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Christianity Johnson on 11 Jul 2008 06:13 pm

The Darwin Conspiracy

An amazing web site:


From the site:

If you are a person of faith who has always known in your heart that Darwin was wrong, the revelations on this website will help you to know with certainty that you were right all along, and that Darwin was wrong all along.

On this website we reveal three fatal flaws in the Theory of Evolution that conclusively prove Darwin was wrong.

You have never read about any of these fatal flaws before. Evolution scientists know about these flaws, but they have successfully covered them up with the help of a worldwide Darwin Conspiracy that actively suppresses the fact that Darwinism is not scientific but just an atheist doctrine.

We have discussed the three fatal evolution flaws with scientists and doctors we know and they have all agreed we have found real flaws in the Theory of Evolution.

Each of the three fatal flaws revealed on this website proves that Darwin was wrong.

Is it a hoax?

Something similar: Dinosaur Adventure Land – where dinosaurs and the Bible meet!

Here’s a tour of adventure land:

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