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Christianity Admin on 07 Jan 2007 12:19 pm

Update on “God and Money”

If you read the God and Money post on Friday, you may be intrested in this follow-up article that appeared on the front page of Raleigh’s News & Observer on Saturday:

From the article:

The friends and family of James Maccaline, the church usher arrested during an elaborate sting operation and accused of palming offering money, say he is a mentally limited retiree who is dying of liver cancer and may not have known what he was doing.

Maccaline’s supporters also say he is a devout Catholic, a 31-year member of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church and a faithful volunteer. They are angered that Cary police arrested him on misdemeanor larceny charges after staking out a Sunday morning Mass on New Year’s Eve with five undercover officers and 10 hidden cameras.

Above all, they wonder why the church pastor, Monsignor Tim O’Connor, called Cary police instead of Maccaline’s family and friends so the situation could be handled in a quieter, more dignified manner.

Why would a priest call the police, rather than letting the almighty creator of the universe handle it? It is an interesting question.

2 Responses to “Update on “God and Money””

  1. on 19 Feb 2007 at 7:29 pm 1.RodSurly said …

    Isn’t it obvious that the Raleigh PD has a higher clearance rate than god?

  2. on 19 Feb 2007 at 7:35 pm 2.RodSurly said …

    Oops! Guess that’s the Cary PD that has a higher clearance rate than god!

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