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Christianity Johnson on 28 Jul 2008 09:40 pm

A bad time to be around churches

It seems like a bad time to be hanging around churches:

1) Man goes on a shooting spree at a church:

Church shooting suspect angry over liberals, job hunt

2) Crane collapses at church:

Okla. crane fall kills man watching construction

3) Church bus crashes:

Church bus, 18-wheeler crash on I-10

4) Son of famous Christian leader dies in accident:

Harvest Christian Fellowship leader talks to Riverside congregation about son’s death

5) Pastor and grandson die in accident:

Gospel Singer Wright’s Wife, Grandson Laid To Rest

6) Fire at church:

Fire breaks out at Sun Valley church

All of these events have happened in the past week or so.

Does this mean that God is punishing Christians? No. It means that bad things happen to Christians at exactly the same statistical rates as everyone else. Despite all the prayers, despite the “good living”, despite “God’s oversight and protection”, bad things happen to Christians just like everyone else.

The church shooting this week is getting a lot of media attention. Why? Because any mass shooting at a school, college, mall, etc. is news. We would expect mass shootings in churches too. In fact, shootings happen all the time in churches:

Police Seek Leads in Shooting at Church – 3/21/2008

Gunman, victim killed in Colo. church attack – 12/9/2007

Man Charged in Church Shooting – 8/13/2007

This is exactly what we would expect in a world where “God” is imaginary.

And yet people still believe that God is reaching down and personally protecting them. For example:

The Hand of God – “Mustering his last bit of strength and a prayer he gave it one last try. This time it was if a hand was lifting him up and out of the water and somehow he found himself on the shore actually away from the edge of the open water… Today Jim has made a miraculous recovery. He hasn’t gone on any walks by the river and misses his good friend, Jack. When people ask him how he ever survived he has just one answer, “The Hand of God saved me. There is no other explanation.”

Teen Healer: I Work God’s Miracles – “She believes the power of God is working through her…”

No tornado, but it sure felt like one – “”God was walking with a lot of people,” said Carol Wolfe of Somerset, who rushed to Junction City yesterday morning to check on her daughter and grandson. Blythe agrees that it was divine help that got her up out of bed and into the kitchen just before the tree trunk crashed onto the bed where she had lain seconds before.”

‘I think she was the angel’ – “Another friend, Kristin McGovern, added: “She was dead, but the baby was still alive. I think she was the angel.””

These are amazing acts of mental gymnastics.

2 Responses to “A bad time to be around churches”

  1. on 30 Jul 2008 at 4:17 pm 1.Praise Jaysus said …

    Over the years, every major religion has had its sacred houses of worship attacked or destroyed: churches, synagogues, mosques, Buddhist and Hindu temples, you name it.

    If even one of these religions had a real, working god, wouldn’t he/she/it protect the house of worship and the people praying there? Doesn’t have to be a high-tech force field, just make the perp’s car or weapon break down.

    Specifically regarding the attack on the Unitarians, many people don’t realize that a lot of UU members are atheists. Some of my best friends are UU members and don’t believe in gods. They go to UU not to practice religion, but to learn *about* the world’s religions, as you might learn *about* ancient Egypt w/o praying to Ra or Aten.

  2. on 31 Jul 2008 at 5:22 am 2.Anfauglir said …

    Good point – its not just Christians who see their places of worship and most staunch defenders get blasted.

    One has to wonder: if your life will see the same events whether or not you believe, then how can someone confidently assert that there is a god that watches over them? Does not the evidence clearly render such a claim false?

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