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Christianity &Science Johnson on 04 Jan 2009 01:25 am

How Christians look at evolution

Have you ever wondered why 60% of Americans do not believe in evolution? Here is the way a “scientific” Christian would approach it, presented as a comic strip:

Big Daddy?

3 Responses to “How Christians look at evolution”

  1. on 05 Jan 2009 at 4:57 am 1.Bing said …

    Talk about cherry picking! I would love to see an evolution expert comment on this cartoon.

  2. on 05 Jan 2009 at 1:37 pm 2.Hermes said …

    Bing, Snopes already did. It’s a version of a well worn ‘professor gets shot down by Christian’ story. Ironically, it often stars Einstein as the student — someone who was not a Christian and talked of ‘god’ in the same way as Spinoza and not as an actual entity.


  3. on 19 Jan 2009 at 11:56 pm 3.equal time said …

    A series of logical conjectures towards a seemingly logical conclusion can be quite compelling when no other contrary evidence exists. Over the years, scientific theory that existed as fact in one generation has been overcome by better evidence and better logic by the next generation. And I am certain that our science now will be considered quite quaint in the distant future when even better evidence is found and even better logical arguments are provided.

    But creating and having a wholey deterministic logic-based theory can become a false belief system if not treated as one possible truth out of many logical assertions. Some of our best science touted in our recent past have been refuted by strong evidence leading us to believe that they are not indicative of reality. However, today’s best theories are ultimately touted as scientific laws once they become irrefutable by anyone’s capability at any one time. Frankly, any postulate that can not be refuted is not equivalent to being ultimately true under all circumstances. These two states are not equivalent conditions of reasoning.

    Religion is also a belief system based upon what some people percieve to be a wholly deterministic set of rules of God that can not be proved or be refuted to be false. The complete faith based circular rationalizations of religion are quite compelling and wholey deterministic in their own way. And after reading the contents of this fascinating site, I have not been convinced that your logic and scientific arguements truly disprove the existence of God. You strongly urge that there is no proof that God exists, but you conversely do not prove that God does not exist. These are not identical logic conditions.

    I am a scientist and I do not believe in most of what organized religion touts as reality. But I don’t whole heartedly swallow all the scientific theories either. I am keeping an open mind. I hope that some day theology and science can converge into one unifying belief system that promotes peace and well being to all. Then our spiritual and mental capacities can evolve to the point where we can truly understand the nature of all things and put an end to the debate once and for all.

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