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Christianity &Rationals emodude on 01 May 2007 09:39 am

Atheists Unite to give blood on National Day of Prayer

AtheistVolunteers.org, in coordination with several Atheist sponsors such as the Rational Response Squad, are encouraging Atheists to go out and give blood on May 3rd, the National Day of Prayer. After you donate, record your donation at AtheistVolunteers.org, and they are keeping track of the number of blood donors vs the number of confirmed prayers answered on National Prayer day. I don’t think the final tallies will be of any big surprise to anyone, but hopefully this can help demonstrate to Christians that prayer is completely ineffective, and if you really want to help out your fellow man, talking to yourself on your knees is not the way to accomplish this. Instead of a National Day of Prayer, we should have a National Day of Blood Donation.

Go to www.givelife.org to find out more about blood donation and to find a donation center near you.

2 Responses to “Atheists Unite to give blood on National Day of Prayer”

  1. on 17 Jul 2008 at 5:29 am 1.Emily said …

    This is how I know that God exist!! Because you who claim to be athiest have that subconcious love that God has given in the likeness of Him to man! Because of this love implanted into OUR souls since the time of Adam and Eve, you care enough for other human life other than your own…..hence the Athiest Blood Drive. Without love there wouldn’t be a want in your soul for the fullness of life for others!!!!! Everything that it kind, beautiful, peaceful and loving in this world are gifts that God gave us….along with our moral concious! Donating blood out of the kindness of your heart to help others……wouldn’t you say that, that is a concious moral decicion? But if you are athiest supposedly you aren’t supposed to have morals!!! If you are searching for the truth you are way off course my friend! I will be sure to keep you and all your athiest friends in my prayers and at one point or another whether it be here on earth or when you die, I know that God will answer my prayers!!

  2. on 17 Jul 2008 at 9:11 am 2.emodude said …


    Thank you for your reply.

    I think you could benefit from some additional reading regarding your religion, and this site is a great start. I’ll comment on a few of your comments:

    Emily said: But if you are athiest supposedly you aren’t supposed to have morals

    This is a silly statement, and I think you know it. There are billions of people on the planet that are not christians, and yet we see plenty of both good and bad throughout the world. We see plenty of good and bad throughout the christian community. Where are the christian morals every time we read about a priest molesting a child? In reality, morals come from our desire for self-preservation and society as a whole, not from a sky fairy.

    And if you read the Old Testament a little closer, you’ll see there are many points of disagreement regarding morality that you’ll have with god, such as slavery, murder, and homosexuality.

    Please spend a little more time reading Why Won’t God Heal Amputees to help you to understand this.

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