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Christianity Johnson on 01 Jan 2009 03:51 am

James Randi digs into Rick Warren, and Warren again proves his delusion

The thing about Rick Warren (and his millions of devoted fans) is that they are completely delusional. James Randi lays the delusion bare in this article:

I Don’t Get the Joke: My Year-End Tirade

If you follow Warren you have heard about the “miracle” of his grandchild’s birth. Warren’s daughter-in-law had a brain tumor (as yet undetected), and she had to have a C-section because of the baby’s breach position. Warren claims that, “If Jaime had tried to give birth in the normal way, at the normal time, and if she’d “pushed” during the delivery, it might have killed both her and the child” because of the tumor.

Randi analyses the delusion:

But consider: the baby was in a breech situation, a critical position arranged by God; this was remedied by medical science during the Caesarian procedure, an invention by Man to thwart natural disasters brought about by a not-uncommon imperfection of the human body – which is also God’s design. And the baby’s umbilical cord had shut off oxygen-rich blood, another design error, or maybe a purposeful Act of God. The mother had a sizeable brain tumor, placed there by God, who we’re told creates all these things.

And the Divine solution to this problem, according to Rick Warren? God – who, remember, is the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Omnipotent and Omniscient, knows all, the One who can do anything He wishes – arranged the oxygen-deprived baby in a breech position, bringing about a crisis that medical science had to avert by performing an operation. And He thereafter allowed medical science to detect the tumor, which is still in place, being poorly placed for access by surgery. Who designed this scenario – Rube Goldberg…?

I ask, is this God character a comedian, using humans as His marionettes for amusement? Does He get His kicks by manipulating us just for laughs? Was this near-disaster for the Warren family just a sort of Divine whim? How can Rick Warren see this as a demonstration of God’s mercy – a miracle, yet! – rather than as a cruel, capricious, joke? A caring God would not have created and placed that brain tumor in the mother, would not have designed the process of gestation-and-birth so that oxygen starvation and breech delivery are possible, and would not be playing with the lives and security of humans, who He claims to have designed and created – out of dirt, yet. Doing this, putting humans in danger of death, is a purposeful act that He Himself has already declared to be a sin. Just who makes the rules in this stupid morality play…?

Randi asks, “is Warren well aware of reality and of the deception he supports, riding his way to financial and influential success on the backs of the na├»ve?” It is a ridiculous question. Of course he is, as is every financially successful religious leader. It is all an act. See:

How religion uses superstitious beliefs to steal money from people

The amazing part is that these religious “leaders” have followers – millions of naive, delusional followers. It is a tragedy.

If you are a Christian and you would like to heal your delusion, start here:


5 Responses to “James Randi digs into Rick Warren, and Warren again proves his delusion”

  1. on 01 Jan 2009 at 9:26 pm 1.Rob Groen said …

    In regards to James Randi’s response to Rick Warren’s grand daughter, there is much I could pick apart. First, on the basis of creation, yes God did create humans. Yes, He has aided in modern science in helping and preventing what in the past would have been fatal experiences. That being said, it was not God Who placed the tumour in Rick’s daughter-in-law.

    Disease and sickness, as we are told in the Bible, are from the evil one, Satan, and the result of our own sin, our willing desire to disobey God. Perhaps the better question James should ask is, “Why does God let her have a tumour?” My answer is in the preceeding statements.

    Clearly, James Randi does not understand God or His nature, that He is loving and just, but also a God Who is fit to judge this world, His world.

    God is not a comedian, or a maniacal jerk bent on the displeasure or suffering of humans. Rather, He came in the person of Jesus Christ to ‘save and seek the lost’. It was we humans who screwed up, and live every day with the mess we made when we disobeyed God.

    Now You, James Randi, have the outrageous audacity to say, ‘Does He get His kicks by manipulating us just for laughs?’ You sir, clearly do not understand the nature and the person of God. It’s so sad.

    Think about it. If God were as sick as you make Him out to be, Why would He send Jesus Christ to die for us, to be and do what we people cannot – to pay for the sin of the world so we don’t end up spending eternity in hell. Before you go ranting on God for all you think He says and does, I strongly caution you to consider the perception you bring with it.

    I think the first helpful thing is to acknowledge that God owes us nothing! He is above us and over us. He is very much not wanting to see people suffer, and the suffering this world has is temporary. Jesus went to the Cross to redeem this world and people in it….which will be completed in His return. Mr. Randi, when that day comes, I pray you find yourself to believe that God is truly loving and kind, but also just, and He hates the sin in our lives, because, as the Bible says, ‘the wages of sin is death.’ But whoever believes in Jesus Christ has ‘passed from death into life.’ (hell to heaven), and even if you die physically, you live eternally with God.

    I pray the Lord frees you from this and any stronghold that you believe. Jesus Christ is indeed both real and Lord, and He is God, whether you believe it or not. He power, love, and wisdom does not rely on your belief. Truth is truth – it is what it is. It is people who deny the love of God in Jesus Christ that are living under delusion, not those who do. And i’m not saying that to critize, but to caution as to what you write or say, and know it’s all empty if it’s not done to God’s glory. And if anything I say here isn’t for His glory, that same principle applies to me (and anyone else).

    To God be the glory!

    found in Christ, Rob Groen

  2. on 02 Jan 2009 at 2:46 am 2.walkie wawtmire said …

    Disease and sickness, as we are told in the Bible, are from the evil one, Satan, and the result of our own sin, our willing desire to disobey God.

    So, Warren’s daughter had a brain tumor because someone named wawtmire hates god.

    And it’s all Satan’s (god’s creation) fault anyway.

    Oh, that Robbie.

  3. on 03 Jan 2009 at 10:21 pm 3.Rob Groen said …

    Another thought as to what James Randi wrote:

    His analysis doesn’t prove another other than that he, like everyone else, has an opinion. There’s no evidence to support his claims.

  4. on 03 Jan 2009 at 10:23 pm 4.Rob Groen said …

    sorry, I meant to say, “His analysis doesn’t prove anything other than that he, like everyone esel, has an opinion. There’s no evidence to support his claims.

  5. on 04 Jan 2009 at 1:55 am 5.Hermes said …

    Randi is not commenting in a vacuum. Warren makes illogical and superstitious comments, and Randi is responding to those. If anything, it it up to Warren to justify his original statements … and why he’s grateful for such a horrid outcome that by Warren’s beliefs were all set in motion by the deity Warren worships?

    It really is a case of ‘my master treats me well; I only get wiped once in a while, and I’m sure that when I am I deserved every bit of the lash’.

    Additionally, Randi has many decades of uncovering frauds and shysters. If Warren is one, even if partially, and Randi smells a rat, I’d trust Randi’s judgment has identified something slimy … though my own judgment is to consider that Warren is honestly dogmatic and a true believer not bold hypocrite unlike most of the televangelists who talk the talk and collect the basket.

    After all, was anyone surprised when Ted Haggard turned out to be a self-loathing closet homosexual? I would not be surprised if Warren has his own agenda that is far from ‘Christ like’ (meant in the best possible way). If he is proud of his beliefs and church, he’d not have taken down his anti-homosexual statements from his web site?

    At best, Warren is just warming Jerry Fallwell’s loafers … and that’s not a compliment in my eyes.

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