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Islam Thomas on 21 Sep 2009 12:06 am

The truth about Islam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks about Islam:

“Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a black Muslim-raised Somali woman does not believe Islam should be beyond criticism for its mistreatment of Islamic women and ongoing global jihad against the non-Muslim world.”

2 Responses to “The truth about Islam”

  1. on 21 Sep 2009 at 5:53 pm 1.Anonymous said …

    Islam is a prejudice and deceitful religion. They sell themselves and moderated peaceful people but that is a fast! Their kor’an teaches them to kill infidels and dominate their woman through violent means.

    One of their most cunning tools of gaining world dominance is there demand for Halal food. This way everybody funds their ideologies and they collect the money. Refer Time Magazine article, 25 May 2009 to be educated about how huge and wealthy the halal industry is and where they intend taking it.

    Halal food has nothing to do with hygiene or dietary requirements. It has everything to do with financial gain. Go to the halal food authority website and educate yourself about the cunning means by which they acquire wealth.

    Here’s a call to all non-muslim people to boycott HALAL food

  2. on 22 Sep 2009 at 8:32 am 2.DieMoslem said …

    Moslems are evil just like the Jews. Their religions are the same. They despise people not of their church. Over the centuries we Christians kept the Jewish menace under wraps. Now we need to do the same to the Moslems. Bring on the Moslem holocaust. Round them up and light the gas chambers.

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