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Christianity &Islam Thomas on 19 Nov 2009 12:31 am

Build strong families by going to church

This video is discussed in the forums. It’s an episode of the Today show. The title is “Six crucial tips to help you be a better parent”.

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The recommendations:
1) Family dinner 5 nights a week
2) Taking your children to church weekly
3) Check child’s homework nightly
4) Demanding the truth from your children and getting it
5) Take your kids on vacation and leave your blackberry at home.
6) Encourage your kid to participate in a team sport

Why go to church? “It’s the idea that there’s something out there that’s bigger than you. If you do this you’ll have respect for yourself, and respect for others.”

It would be better to teach them the truth – God is imaginary – and go visit a science museum.

The discussion in the forum is here: Six Crucial Steps In Making You A Better Parent

One Response to “Build strong families by going to church”

  1. on 19 Nov 2009 at 3:00 am 1.LOLWTF said …

    hahah! What a vacuous statement…but quite typical for the midwestern housewife panderers at the Today show.

    Yes, there most certainly is “something out there bigger than you”. It’s called the physical (and entirely natural) Universe. It’s incomprehensibly enormous. Imagine the biggest thing you can possibly imagine and then multiply that times the biggest number you can conceive of, and you haven’t even begun to come close to how big the Universe is. In relation to the Universe, a human being is an impossibly small subatomic speck. We practically don’t exist we are so small. If the entire planet Earth were suddenly vaporized, and every single human being was erased from existence forever, the Universe wouldn’t even notice. It’s hard to express how insignificant the human race and its petty bands of barely-sentient superstitious fools are in the face of the almighty cosmos. And what’s even more amazing is that no petty man-made gods are required for it to exist!

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