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Christianity Thomas on 30 Jun 2009 08:59 pm

Thuderf00t requests a discussion with Ray Comfort

I will be over in the LA region sometime over summer and extended the invitation to Ray for a discussion. Not a debate I find those to be kind of pointless summaries of two positions. A discussion allows individual points to be pursued to a logical conclusion. It also allows it to become clear when people are evading answering the question.

2 Responses to “Thuderf00t requests a discussion with Ray Comfort”

  1. on 02 Jul 2009 at 4:53 pm 1.kebo said …

    If it were too obvious then you would not need faith.
    If no faith needed then anyone could believe it.
    And God would be in danger of poor continuity,
    (bad acting) in the cosmic (hyperworld) where the balance
    of say…iight (GOD) v say…. dark. (TOG) -The other guys.
    I guess God would be generally sticking to the gameplay rules
    which contribute to our perception of reality.
    But he would probably be capable! Your question is flawed since
    you have not provided definitive proof that God has never helped an amputee!

    Do you have the faith to believe that our
    reality is an elaborate simulation? A few do, but it not the
    main stream view. Those that do have faith and will go to
    great ends to defend it. Where there are varying views there
    will be
    those who are wrong. Then main two arguments must then be
    the choice between SIMM and SIMM-OptOut beliefs.

    RE BIBLE (sim Theory 101)
    Many Christians believe that the light (God) above is the
    creator of this universe and undercover author of the bible.,
    but why assume that the the creator is the same forceas that
    wrote the bible
    and is responsible for this SIM. If you said because the bible…
    then you have a document attempting to validate the same
    document which is no proof. , Christians have faith as their
    proof. The bible in is piecemeal cryptic current form is allowed
    under the game play rules? (because it is not obvious)

    copy this link
    good starting point for all (christian or not)


    … If you dont believe in TRUCKS go sit on the Highway!

  2. on 05 Jul 2009 at 10:54 pm 2.Xenon said …

    Who is this clown that he believes he deserves an audience?

    I think the reverse is true here. He would like to garner an audience in mass so that he can “cash-in”. I mean really the God/No God debate has been done to death by the brightest minds. The verdict is still a mystery. I don’t believe Thunder vs Souther Comfort will provide anymore relative points

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