or as a question, etc.

    The target of each debate IS to change someone’s opinion using more or less correct arguments, so what’s wrong with this? Shall we all only keep our mouths shut? Why would you call it “forcing” and give the names (fucking moroic flith) to people oposing other people in decent (verbal) way, without use of “fucking moronic fliths”?

    If there were no oposing, if people would let others to think and do what they want through centuries, we would today have slavory, or dark middle age.`

    Finally, what was really your point? To “alow” us “ignorants” to stay burried in our own beliefs, without right to discuss, without right to exchange thoughts and opinions, without right to LEARN?

  133. on 24 Mar 2009 at 11:18 pm 133.Hermes said …

    Severin, well said.

  134. on 25 Mar 2009 at 4:11 am 134.Darrell said …

    Severin, finally someone who is willing to talk and exchange ideas.
    I agree with pretty much everything you just said.

    You tell me your an atheist I respect that as it is your right to believe what you will. I on the other hand dont like to class myself as anything making me a truly free willed free thinking person.
    You see Severin many like myself believe when you call yourself an atheist its no different than saying your catholic or muslim or christian etc… its your religion based on information that all atheists believe to be the same. Does this not make you a collective mind?
    Just a question Severin Im in no way stating a fact.

    Im not here to say that god does or doesnt exist, to do so is pure arrogance as I can in no way provide any evidence to try to prove either to be true.

    Your description of debate I find questionable. I will not say your wrong and Im right as it goes against my beliefs to do so.
    I thought a debate was to get the other side to accept your opinion not to convert the other party. You also stated the use of ‘correct arguments’. That means you must be 100% certain of your argument and have unquestionable evidence or proof of the claim. I do accept that but not in full as it depends on the topic of debate.
    For example the debate here is the existence of GOD, a debate that has been going for thousands of years and will continue to do so as it cant be proven from either side.

    Now my talk of forcing ones views onto another.
    No one in their right mind would try to force their views or beliefs onto another as Im sure you would agree.
    You said you havent seen anyone doing that on here, ok fair enough but I have seen it and got the person to publicly state it.
    Please refer to the blog How We Should Treat All Christians, comment #47.
    I say to Hermes “I find you on here trying to bash your views into others minds”
    Hermes responce “you would be supprised how often it works” then goes on to gloat about the people he has so called helped.

    Does it not clearly show the accusation I made to be true?

    Now refer to the blog The Best Article Ever, comment #41.
    I say “nomatter what you believe someone will believe something else and you cant tell them otherwise”
    Hermes responce “yeah we can”

    That to me again clearly shows he has the right to tell someone what they believe is incorrect.
    All we can say is we dont agree with the belief not that its true or false and you must believe in something other than that.

    I dont know how you see this Severin but would like to know so please comment freely.

    If you look at the other blogs the so called debate between Hermes and I has devolved into a personal attack on eachother. I continue to ask him questions and receive only insults. Same problem with Gern aswell.

    I thank you Severin for your comment without a personal attack or adding insults. You simply pointed out where you disagree with my comment leaving opportunity for me to respond. As do I return the favor. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  135. on 25 Mar 2009 at 4:13 am 135.Darrell said …

    As for you Hermes why are you still here?

  136. on 25 Mar 2009 at 8:38 am 136.Darrell said …

    Severin, also I do apologise for the language I used earlier.
    From your statement Im under the impression that you thought I was directing it at people who disagree or have a different opinions.
    It was purely directed at those who force their beliefs onto others (as you quoted some religions etc..).
    Sorry if you thought otherwise.

  137. on 26 Mar 2009 at 7:43 pm 137.Mike said …

    Ahh!!! the debate about God.

    If God does not exsist why does an athiest bother arguing the point. I believe in God. I do not beleive in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny and I do not bother arguing with those who do.

    Does an atheist argue agaisnt God because he has his own releigion called HUMANISM? Well that’s what I get out of this website. Let’s all be HUMANISTS.

    If God does not exist then “MIGHT” makes “RIGHT”. If Germany won WWII the Nazism would be the law of the land. Jews, Gypsies, the menatlly retarded, the infermed, etc. would be exterminated. YEAH for HUMANISM!!!

    Margret Sanger and her crew in
    the 1920’s promoted “cleansing of the human race” by killing off blacks, browns, yellows, retarded, etc. YEAH for HUMANISM!!! Kill ’em all and nobody to sort them out.

    As for me, any belief that confounds, confuses, deflates, and defeats HUMANISM is better then HUMANISM, even if it means believing in a “lucky rabbits foot”.

    Now why doesn’t God heal amputees? Because God’s plan is to restore mankind to his rightful place in creation before man fell and unfortunately this earth has fallen and is fading away.

    Before I go any further let me say this, my life is very very bad. God has not granted my prayers and I am overwhelmed daily by grief and sadness. So why I do still belive in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? Because in al this I learned complete and total submission to God surrendering everything I have in this life to Him.

    Non-believers will say about me “what an idiot” and if you don’t believe I would have to agree with them but I found “that pearl of great price” which has provided me with a sense of “awareness” of greater things in creation.

    Because of this “awareness” I have become in a sense an “alien”. Not like those “Heaven’s Gate” guys looking to ride off on a comet but realizing that this world is not for me. A better life and a better world await me.

    It’s funny because when I first read the arguments on this website I understood the arguements and at first I wanted to argue against them but I’ve been moved by the Spirit in a different direction.

    For those who refuse to believe that is your choice. For those who do belive and were disturbed by the arguements presented, remember as St. Paul says “we are aliens and are looking toward a better world”.

    May the peace of Christ Jesus be with you all.

  138. on 26 Mar 2009 at 9:35 pm 138.Lou said …

    Well stated Mike. When mankind becomes no more than another animal in the link of evolution, why shouldn’t the laws of the wild apply? I think you are on to something there.

  139. on 26 Mar 2009 at 10:11 pm 139.Gern Blansten said …

    Evolution is descriptive. It can be immoral only if attempting to accurately describe nature is immoral.

    Any morals derived from evolution would have to recognize the fact that humans have evolved to be social animals. In a social setting, cooperation and even altruism lead to better fitness (Wedekind and Milinski 2000). The process of evolution leads naturally to social animals such as humans developing ethical principles such as the Golden Rule.

    Some bad morals, such as eugenics and social Darwinism, are based on misunderstandings of evolution. Therefore, it is important that evolution be taught well to negate such misunderstandings.

    Despite claims otherwise, creationism has its own problems. For one thing, it is founded on religious bigotry, so the foundation of creationism, by most standards, is immoral.

    Probably the most effective weapon against bad morals is exposure and publicity. Evolution (and science in general) is based on a culture of making information public.

    Scientists are their own harshest critics. They have developed codes of ethical behavior for several circumstances, and they have begun to talk about a general ethics (Rotblat 1999). Creationists have nothing similar.

    Some people feel better about themselves by demonizing others. Those people who are truly interested in morals begin by looking for immorality within themselves, not others.

  140. on 26 Mar 2009 at 10:12 pm 140.Gern Blansten said …

    Evolution does not teach that humans are animals; biology in general does (and so does the Bible, in Ecclesiastes 3:18-21). More specifically, humans are a species of primate, which is a category of mammal, which is a category of vertebrate, which is a category of animal. This was known more than 2000 years ago.

    “Behaving like animals” does not mean anything, because different animals behave in different ways. A part of human behavior is the ability of people to learn and to modify their behavior according to cultural norms. Evolution teaches that people behave like humans.

    Creationism teaches that similarities are designed, that God designed our bodies to be like animals. If God designed us to be like animals, then (creationism teaches) we should behave like animals.

  141. on 26 Mar 2009 at 10:12 pm 141.Gern Blansten said …

    The above are from Talk Origins.

  142. on 26 Mar 2009 at 11:38 pm 142.Hermes said …

    Gern Blansten, RE: #140 above. Posted the Bible reference to a thread in the forums;



  143. on 27 Mar 2009 at 12:34 am 143.Gern Blansten said …

    You’re welcome.

    The truth is, it gets so tiresome hearing these inane claims, it’s easier just to cut and paste from Talk Origins.

    Granted, the person making the inane claim is unlikely to even read what I paste, but maybe some passerby will benefit.

    But you know all this better than I do!

  144. on 27 Mar 2009 at 4:01 am 144.Hermes said …

    I think Mike makes a wonderful point.
    You see Im now at a point in my life where Im questioning my faith.
    Its still hard to believe in god though as how can the one you talk of exist when Im the only true god!!!!

  145. on 27 Mar 2009 at 8:30 am 145.Darrell said …


    I read your link above.
    If humans are not animals then what are we?

    Most species of animal are better by far than our own species. Humans are the only species on the earth that dont make sence and dont fit into any system other than the one we have created for ourselves.

    Every other animal species is in harmony with nature and the earth. We are not!

    Brings up another line of questions as to the purpose and origin of humans.

  146. on 27 Mar 2009 at 9:01 am 146.Lou said …

    From Life Application Notes. I though you might enjoy this view of Scripture you quoted.

    “Our bodies can’t live forever in their present state. In that sense, humans and animals are alike. But Solomon acknowledged that God has given people the hope of eternity (see the note on Eccl 3:11), and that we will undergo judgment in the next life (Eccl 3:17; 12:7,14) — making us different from animals. Because man has eternity set in his heart, he has a unique purpose in God’s overall plan. Yet we cannot discover God’s purpose for our lives by our own efforts — only through building a relationship with him and seeking his guidance.” —Life Application Bible Notes

    Also check Ecc 12:7 & Gen 1:26 for verification.

    Gern you exactly right about the bodies of man and animals. According to Scripture, it is the soul & spirit, created by God that makes us unique.


  147. on 27 Mar 2009 at 10:01 am 147.Darrell said …


    Hermes will still disagree nomatter what you try to say.
    In the quote it says ‘that we will undergo judgement in the next life’. Many christians confuse that with meaning we live on after we die but the bible states when we are dead we are dead.
    Different religions have twisted it to talk of hell and such.
    I think you and I know what its trying to say. The next life is when god brings everyone back from the dead and judgement day begins ( 1000 years ) for everyone to learn of god and his will.

    Nice to think that it might be true isnt it.
    Just trys to give people some hope for the future.
    Nothing wrong with that but atheists will disagree for they want no one to have hope for anything as they are sad bitter negative people.

  148. on 27 Mar 2009 at 10:39 am 148.Hermes said …

    Darrell, what reason do I have to reply to you?

    Make it a good one.

  149. on 27 Mar 2009 at 12:07 pm 149.Severin said …

    ‘correct arguments’
    I did not say that! I said “more or less correct arguments”!

    “Now why doesn’t God heal amputees? Because God’s plan is to restore mankind to his rightful place in creation before man fell and unfortunately this earth has fallen and is fading away.”
    Why, then, he DOES heal cancer, as many of you believe? What is the difference?

    “Does an atheist argue agaisnt God because he has his own releigion called HUMANISM?”
    Of course not! The ateists argue against God the same way people argue against smoking, taking drogs and alcohol.
    All religions together made much more bad things to human race than all cigarettes, drugs and alcohol consumed through human history, this is my opinion, and they (religions) should be treated the same way as the other a.m. desasters.

    “So why I do still belive in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit?”
    I am sincerely sorry for you bad life, but perhaps it would be better if you believed in Allah, maybe that one will answer your preyers (the first part of the sentence is not ironic, the second is up to you to estimate!).

    “If humans are not animals then what are we?”
    Why is it so important? We are humans, why is it necessary to classify us?

    “Every other animal species is in harmony with nature and the earth. We are not!”
    EVERY (but EVERY!) other animal is dramatically changing its surrounding. In that way, a mouse is in perfect harmony with nature, as well as ants, cancer viruses, lions, etc.

    Finally:Why should I, or anybody, prove that god does not exist? The god existance was stated thousends years before anybody dared to say he does not exist, without any evidences. So I shall inform you about my evidences when after somebody give me his about god’s exiastance.
    If god was not invented, nobody would ever be forced to expose evidences he does not exist.

    Of course, I do not accept “evidences” such as “There is written in the Bible, so it must be the truth”

    (Eternal life)”Just trys to give people some hope for the future.” -as a drug, to move their attention from how they were exploitet in this life by those who invented the story, I would say.

  150. on 27 Mar 2009 at 3:02 pm 150.Mike said …

    Oh your ignorance astounds me!!! Your concern for me is so touching!!! Who are you to care about me?
    I didn’t ask for your help to save me from my superstitious beliefs!!! If you don’t want to believe in God that is your choice. But don’t propose to tell me how wrong I am to believe. It is not my job to make you believe.

    Why should you, or anyone else, care if I smoke and argue agaisnt smoking. If I die of cacer so be it. As long as I don’t affect you in anyway shape or form then don’t bother me. Who are you to tell me not to smoke? As for people being cured of cancer, I don’t know of anyone whom God cured their cancer, including my wife who died of cancer 3 years ago.

    As for HUMANISM, call it anything you want, it is still based on human feelings and emotions. As Shakespere said “as rose is still a rose by any other name”. If you don’t believe in God then by default you believe in man, even passively, and that is HUMANISM.

    So let’s take your position that God does not exist. Then man and only man decides what the rules are for any given time. I can smoke, I can drink, I can use drugs and if I can afford these things and not affect you then…SHUT UP…you are not the boss of me. Get the point! If however, my actions interfere with yo then I understand why you may have objections to my actions. Now we have a conflict and if I am stronger then you, you lose, I win. And if I have enough people on my side agreeing with me then you and yours lose more. Oh man, what a drag for you. Of course if you win you get what you want. See how it works!!!

    Anything, anything at all that proposes to be “good” “moral” or “right” based on man’s determination is subject to change based on the strong at the time. Such is life, such is the way of the world. Foolishness, a chasing ofthe wind.

    As for your claim that religion vreated more bad things then good. WRONG!!!

    Better study up boy because here goes:
    Judeism was the first religion that gave women a voice in the social communtity starting with Moses in Exedus. Christianity an later Islam develped the hospital system to take care of the aged and infirmed. Christianity in the 1820’s, first in England and later America, fought against slavery which had been a human instituion for thousands of years with all sorts of people, not just blacks.

    Would you like to compare these facts above which I have referenced to the ikes of the Roman Empire, The French Revoluiton, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. For ever one bad thing done inthe name of God I can show you ten done inthe name of Man.

    There is a saying that goes like this. “It is better to let people think you are ignorant then to open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

    You speak (write) as those who hear everything and learn nothing. Here’s a quote by Mark Twain “a lie can get half way arond the world before the truth can put on it’s pants”. Please, next time you write get your facts straight.

    One more things, you say nature is in harmony? In nature the strong survive, the weak die, eat or be eaten, if that is your defintion of harmony in nature, so be it. Then let man live in harmony like nature. The strong man comands, the weak man serves. There is no god to save the weak man or punsih the strong man. The strong man takes the wife and money and everything from the weak man.

    In the end both will die. One will have enjoyed life to it’s fullest, the other will have suffered. Both live in vain with no regret and no hope.

  151. on 27 Mar 2009 at 10:59 pm 151.Hermes said …

    Darrell, Lou, or Darrell/Lou;

    Have either of you made accounts on the forum? If so, what name(s) do you go by?

  152. on 27 Mar 2009 at 11:15 pm 152.Hermes said …

    Severin, good comments.

  153. on 27 Mar 2009 at 11:22 pm 153.Hermes said …

    Mike, I don’t care what your religious beliefs are. I do care what people do in the names of various religions that are negative acts wrapped in piety. Ones that lead to bigotry, ignorance, harm, and death.

    If you are with me on wanting to address those wrongs, then as far as I’m concerned we are on the same side. If not, and you make nothing but excuses for your co-religionists that do those bad things. If you along with them wish to have those acts sanctified not only in the temple but in all areas of society, then I can not stand with you. That would be immoral.

    To you: Where do you stand?

  154. on 28 Mar 2009 at 5:04 am 154.Darrell said …

    I think you know by now that Lou and I are different Hermes.
    As for the forums Ive wasted too much time here let anlone go into the forums. It would be a pointless exercise as this whole site seems to be anyway.

    One last comment to you about your comments to Mike.
    I agree people do bad things in the name of religion but then others do some great things in the same name. It all comes down to the person not the religion.
    Even the most sane level headed man can turn and do some terrible things then state that he did it in the name of something.

    Point: people will never perfect nomatter what beliefs they follow!!

  155. on 28 Mar 2009 at 12:29 pm 155.Hermes said …

    Darrell, as far as I can see the good is outweighed by the bad. Consider the two articles at the top of this thread;


    If cherry picking of statistics is not performed, the general trend is there. Is it definitive? No. Yet, it does not support the proposition that religion is a net positive as it’s proponents and apologists (including secular ones) tend to assert. That positive benefit is a myth (see Joseph Campbell’s work for an idea of what I mean by myth; I’m not saying ‘just a myth’ as a dismissive remark).

  156. on 28 Mar 2009 at 7:20 pm 156.Mike said …

    My Dear Hermes,
    I really wish you would not speak of things you know nothing about. Your repsonse to Darrel is proof enough. You are a blind man leading blind men and both of you will fall in a hole.

    I will adress your response to me dated 27mar09 and about doing good and after will say nothing further.

    Answers me if you can. What is good? Where does it come from and who has mastered it? Is it changing over the times or is it constant through out eternity? Who has said I know what is good and I know it’s beginning and it’s end. Where does good come from and wher does it go? Is good absolute or can I bend it to my will? And if good is not absolute who will hold me accoutable?

    Whether you believe or not may the God and Father of my Lord Jesus blees all of you and the love of Jesus be upon and may the Holy Spirit guide you in all your ways. Who knows, maybe som one may open the door when He knocks.

  157. on 28 Mar 2009 at 8:15 pm 157.Hermes said …

    Mike, did you look at the link, and do you know the material? If not, then the prudent thing to do would be to dismiss your opinion and your further comments.

    I await your assurance that you are informed on the same topics as I am, and are acting based on knowledge not an impulse that lacks careful and humble inspection.

  158. on 28 Mar 2009 at 8:57 pm 158.Darrell said …

    Hermes I agree.
    The bad will always overshadow the good and in this volotile world the bad is reigning suppreme.

    Most good deeds go unnoticed these days.

  159. on 29 Mar 2009 at 5:51 am 159.Severin said …

    “Oh your ignorance astounds me!!! Your concern for me is so touching!!! Who are you to care about me?”

    Dear Mike, I really do not concern for you, where did you see me concerning for you?

    I do not offer any help to you, and I am not trying to impose my care to you, thanks for asking.

    You think what you want, but do expect civilized, unpathetic and unimpulsive reactions in case YOU public YOUR opinions!

    I could ask all the religion imposers (and that was NOT harmless during history, and even is not today!)the same: who, the hell, are you to concern for me? Why are you forcing me to follow your beliefs?

    Forcing me to do this they give me right to be a little bit more aggressive, and to force against, but – of course – as I am a civilized person, I am doing it ONLY in words, not in terrible acts they used (and are still using!) to impose their beliefs to me and to the rest of humans.

    I am not killing people to prove my “religion” is the right one – I am only talking, trying even not to use words which could offend someone.
    So I am NOT saying anybody is an ignorant – what I am trying to say: RELIGON(S) is/are ignorance – see the difference?

    You obviously did not read much of the history, so your “argumetn” about the “goods” religion did to human race look like the “argument” that Hitler was good, beacause he built highways. He really DID, but his highways did not annul all the crimes he did to human race.

    And, yes, I do care if you smoke, for practical, not for personal reasons! If you get cancer, someone else will have to pay for your hospital treatment.

  160. on 11 May 2009 at 8:05 pm 160.Bella said …

    Why are people so against God? Why can’t people just accept Him and simply live their lives with Him in their heart? And who knows?….They may find that they are much happier:)

  161. on 12 May 2009 at 2:51 am 161.Hermes said …

    Bella: “Why are people so against God?”

    We’re not. God is imaginary.

    Bella: “Why can’t people just accept Him and simply live their lives with Him in their heart?”

    How many gods have you accepted into your heart?

  162. on 08 Jun 2009 at 5:48 pm 162.Severin said …

    Bella: “Why are people so against God? Why can’t people just accept Him and simply live their lives with Him in their heart? And who knows?….They may find that they are much happier:)”

    Why people believe in god? Why can’t they just forget him and live their lives without him in their hearts? And who knows?… They may find that hey are mcuh happier!

  163. on 24 Jun 2009 at 12:34 pm 163.Dineo said …

    All you people having sleepless nights in front of your computers trying to prove that God does not exist, you are searching for something, and it shows in your desperation.

    You are fighting a losing battle. No matter how hard you try to fight the existence of God, his Supremacy is not measured by your human opinions; he will forever remain God with or without your knowledge of him.

    He was there before you were born, and he will be there long after you are dead and buried. As the Bible says, what is but man, he is like the trees of the field, here today and gone tomorrow, and although you may not acknowledge him, you are to him like a grain of salt and you think you know enough to conclude he does not exist just because your small human mind is not big enough to comprehend.

    Great atheists like you had their opinions and debated about how they thought the idea of a God was absurd, today they lie silent in their graves. Scientists who have studied the galaxy have said the Earth appears the size of a tennis ball compared to the magnificence of the entire universe and other far away planets.
    It is easy for us to think this Earth is all there is, in the same way, just because we do not understand the nature of God does not mean what our minds has to offer in terms of understanding is all there is.

    In the same way, it is easy for tiny insects that live deep under the soil to believe that there are such things as humans out there because they only know the environment around them and are ignorant a bigger world out there.

    When something is so tiny, it is impossible to comprehend how the bigger picture looks because it only concentrates on what it knows and how far it can see. To God you are like insects foolishly thinking your comfortable little holes you live in is all there is, that’s why the idea of a God is nonsense to you.

  164. on 25 Jun 2009 at 6:10 pm 164.Severin said …

    “All you people having sleepless nights in front of your computers trying to prove that God does not exist, you are searching for something, and it shows in your desperation.”

    – I am 66, and most of my life I had excellent sleep!
    – I was never desperate in my entire life.
    So, pls, do not use such “arguments”! Your desperacy (if any) does not mean someone else is necessaryly desperate too.
    – I never tried to prove god does not exist! No atheist ever did! To challenge someone to try to prove a non-existance of something/someone, some evidences should be offered previously to try to prove it/he/she DOES exist.
    I never saw such evidences about god, no one ever offered them, neither I nor anyone else ever,in the whole history of human race, sow them, so believing in god is for me simple ignorance. Someone said/wrote there is a god, and expects me to just trust it – too much for me!
    My comments are NOT tryings to prove there is no god, but tryings to fight ignorance, as I think ignorance is bad for people.
    However, everybody is free to be an ignorant if he/she preferes so.

    “As the Bible says…”
    – This is all you and other religious people can ever offer as an “evidence”, but this is really nothing.
    A book of legends, a mixture of nonsenses, horrible, bloody stories, threatenings, contradictions, unfulfilled promisses, direct lies, unproven statements, a book combined from prehistorical legends of not one, but many (barbarian! non-christian!) nations existed thousends of years b.c., on 3 continents, CAN NOT prove anything.

    Bible offers as much evidences for god’s existance as the Odyssey story proves the existance of sirens.

    Pls. forget Bible in case you want to offer evidences for god’s existence to anyone with a grain of common sense! Look for better evidences, and if you find them – congratulations! – you will be the first one who got them, and everybody will be glad to see/hear them an to discuss them.

  165. on 10 Jul 2009 at 3:31 am 165.Kurt said …

    Great website. Keep up the work. Strive for a rational world. There are no “answers” out there or “truths” that most religions talk about. We exist. But we have a choice to make our existence a great time and to allow those who come after us to have the same or better existence. Naturalism, atheism, these are optimistic, loving ideas that help humanity. Wake up people and stop being delusional.

  166. on 18 Jul 2009 at 2:59 pm 166.Shirlee said …

    Thomas –

    I’ve had a look over your site, after a friend pointed it out to me. You claim that God is imaginary, and that is why He won’t answer prayers.

    Well, have we got a challenge for you!

    If you have a look at our website, you’ll see that we’re gearing up for a worldwide day of prayer to ask the Lord to heal Trig Palin of his Down Syndrome. (pray4trig.com)

    The reason God doesn’t answer the prayers of many is because they lack faith. By getting the word to as many as possible, we will doubtless find people with true faith, instead of the doubters we find in every congregation.

    On April 18, 2010, when Trig Palin is healed in God’s Miracle, will you then believe?

    (Note: I tried to post onto your forum, but the link returns server errors. You may wish to fix that.)

    – Shirlee

  167. on 18 Jul 2009 at 3:08 pm 167.MRMEAN said …

    “On April 18, 2010, when Trig Palin is healed in God’s Miracle, will you then believe?”

    And when Trig is still “special” will you come back here and admit that God is imaginary?

  168. on 10 Aug 2009 at 8:40 am 168.James said …

    Why on Earth do you people always link god with the christian bible?
    All the arguments and ‘proofs’ (that claim made me laugh) are anti-biblical, nothing more. You must serious stop thinking so highly of yourself. You are not disproving the existence of something other than that which is quantifiable, you are just ranting about some old book.
    Shame this comment will never get read, after all people like you don’t want a dialogue, then all your ideas would quickly be crushed.

  169. on 07 Nov 2009 at 1:02 am 169.Jo Reader said …

    Hi there,

    just to let you know about our new reading blog.


    We’re non-profit a free thinkers reading blog that promote education and learning, philosophy, science, scepticism and atheism. We’re looking to swap promotion and to raise awareness of our reading lists. We are visitors to your blog and would like 2 things.

    Firstly to help swap audiences (we’re getting on average 5k visits a day at present) we’re open to exchanging banners and links.

    Secondly to get reading lists off people. We’d love to know any books you recommend as a recommendation is very powerful on the web and we know we can use it to help spread the word. (I sound positively evangelical!)

    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work.


  170. on 17 Nov 2009 at 2:30 pm 170.Anonymous said …

    Fools, all of you. Enjoy your life without God. You’ll find out in the end, that if God is real, you have lost everything, and if he is not, you have lost nothing.

    If God does not exist, then morality, charity and love does not exist. So go ahead…go out, screw people over, rape, steal, kill and pillage…there is no consequence, and you’d be stupid not to. Why live a “good” life? Get what you want, however you can, as soon as you can. Because that is all you have to live for.

    Eventually you’ll find out that you lose it all, and you’ll never make sense out of it.

  171. on 17 Nov 2009 at 2:40 pm 171.Anonymous said …

    God doesn’t answer your prayers sometimes because it is NOT ABOUT YOU. IT IS NOT ABOUT US, or THIS WORLD either. It is about God. It is the height of human arrogance to say “I don’t believe in God”…God’s existence does not depend on your little pointy head’s agreement or disagreement…or your understanding.

    Keep telling yourself that you are just a happy accident. Gee, come to think of it, why not kill yourself now and save all the trouble of living? You are going to die anyway, right? Why go through all this pain?

    And all this “stuff” you see around you…nature, love, kindness, etc…that’s all just a happy accident too. Took billions of years, but somehow, we just popped up, organized societies and learned to love each other, rather than just kill and be killed as in the animal kingdom.

    Your finite human mind cannot explain what you see, so you say it must be an accident.

    You think of yourself as “creative”, yet you deny a Creator.

    Pathetic, small-minded arrogance. Enjoy your life…what is left of it. And when you are facing death, if you cry for God, He’ll still hear you.


  172. on 17 Nov 2009 at 2:56 pm 172.Anonymous said …

    Don’t confuse God with “religion”. Religion is a man-made path to know God. God did not create religion…man did. However, man did not create God. God is real. Faith is the foundation of our world. Trouble is, that yes, there are a lot of ignorant or evil people that purport to be Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc out there that think they have the key to the universe. These judmental idiots are in every church and they give all the others a bad name. And through these idiots you think you know God, and so you reject Him. Sorry, but you don’t know God…if you did, you would fall to your knees in awe.

    Sure, God will judge you. But nobody knows what that means. And nobody in this life has any clue as to what God’s real will is. Except that it is expressed truly in love, kindness and charity.

    So blow off idiotic religious fanatics if you must. I won’t because most of them mean well, and they need to see the truth too. If I were you, I would err on the side of God though.

    If you open your eyes, you will see that God is love and you have nothing to be afraid of. No matter what you have done. He’ll accept you as-is, if you let Him.

  173. on 17 Nov 2009 at 4:09 pm 173.AntiRoss said …

    What a fine comment from someone who claims to not be a “judmental idiot”.
    (Don’t forget to wipe the drool and spittle off your keyboard and screen).
    Really makes one want to accept Jesus eh? What was ol’ JC’s basic message again?
    Oh yeah!
    “Love me, or burn!”.

  174. on 17 Nov 2009 at 7:03 pm 174.Barney said …

    If you don’t believe in Osiris, and you’re wrong, you will be doomed. Just you wait and see.

    How can you have any morals without believing in Osiris? Go ahead and rape, pillage, etc., but remember that Osiris will judge you.

    Open your eyes to Osiris or you will suffer untold torment. Plus, he loves you.

    etc etc

    blah blah blah

  175. on 27 Nov 2009 at 10:49 pm 175.Vivian Aldana said …

    It is apparent that you have not actually done any real investigations of your own. I have personally witnessed miracles in my own life and the lives of others. I have personally had prayers answered and know others who have had prayers answered. Of course, you probably feel like this verse does not apply to you. “Hear this, you foolish and senseless people, who have eyes but do not see, who have ears but do not hear:” ~Jeremiah 5: 21

    It really is fine that you don’t believe, because all people will not believe; but to push your conspiracy theory about the Bible, the people who wrote it, and the existence of the Almighty Creator is ridiculous. Remember, it has taken science, billions of years (according to scientists) and they are so far from discovering even the most basic elements about human life. If it’s all science, then where is the evidence of creation? Where is the scientific documentation from billions of years ago? Where is the evidence to support Darwin’s theories? They are non-existent! You speak eloquent words that amount to drivel. They are worthless and meaningless; but my DO THEY SOUND GOOD! Too bad so many people will be swayed by your nonsense.

  176. on 28 Nov 2009 at 6:58 am 176.Vitta said …

    I quote the previous blog:

    “It is apparent that you have not actually done any real investigations of your own… Remember, it has taken science, billions of years (according to scientists) and they are so far from discovering even the most basic elements about human life”.

    Vivian – you are the paramount example of the pot calling the kettle black. First, science is based on reason, quantitative evidence and empirical facts. Meaning? Science is a human construct. Meaning? The anatomically modern human appears in the material record that dates back to approximately 140,000 years ago. For science to have existed, humans would have had to existed. Science has not been around for billions of years, the universe has.

    When you ask for evidence for creation, are you refering to the creation of the universe by a deity? Or are you refering to the beginning of time? It is disputed (in science) whether or not time has a beginning. The prevailing belief is that time and matter have always existed. Also when you ask for documentation from billions of years ago who (or what) do you suggest could have been documenting things???

    Have you ever actually read “On the Origins of Species”? Have you ever gone far enough to even google Darwin’s theories?? Much of Darwin’s work covers breeding practices. Take horse breeding as an example: horse breeders choose to breed certain horses with specific characteristics. They want to control the desired outcome. That is why race horses are often bred, the offspring will likely be fast and agile. There is your proof; breeding happens everyday with horses, birds, dogs, cats, etc….

    The notion put forth in “Origins” is that if this can be controlled (i.e. certain genetic traits that are desired are replicated)in human influenced situations, then why can’t this occur in nature? Animals with more efficient traits (i.e. faster, stronger, smarter, etc.) will be more likely to survive in nature then those that are inherently weaker. This is known as ‘natural selection’.

    Evolution comes into play in a specific population over a LONG period of time (this is where millions of years come from). When reproduction is occuring (I am refering to the process in the womb and not the sexual act itself), there can be mutations in an organisms genetic structure. If the particular mutation gives one animal an advantage over another, the ‘stronger’ animal is more likely to survive and thus reproduce, thus passing on the advantageous mutation to their offspring. This is why evolution takes such a long time.

    Honestly, if you really want to know what it is that you are arguing against you should just Wikipedia Darwin’s theories. Or even better, read his works!

  177. on 19 Dec 2009 at 8:21 pm 177.Brianna said …

    Interesting… I completely disagree with this incredibly — ugh — I really hate this site. I am a 13 year old, 8th grade girl, and have been going to a Baptist Church my whole life. I have to admit, there had been some times where I denied the Lord’s existence altogether, but He has always come back and led me to His path again. I understand the whole idea of one “Living God” sounds really unbelievable, but so does every other stupid religion! I mean, come on! Vivian Aldana, thanks :)

  178. on 19 Dec 2009 at 8:37 pm 178.Brianna said …

    go there.
    atheists like science right? OK, this is science, so you cant diss on it. this is just to make all you guys feel small. (im the 13 year old girl)

  179. on 19 Dec 2009 at 8:50 pm 179.Brianna said …

    these are in order.


    OK, so #4 and #37. I read those “proofs that God isn’t real” ya, i thought about them. checked ’em out. check THIS out.

    just want to point this out…. LEPRECHAUNS???? SERIOUSLY??????? wow….

  180. on 21 Dec 2009 at 10:11 pm 180.hemantisafool said …

    Looks like your website is under attack from supernatural forces…


    you really need to add comment moderation to your blasphemy…

  181. on 26 Dec 2009 at 6:31 pm 181.Alex said …

    Ok this little dusher who mad this f ing website is fucking crazy one to answer your first reason why god is not imaginary buddy is if you pray to god to heal all the cancer in the world in one night he isnt going to do it because it isnt your job to ask forgivness from them most off them are sinners or have done god wrong without repeant and must first find god as their savor in christ and ask that he heals them and god isnt going to do it over night there is no reason to and just because u want it to does not mean its what god wants…we are not worthy of him he mad us in his image and we stabed him in the back and followed satan and became sinners we do what god wants from us and in turn he shall give us all we desire…all that we do not deserve..u see if we do gods will and praise him and do what he asks he will reward us with what we ask and to deal with your problem of “god doesnt answer prayer” god does answer prayer he may not show it to u but he does always. take for instense if u pray to god to get u a new bike he hears it but wont give it to u because its not what he wants for u mabye he wantws u to bring others to christ and prove to them he is real then he may give u the bike as a reward for serving him. to ur third “proof” the egyptain kingdom was marked before the time of christs comming and by that time satan had taken over the hearts of many humans god hoped we would stay stronge with him but we betrayed him away and forgot about him..the egyptain religion was the egytians way of proving and all mighy leader who was have human by the way and could make his people beleive anyghinb he could create in his mind..ok number four the ones who do gods will and praise him and ask for repentance from their sins and their suffering pain and punishment may or may not be cured depending on gods will god does those magical over night cures to remind us he is their..and sience is bent on finding a reason for evreything and having faith in god aperantly isnt reson enough for them…all sience is is figuring out how god dicided to make things how things work the way god mad them. thats all it is..sience may or may not be right but if they say this happend this way not by god i beleive that but i believe that that is how god chose to do it. how he chose to make that miracle happen. ok on to number 5 ok all ur reasoning and bible qotations are crap uve changed soooo many words for one their dude ok well anyway this scripture idely means that all thoughs that put their trust in a mortal man of satan and turn away from god and commet crimes against gods 10 coomandments shall be punished for their actions unless they repent and find god and ask forgiveness for their actions..and siciaty still punishes for those same things to day just things have been taken down a step by sociaty. and god is not stating that slavery is ok but that those who choose to control another man shall not do so forever..and these harsh punishments isued by god were to keep poeple from falling away from him he was becoming angry that almost non of his creations cared for their creater and he began to bring them on track…….true he can be and angry god but he rarly goes to those hights…..and the deval for one and these other human gods are all much worse tempered then the one true god.ok number 6 first off god does not plan abortions people plan abortions evan though god planed somthing people disoba and ignore god and do what they want and have abortions and not man up to the plate and take responsiblity for bringing a life into this world no matter what age. never deterd god plans ur life around the obsticals people throw in..god has the power to make ur life happen the way he planed but he promised people the choice to allow him to do so to do what they wanted.number 7 i would most certainly not and listen ur gay little story comparison is shit…god created us in his image and is here for us to love him and serve him sooo that we may live in heaven for iternity with hime…santa however was a story created entirely off of a hungarian munk who gave presants to the children off hungry and all over eroupe all days of the year this story was used iturpret him and efolved into what it is tod y by the people who were told the story. number 8 these “near death experiances” are somtimes people igmagining things as a reason to why did not dye and other times it is god comming to that person and proving to them that he is real because they are sooo stubern and stuck up to believe the only reason he does not do that infront of all now is becuase noone now a days will believe that not with soo many people going around saying taht they are jesus and have returned sociaty is not ready for another return of jesus.o and god said that he shall return one day and take away all his children from the sin of the world and take them to heaven..if god apears to us causee of a prayer on day then he shall take his children with him and if he has a time planed for that then he shall not do what u ask of him to do when it is not his will to happen then.number 9 it was god who do u think provided the knowledge to humans on how to complete the sergreys who provided the creation of that technology used huh explain that to me how do people learn these things from teachers? yes but were do the teachers learn it? from other teacers…o well where did they learn it? it never ends and endless circle of teachers teaching to other teachers.number 10 because god sayed that ye shall give 10% of ur earnings on this earth to god…god does not need ur money because he has all owns all things and needs nothing…the only reason god wants u to do this is because to get around in this world u need money no exseptons for a church that is what god wants ur money to go to keeping the church open to bring more and more people to god.number 11 god does not leave sienticif effodence of him being real because he chooses not to..him leaving behind things for sience to explain about him is like him explaining himself to us and god does not have to do that we must do that we must explain why we have done what weve done and why we followed the examples of the world ok im gona go to number 14 cause the ones inbetween i already explained and are bull..u shall know when it is god he is not going to return to us as one of us completing his miracle he once did….he shall fly from the heavens and sweep up his children of god and return them to heaven and leave those who dont believe and turn against him to stay in the hell that is to come.number 18 heaven is not imaginable the glorys and rewards found in heaven for us are beyond are imaginations…god has not granted us the power to imagine heaven he wants us to wait and earn the reward.number 19 we ignore god beacause of the fact that god does not do all that we want as fast as we want and we tend to blame him for our problems this is because we are allowing the devil to enter are minds and to monipulate are thoughts and blame hime for it all.number 20 churches are run by man not by god they are run to worship god the devil gets in anywhere anyway he can even churches and prechers he does all he can to bring down the church.number 21 ok dude listen i understand ur reasoning for that and agreee 1 hundred percent but ur soooooooo streching the truth ok jesus died for us to show is eternal love for us….he promises us eternal life in heaven with no sorrow pain hurt nothing but love effection caring and blessings evrthying u would ever want..all he asks in return is we serve him and all he asks us to do to serve him is to bring others to christ that is such a minute thing compared to the rewards we gain.number 22 god wants theses people killed beaceause they are followers of satain and have had many many many chances to repent and come to god all of wich they turned down they spent there changes and mad their choice their for all god was doing was to send them to hell a little erlyer than he had planed….number 26 first understand that the writter of the book is many people disiples of god not god himself his followers writting gods words to them and of his miracles god does know all people do not…number 27 ok lets sum it up this way ok we dont know whats to come after this life we dont but look at it like this ok if ur a hebrew a muslim a budist or a jew what does ur god promise u in the end…hewbrew and muslim’s return to earth to relive another life of hell on this shity earth…budist’s get 7 virgens in heaven,gess what i have 7 virgens here on earth!!!…and the jews dont have anything since noone has come to die for their sins their sinners and sinners cant go to heaven without being saved but jesus…and no religons what do u get huh do u get anything or does it just end thats it boom u die and theres nothing after that that’s just it its over…christians get to live forever in heaven the perfect place no hurt no pain no suffering only love and perfect happyness and all of the wishes of ur desire. number 30 god mad man in HIS image and women to comfort him….therefore god chose man to lead their familys in their choices and safty. that is why i chose god because of what he gives me beacuse of the little i do for him i praise him and try to bring others to christ for him and he rewards me with eternal life in heaven with endless love from all and no pain or suffering and all of my hearts deisres…and he rewards me here on earth to…many things i would of never afforded on my own given by people who feel god wants them to do sooo…a perfect girlfreind who loves me dearly and who has been witgh me since we were both 9 and a loving group of freinds and family who would risk their life for me…the choice is yours u can choose to believe nothing and just have it end..or u can choose god and gain eternal life and the things i have gained from god,a girl,many expensive and desirable things,and a perfect life..the choice is yours…make it

  182. on 03 Jan 2010 at 10:57 pm 182.Chad said …

    Healing of the amputees…


    1) Does modern technology such as this video qualify as a probable answer to prayer? If not, why?

    2) If technology ultimately answers most of your questions, aside from relationship concerns like divorce,
    would you then change your belief?

    -Point: If God created man and man created technology, it’s assumable he answered the prayer of man through man. He healed people in the bible mostly via the touch of other people-He worked via man as a conduit.

    -Have you come in contact with every single amputee that has prayed for restored limbs? How do you know this has not occurred then? God is clear that he answers those who truly, deeply “believe” which are few and far between.

    -Fewer and fewer soldiers are dying on battlefields due to technology. Compare past great wars to current wars and the decreases in death are staggering.

    -Synthetic foods means fewer and fewer people are starving. It’s interesting that an amoral person sees starvation as a moral issue. Where does your compassion for those who are starving come from, God? If not God, what’s the difference if they do starve, they are just dying biomass and soon to be dust.

    -Bad things happen to all people because that’s life and a fairly ridiculous question. Jesus is assumed to be the ultimate “good” person and he was murdered. Joseph became a slave, Moses banished from Egypt, Mary forced to watch her son die, the list goes on.

    -The divorce rate is high among those who “claim” to be Christians. Clearly there are as many who claim to be Christians – 85% of Americans or so – that do not meet the biblical definition of “Christian” skewing the numbers. This is also a recent issue and likely the result of American cultural influence of tolerance and acceptance of divorce. People who enter the church have been awash in the culture and never let that culture go and embrace Christ.

    3) Also, curious as to why you spend so much time trying to disprove something you don’t believe in? Is this not the ultimate in poor logic? I don’t believe in aliens and have no interest in disproving their existence. The “college educated person” would see the greater opportunity is to prove the existence of God not disprove it. Funny how the logically minded will spend billions to prove aliens exist and disprove God.

    4) ) Jesus is not college educated and his followers are run of the mill laborers so why the interest from and educated person such as yourself?

    6) Regarding slavery, did God not tell Egypt to “let my people go?” To call God a “huge proponent” of slavery is misleading and foolish. Conversely, you see slavery only from the eyes of an American who viewed Roots one time too many. Many who were slaves were poor and uneducated people and this form of life did provide food and shelter, if nothing else. There was no capitalistic system in place as we have now that provided mass opportunity to all. If you wear a pair of Nike’s or buy a diamond, you may have purchased a product made or mined by a modern “slave” does that make you a proponent of slavery?

    7) Jesus did not leave behind any evidence except that 500 people claim to have seen him after he was entombed. Is the greatest evidence of his miracles the fact that 2010 years later you are debating Him because those uneducated followers saw Him alive after death and vigorously spread the word?

    8) Jesus has never appeared to me – unless you count sleeping dreams – but he appeared to masses of people in human form in his own time on earth and I accept their testimony about Him. How do we know Darwin really existed? Has he ever appeared to you? No, you have a credible record that he existed and, I assume, blindly believe in the near “religion” he left you.

    9) Eat his body and drink his blood – now, come on – an educated person should understand this as metaphor. The bread representing the body and the wine his blood.

    10) It seems you are the one inventing rationalizations to disbelieve in God logically because somewhere, somehow,
    you cannot disprove Him in your hardened heart. There’s something written in your DNA that just can’t shake the fingerprint of the creator.


  183. on 04 Jan 2010 at 1:34 am 183.Severin said …

    Chad 182
    Point 2), subpoint 3
    „-Have you come in contact with every single amputee …..“
    Can you imagine what would any church (religion) do if there were a single and slightest sign of healing of a single amputee ever? Even if it happened 2000 years ago, propaguers of all religion would untill today „drum“ about it, each of them attributing such an event to HIS god, of course.
    Jesus supposedly made vine from water, and such a circus performance entered Bible as a proof he was a god!
    No healed amputees in Bible, neither at any historical book or note.

    Point 3)
    „…why you spend so much time trying to disprove something you don’t believe in?“

    Because religions are DANGEROUS.
    They (religions) are responsible for almost all evil deeds on this planet during almost entire history of human race, BECAUSE THEY WERE IN POWER and ruled the world.
    No unreligious people were in power some 7-8000 years of human history, so they can not be responsible for those deeds:
    Religious wars, people masacred (tortured, burnt) just beacause they said something agains religion (including scientists), slavory supported by religion, science suppressed by religions, freedom of thinking and speach brutally suppressed, etc, etc, etc.
    Since religions have no such power in some countries, those countries live much better. Compare South America (1% atheists) and UK (35% atheists), then comapare both with Afganistan.

    Point 9)
    Do we have to understan as a methaphor god’s orders to kill (stone) a women whose husband proves she was not virgin before she married. Or his detailed (and disgusting) instructions about how to give him offerings? Or his many and many orders for killing and masacring people, including children?
    How could YOU know what is methaphor and what is not.
    On the other hand, if you have possibility/right to choose by your free will which parts of Bible are methapores, and which are not, then Bible is a very incomplete and confuse book (which it really is).
    How an incomplete and confuse books can be taken seriously or obeyed?
    Because, if you can make your choices among Bible verses to call some of them „methaphors“ and the other – what?- the truths(?), then everybody else has such a possibility anf right.
    And using the same right you are taking for yourself, I take the complete Bible as nonsense.

    Point 10)

    “… somehow, you cannot disprove Him in your hardened heart….“
    I think you can it better!
    I think that deep in your intelligent mind you understand religions are bullshit, but you are afraid to admit it to yourself.
    Did you read the Site?

  184. on 18 Jan 2010 at 5:27 am 184.Jennifer said …

    “…In order to possess that absolute certainty, one must be all-knowing (omniscient). In order to be omniscient, one must be (a) God. If one is (a) God, then one would be most certainly cognizant of one’s own existence. Therefore, logic clearly dictates that atheists do not exist…”


    Using that logic, theists do not exist either.

    An atheist is simply the opposite of a theist. Theists acknowledge the existence of a god. Atheists deny the existence of a god.

    Neither theists nor atheists can claim absolute certainty. Theists base their acknowledgement on faith. Atheists can do the same.

    The word faith ultimately means “to trust without question”, and linguistically does not have religious roots.

    Two definitions to satisfy both “sides”:
    1) belief and trust in and loyalty to God
    2) firm belief in something for which there is no proof

  185. on 18 Jan 2010 at 6:05 am 185.Jennifer said …

    “OK, so i swear to you by my last dying breath that i will hunt you down and kill you!”

    Lovely. Your hypocrisy is astounding.

  186. on 18 Jan 2010 at 1:44 pm 186.Horatio said …

    “1) Does modern technology such as this video qualify as a probable answer to prayer? If not, why?”

    For me yes, for an atheist no. God could use lightning to write their name across the sky and they would claim, “We don’t know what caused it but we will”. Science IS their God. So they really are no different other than their God is limited in power and has no intelligence.

    It is illogical and ridiculous but it is what it is.

  187. on 18 Jan 2010 at 3:09 pm 187.Severin said …

    Horatio 186
    „So they really are no different other than their God is limited in power and has no intelligence.”

    Your god did circus performances (water – wine) to prove himself a god (acording to Bible). If he knew something better, such as writing across the sky, he would do it. Propaganda is powerfull tool!
    He did not, because he does not exist.
    Throw away your mobile phone, do not use GPS, don’t go to seak medical help, don’t use electricity,…. All those are achievments of unintelligent scientists (and some 99% of them are atheists!)

  188. on 18 Jan 2010 at 3:32 pm 188.Horatio said …

    “some 99% of them are atheists!”

    The rest of your statement is ridiculous as well. But THIS one is great! You do know the diffeence between scientist and science …right? What about historical scicne and observational science? Oh well never mind.

    Now Severin, being the intelligent individual that you are you would want to back up THIS number “99%” with facts, hard evidence lets just say proof. I look forward to you link.

  189. on 18 Jan 2010 at 3:45 pm 189.Lou said …



    Conclusion? Severin is just another dishonest propagandist who just pulls numbers out of the air to utilize the “appeal to authority” fallacy to support his nonsense. He is really attempting to convince himself.

  190. on 18 Jan 2010 at 4:10 pm 190.Jennifer said …

    “Science IS their God”

    Science and God are not interchangeable.

    That statement is attempting to assign a god for the godless.

    Atheists do not have a god… by any name or of any type.

    Just as theists cannot comprehend a universe without a god, Atheists cannot comprehend a universe with one.

    Equal yet opposite. Beautiful.

  191. on 18 Jan 2010 at 5:33 pm 191.Severin said …

    “I look forward to you link.”
    A soon as you provide evidences that god exists!

  192. on 18 Jan 2010 at 5:54 pm 192.Severin said …

    “Conclusion? Severin is just another dishonest propagandist ….”

    My figures are my Bible! Theya should not be taken literally!

  193. on 18 Jan 2010 at 7:02 pm 193.Severin said …

    Lou, Horatio,
    Just for the record:
    Neither I nor any atheist I know have evidences that god does not exist.
    We do not offer such evidences.
    I/we claim nothing more and nothing less, but that probability of existance of god is too small to be considered as possible, taking in account and comparing scientific achievments of today with bullshits religions offer as „arguments“ in favour of god’s existance (biblical bullshits, bullshitting of other religious books, and “modern approaches” of churches).

    That is the reason I/we do not believe in god.
    That is all we claim: that we do not believe in unnatural beings/forces of any kind, including god(s).

    Additinally, most of us atheists consider religions as highly dangerous phenomenon, not less dangerous than drogs, deseases…..in fact much more dangerous than that.
    I can offer as much as you wish arguments for such an opinion of mine, but you also can find some on these pages too.

    That is the main reason, at least for myself, to persist in debating with brainwashed morons here: maybe not all of them are totally brainwashed, and maybe my debate will save someone from illness called religion.
    One is better than none!

    Among normal honest people it is expected to offer evidences for their claims.
    As we (atheists) do not claim anything (we just do not believe!), but YOU claim all the time that god exists, can you please finally provide some evidences for your claims?
    Thank you, you get an „F“, and we are all looking forward you to find some, to welcome you back to debate.

    Times are behind us when I would have to pretend to believe what you claimed, under the threat of death.
    You think whatever a bullshitter claims, we are obligate to take for granted!
    You are wrong.
    Come nicely and politely with some evidences for your claims, as a ticket for further debate.
    I can not (and I would not if I could) forbid you to debate the way you started, but you are making yourself fools, and nobody will ever continue such a violent repeating of claims without arguments, piquantly spiced with personal insults and helpless anger.

  194. on 18 Jan 2010 at 7:12 pm 194.Severin said …

    Maybe a small lesson in debating, as a sign of my good will:
    “The rest of your statement is ridiculous as well” is not an argument, but another claim.

    Why are those statement ridiculous, was neither explained nor argumented, except if you think “Severin is just another dishonest propagandist…” is an evidence/argument.

  195. on 18 Jan 2010 at 9:24 pm 195.Horatio said …

    I gave you all day Severin. Will you provide a reference for you 99% or is it just more garbage you can’t back up. Debating 1010 would admonish you to back your claims.

  196. on 18 Jan 2010 at 10:19 pm 196.Severin said …

    Horatio 195
    “I gave you all day Severin.”
    Thank you for your grace.
    I am trembling while thinking what could happen to me if I betry it!

    I told you not to take my numbers literally!
    If Bible may use „style figures“, why would it be forbidden to me?
    At least I did not use „style figures“ that order killing of chldren and stoning of non-virgin brides.

    And I told you that I will provide you with right numbers immediatelly after I see your evidences that god exists – because you claim it, I do not!

  197. on 18 Jan 2010 at 10:32 pm 197.Horatio said …

    Just as I thought. Another claim from an atheist he cannot support. Good science there severin. Why not just claim 100%? Why not claim you have proof God does not exist? Exactly how is your methodology any different from a liar? Nice try attempting to change the subject but you cased is dismissed for perjury.

  198. on 18 Jan 2010 at 10:55 pm 198.Severin said …

    „Severin is just another dishonest propagandist…“

    Yes I use all my potential to fight religions (but ONLY by words, not by killing and torturing!), but why am I dishonest? Beacause I use numbers figuratively, not literally?

    What about organized religions which „yesterday“ claimed god made a man from dirt and women from his rib, and KILLED people stating oposite, and
    today, they „accept“ scientific achievments about evolution, and Big Bang.

    They are so arrogant, that they NEVER tried to make some researches of their own!
    They offer NOTHING what one could call their achievment, result of their scientific researches, but STEAL existing scientific achievments and remake them to fit their „teachings“.
    Something like this: yes, we recognize NOW there was a Big Bang, and we admit evolution is no more just a theory (because SCIENTISTS provided so many evidences, that churches could not just „sell“ bullshits any longer), but god was first to create it all.
    Like children (but dangerous ones!).

    Why those arrogant organizations did not offer their own big bangs, and evolutions BEFORE scientists did, but stole the idea, and are trying to make them fit, somehow, to their insane theories, some 5000-10000 years old?

    If the Big bang and evolution are right, why churches (organized religions, plural!) first teached people shits? Why did they not offer their own big bang and evolution, instead of biblical bullshits and horror, much BEFORE scientists?
    If I am dishonest, churches are moral monsters!

  199. on 18 Jan 2010 at 11:53 pm 199.Lou said …

    Have you ever seen a guy dance around his claims as quick as Severin?

    I claim 99.9% of all Severin’s are dangerous, delusional and disturbed.

  200. on 19 Jan 2010 at 12:07 am 200.Jennifer said …

    Does this help?

    “…Disbelief in God and immortality among NAS biological scientists was 65.2% and 69.0%, respectively, and among NAS physical scientists it was 79.0% and 76.3%. Most of the rest were agnostics on both issues, with few believers…”

    I think it’s safe to say that a majority of scientists are atheist or at least agnostic but, naturally, not all.

    In short, Severin’s comment was inaccurate. However, I believe his intent was to express “Majority” or “A lot!”, and I think we all know that.

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