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Christianity Thomas on 05 Oct 2009 12:51 am

Catholics firmly believe in prayers of intercession – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Catholics firmly believe that God reaches out of heaven to heal dying people. So much so that they formally investigate healings when they happen. Case in point:

Catholic Church investigates inexplicable healing of dying man

He appeared to be within hours of dying.

But what happened next is going to lead to a formal investigation by the Catholic Church to determine if the spiritual intervention of an Irish-French monk, Columba Marmion who died in 1923, was responsible for a medical miracle.

Because Andersen didn’t die. He made a recovery that at first sight seems to defy medicine and logic.

The canonical investigation of Andersen’s healing could lead to the canonization of the monk as a saint.

On June 30 last year, Andersen suddenly developed a high fever and complained of a pain in his leg. The next day, the pain became unbearable.

“I remember them putting me in the ambulance, but after that I lost consciousness for two weeks,” Andersen said, describing it as an awful darkness.

So, Catholics, why won’t God heal amputees?

3 Responses to “Catholics firmly believe in prayers of intercession – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise”

  1. on 05 Oct 2009 at 3:04 pm 1.Delphine said …

    Amputees’ faiths aren’t strong enough so God doesn’t care about them.

    In this case, it appears God didn’t care about him either and even gave him a bacterial infection that almost killed him. We’d have to wonder if Columba Marmion got into a fight in heaven with God and said, “You know what? FUCK YOU! I’m going to go heal this guy to spite you!! So much for your grand plans, eh? EH??” That seems to be the most likely scenario.

  2. on 05 Oct 2009 at 3:22 pm 2.The Big Blue Frog said …

    A side note to this story is the continuing farce that says Christianity is a monotheistic religion. The Saints are nothing but renamed demigods, and even the anti-saint Protestants have retained the trinitarian mind-bender: Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

  3. on 09 Oct 2009 at 12:49 am 3.GeorgeRic said …

    Seekers of truth can find it in the contiguous dimensional worlds, hunorously described by Edwin Abbott in ‘Flatland’. Science determines truth by checking phenomena against the over-all theory. If that theory explains the phenomena then we can firmly hold it. ‘Techie Worlds’ (available at amazon.com) examines Trinity, resurrection, judgment, soul, and finds Christian teaching logical and rational in Abbott’s context.
    Unlike Christians, materialists believe that only this world exists. Science can only experiment with this material world, whereas mankind is quite unable to manipulate the higher worlds.. Yet humans report on miracles, on events such as the dance of the sun at Fatima. Pagans believe in many gods (with good reason) and the possessed levitate, all evidence that spirit worlds do exist. Both positions resolve to ‘acts of faith’, but the Christian (in the Flatland context) is simple, consistent, and most rewarding for human improvement. Open your minds with ‘Techie Worlds’ logical explanations.


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