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Christianity Thomas on 20 Jun 2009 06:05 pm

How Christian fundamentalism leads to atheism

This blog is certainly a parody:

How Christian fundamentalism leads to atheism

The author makes this completely valid point:

In the 100 or so years since the beginning of Christian fundamentalism, certain key doctrines have reigned supreme, including the belief in literal 7, 24-hour day creation, a literal Adam & Eve, a literal world-wide flood, etc. Absolute belief in these and other aspects of Scripture is demanded due to the fear of the “slippery slope.” That is the idea that if any one of these stories is allegorical, fictional, or mythical at all, then we have no way to know what else in the Bible may not be literal, which potentially compromises the resurrection account. Give up one aspect of literal interpretation, and the whole Bible fails, in their way of thinking.

The problem is, when fundamentalist children go off to college, they are often compelled to face reality, and reality says the Bible is fiction. There was no flood, no creation, no Adam, etc. So they reject fiction and embrace reality. As the author puts it:

It’s been presented their whole lives as all or nothing, black or white. When Christian fundamentalism no longer fits with what they know, they must reject God and become atheists.

The author also points out the insular insanity of fundamentalists, which would be another reason for their children to leave:

This fundamentalism went so far as to cast doubt not only on Christians who disagreed with them, but also on Christians who continued relationships with Christians who disagreed with them. One famous example of this is Bob Jones’ rejection of his friendship with Billy Graham due to Graham’s continued friendships with “liberal” Christians, and Jones’ ending his relationship with John Brown for his friendship with Graham (this is an example of the 3 degrees of separation rule many fundamentalists employed).

So far so good. Fundamentalism is insane and the Bible is fiction – the author accepts that. The parody comes at the end where, in accepting that, he still accepts Christianity.

He has some great comments given that the blog contains only four posts. An elaborate parody.

2 Responses to “How Christian fundamentalism leads to atheism”

  1. on 20 Jun 2009 at 7:28 pm 1.Chip E said …

    The guy is right. Legalism leads people into the lie of atheism. I like how he ends his post.

    “Let’s rally together, learn the Truth, speak the Truth, and live the Truth so that our searching and doubting fundamentalists brothers & sisters can find a welcomming home among fellow believers who are openly searching for God without fear.”

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