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Politics L6 on 23 Dec 2006 06:48 pm

Voting in Church

So it’s that time of year again when non-Christians get all uptight about the ubiquitous Pagan symbols that have been adopted by Christianity. We have protested Christmas trees and even banned Christmas trees. (Thanks to mailboy and BobbyBigWheel for the links.) And sure, why not? Christmas is a big event bound to raise the otherwise dormant consciousness of many anti-religious folk.

I’m just wondering where all these people were during the November elections? Or any election for that matter. Why don’t we see anyone protesting the fact that they have to vote in a church? Every polling station in my town is a church. Convenient for many, maybe, but one can imagine people who don’t vote because it makes them uncomfortable. Political symbols aren’t allowed within 100 ft. of a polling station; why are religious symbols exempt? The church itself is a religious symbol. Hardly the wall of separation that Jefferson espoused.

Perhaps things are just getting started. A couple weeks ago we saw the first church-state separation lawsuit of its kind. If apathy on this matter is simply a case of unawareness, a case like this should help bring it to the surface. Given media coverage, of course, which doesn’t seem too forthcoming.

Aren’t there enough public schools, government buildings, sports centers, and libraries to go around? Surely alternatives exist; my friend’s neighbor had a polling station in his garage. If you do contact your Representative, be sure you have some suggestions for such alternatives ready.

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