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Islam Johnson on 13 Jul 2008 10:35 pm

The French Muslim Woman

You may have heard this week of the Muslim woman from Morocco who emigrated to France. She was denied citizenship in France because of “insufficient assimilation.” Here’s what Time magazine had to say about it:

Too Muslim To Be French?

From the article:

The July 27 decision was revealed in Le Monde, which began its story asking whether “the burqa is incompatible with French nationality” The story suggested the answer is apparently yes, and unfurled that tale of a 32 year-old native Moroccan woman identified as Faiza M. as evidence. Though married to a French citizen and the mother of their three, French-born children, Faiza M. was denied citizenship on the grounds that she has “adopted a religious practice incompatible with essential values of the French community, particularly the principle of equality of the sexes”…

Here’s a UAE magazine talking about it:

French put secularism before faith

When rational (i.e. non-religious) people look at it, it is possible to see the real problem. The real problem is that the Muslim religion turns women into slaves, and that is wrong:

France: “No Woman Enslavement Allowed”

From the article:

Of course, we can expect to hear from those who believe that women should have the “right” to dress and live in this inhumane and oppressive manner. These “liberal” cries appear to be based entirely on the blatant bigotry which supposes that anything done in the name of religion – no matter how vile – is just peachy keen. If, however, a Western, non-Muslim woman were living in a totally submissive state and forced to cover herself from head to toe not in the name of religion, would not the same people be yelling for intervention, to help this woman free herself of her abusive husband and this patent imprisonment? The woman in this current story would be freed and sent to a domestic violence shelter, with protection from the law against her husband – if she were not imprisoned by so-called religious ideology.

Unfortunately, France is punishing the wrong person. France should give the woman asylum and therapy, and deport the people who enslaved her.

In the interest of balance, here an Islamic woman discusses her opinion on her position in Islam:

But don’t forget Honor Killing, another quaint practice.

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  1. on 14 Aug 2008 at 2:20 am 1.maninder said …

    is not going to say you are right or wrong instead i will talk about double standards . now whatever comes out of Arab world does not represent Islam because they are small minority of Muslim people in India alone there are more Muslims then total Arab people now majority of Indian Muslim woman dot were hi jab or Bangladesh or Pakistan or Indonesia and so on now where ever Muslims have money they talk about these rules and wherever they don’t well there these rules doesn’t exists for example most of the huckers in India are Muslims

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